After a moment of noisy, everyone was quiet and did not dare to move.

Especially those who were repaired as low-ranking defenders, Wei Mingyan did not rebel before the sect, but the elders of Tianyezong, and now the identity used is straightforward to illustrate the Mahayana period.

That is the Mahayana period. He doesn't have to bother with it. He can crush them with one finger.

Some of the clever practitioners in the field have begun to step back, ensuring that they have room to escape once the two sides fight.

However, the Emperor of Heaven’s sects did not mean to rival Wei Mingyan.

Today is only a test between juniors. The lord of Tianye Zong is only because it is Tianyezong. He naturally wants to appear as a master. Other sects have not sent any elders. That is to say, Tianye Zong Zong mainly responded to Wei Mingyan alone.

The two were repaired for the Mahayana period. When they saw Wei Mingyan’s feelings were full of indifference, they all fled and went out to vote for the net. If they had no confidence in their hearts, they would not even believe in themselves.

His face is quiet, just falling on the ground, "Do you still have the courage to come back?"

"Why don't I dare?"

Wei Mingyan's sleeves, sitting down comfortably, did not look at the vigilant and stiff look of the people who were sitting together with them. After the mask was removed, a joke appeared on the face of the jade.

"It’s just a magical one. How can I still come back to this real world?"

The Emperor of Heaven’s Emperor Sneaked a sneer: "Since you know that you have become a demon, why dare you come to my right path!"

"In the end, it was my old sect, come see these young people, what is wrong."

Said, a white fairy fluttering how to look is not like the devil's handsome beauty on the long face suddenly raised his eyebrows and smiled: "now present, are the best of the major gates of the best repair some of the best young Junior?"

The people present were immediately alert and vigilant, panic panic.

In particular, the teachers who accompanied the juniors were even more nervous and guarded by their own children and children, fearing that the devil who broke into the magic road shot.

If these juniors fall, it will be a painful loss of young blood for all the major gates.

Even for the Zongmen, you must not let the devil's head succeed! !

Even the Emperor of Heavenly Emperor, the look is a little dignified.

Because of his talent, he found that he had not seen the cultivation of the Ming Dynasty.

In other words, the devil who traited the sect of the sect in front of him had already been robbed.

And he himself only took a big time.

How is it possible that it is clear that Wei Mingyan is a Mahayana period.

Is it difficult to achieve this short effort of less than a musk, he is so advanced? ?

There was a storm in his heart, and the smile on his face was never dropped.

Underneath, there was a young disciple who saw the Emperor of Heaven’s Emperor not talking, and stood up with a bite.

"Devil! You are self-satisfied|Desperate into the magic road. At the beginning, it was the opening of the major gates that did not take your life. How dare to appear in front of me, if I were you, it became a human being today. The appearance of the devil, I have long since died of sin!"

Tianye Zongzong’s eyebrows immediately jumped, and he only wanted to kill the man who jumped out and uttered his words.

He is thinking about how to try not to create conflicts so that Wei Mingyan, who has become a robbery period, has someone who is crazy about him. If he is angry with Wei Mingyan, even if he has just advanced, he Also completely missed.


Here, Wei Mingyan, who was pointed to the nose, was attracted to his attention. He leaned sideways and looked at the young man who should be the Tianye clan.

Look at the clothes, the heights are not high.

It’s the age of blood.

There was no anger on his face, but he asked very temperedly: "So, you think I am enchanted, should I die?"

"if not!"

The disciple who was afraid of the disciple was trembled, and everyone with a clear eye knew how scared he was, but he tried hard to calm himself down.

"You used to be the elder of my Tianyezong. I am repairing the right way. I am walking on Xianlu, but I am willing to go to the devil. Even if the Tianye Zongrong can get you, the heavens can't be tolerated!"


Wei Mingyan repeated the play: "Can't you tolerate me?"

"If it is really impossible, in the moment when I became a demon, Heaven will have already descended the thunder and let me fly away."

"You said that Heaven can't help the devil, then I will ask you, ask my good brother, this repairing realm, why is there a magical existence?"

"What really can't be tolerated, why does Heaven make him exist? If it exists, why do you say that Heaven can't stand it?"

"The immortal is the repairer, and the repairer is also the repairer. I naturally do not deny that there are evil things in the magic repair, but there are also some magic repairs. Killing, just like my Wei Mingyan, I just entered the magic, the good end of the practice in my peak, but provoked the entire encirclement of the real world, now, you said that since I entered the devil, I should not live, this in the end Is it your inner thoughts, or what do you think of heavenly thoughts, can you make it clear?"

This is very nonsense. After all, it is indeed a big conspiracy to destroy the realm of comprehension.

But whoever let these right-handed sects find out that he is enchanted immediately will be encircled.

Wei Mingyan just smiled and stood up, no longer looking at the seemingly rigid Tianye patriarch, only looking to the group of people below. "Today, if anyone can say a result, my devil is like you. The mind is self-destructive on the spot."

"Okay, let's talk."

The audience was silent.

In the end, the Emperor of Tianye’s ancestors tightened his body and asked: “What are you going to do today?”

"Don't do anything, just look at how the Zongmen changed after the teacher and I left."

Wei Mingyan said that he raised his hand slightly and yawned under the sight of a man immediately guarding his sword.

After finishing the game, I watched everyone look at myself with vigilance and immediately sneered at it: "It seems that nothing has changed, or I was surprised."

The face of the Emperor of Heaven is immediately ugly.

In any case, being ridiculed by a demon who rebelled the Zongmen, I would not feel very comfortable in my heart.

"I have done it. I just watched it for a while. Since you are so unpopular, then I will leave."

"Apprentice, go, let the teacher go to the half of the magic repair, I would also like to be a magic statue to try."

Gu Xingxue, who has been silently standing behind him, listened to this words and immediately followed up. Instead, Gu Yuling did not move.

The man in white was slightly frowning and looked sideways at her.

Gu Yuling's face was white, but he still took a step back.

"I, I won't go."

She can't be enchanted. If it's enchanted, it's not everyone calling.

Wei Mingyan’s eyebrows were completely wrinkled.

He reminded: "It is you who want to enter my door."

"You lied to me!!"

Gu Yuling was fainted by the huge bricks and stunned eyes. For a time, she forgot to pretend to be weak. She gnawed her teeth: "You never told me that you are a magician!!"

Wei Mingyan is not angry. "When did I tell you that I am not a magician?"

Gu Yuling was a glimpse, and he was speechless.

Gu Xingxue looked at this sister who was once really so sad and loved. When Wei Mingyan wanted to turn and leave, he suddenly asked: "When the person entered my yard, you obviously saw it, why not shout People come to save me."

Gu Yuling is immersed in a huge blow. Hearing this sentence has not had time to think about it, the white enamel face reveals a great guilty conscience.

For a moment, I don’t have to ask anything.

She lowered her eyes and whispered: "Master, let's go."

Wei Mingyan asked: "Gu Yuling, you really don't want to be under my door?"

"My heart still loves you as a disciple. If you follow me, you will be handed over to you in the future."

Gu Yuling replied with a slap in the face: "I want to stay!"

If Wei Mingyan's identity has not been exposed, she may still hesitate for a while, but since she knows that the person in front is the devil, then the whole virtual Lingzong still has any meaning.

But it is just three words.

In the white dress, the look of the fairy-tale fairy is not reluctant, and recruited the flying boat, with Gu Xingxue, and the emperor left in the eyes of a group of people.

Waiting for the figure of the flying boat to be far away, the young disciple at the bottom was unwilling to look up at the Tianye Zongzhu who stood above: "The Sovereign!! Just let the devil leave!"

The Emperor of Heaven’s patriarchal lord can’t wait to take a picture of himself, but watching so many people’s eyes are looking at themselves, barely suppressing the tyranny of their hearts, Wen Wen: “Wei Mingyan used to be my elder of Tianye, he has not Shot, Tianye Zong is not easy to care about."

"What to think about with a demon! The sovereign is too good!"

"I don't know if the devil is really going to be a demon lord. In the future, there will be no more generals."

In the discussion of a group of people, Gu Yuling stood in the same place for a while, and for a moment he could not think of where he was going.

Yu Xuezong did not go. On the same day, she crushed the jade card and directly offended the entire sect.

Go back to the mortal world?

But when she left the scenery like that, how could she go back.

Besides, she did not have the spiritual stone needed by the mortal world.

Gu Yuling was the first to betray the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect, and then the younger disciple who had left the imaginary sect after the devil’s exposed identity, no one even paid attention to it, even her former Zongmen Yuxuezong was only I avoided seeing her when she came to the door for help.

What people are more concerned about is the whereabouts of Wei Mingyan.

At the same time, various gossips began to spread in the realm of comprehension.

Gossip content: Why did Wei Mingyan, the first elder of the lofty status, rebel against the sect.

If he is a devil, he has never done a bad thing. If he is a good person, he can't say why he is enchanted.

At this time, a group of sudden pop-ups of "Wei Mingyan killing people without blinking" and "killing countless innocent people" have also emerged.

There are even people who say that he was always murdering Zongmen disciples when he was in Zongmen.

When a group of people talked about it, the group of disciples who were ordered to arrest Wei Mingyan in the lower bounds were silent.

At the beginning, Wei Mingyan let them go.

In particular, the master of the lord, the master of the lord, Guangling, he still remembers that when Wei Mingyan said that he was comprehending the truth, why not enter the magic.

What happened in the end.


Gu Yuling was rejected for the third time. So a small sect, the sovereign may not have a single spiritual root, but refused to hesitate without hesitation.

"Since you can renege one of your own ancestors twice, who knows if you will rebel out of the sect after we have cultivated it?"

"We are not a big door like Yu Xuezong. I can't help you toss like this, and ask the girl to leave."

Gu Yu’s aura cried all the way.

She felt that she was not wrong. Yu Xuezong didn't pay much attention to her. Shizun would only teach her exercises in a normal way. Nothing else was rewarded. Is it wrong to choose a better sect?

Afterwards, the murderer of the murderer was found to be the devil's identity. She is a righteous disciple. Isn't it the right choice for everyone to betray the sect?

The grievances were wronged, but Gu Yuling did not regret leaving the Yin Lingzong.

As a disciple of the devil, when it is necessary to be chased and killed, Gu Xing Xue is stupid, she will not be stupid.

The Lingshi of her body is running out, she bites her teeth and returns to the inn to retreat.

This retreat is five days. Gu Yuling went out and was planning to find out where there was a small sect. He suddenly heard the conversation between the two practitioners passing by.

"Zhong Lingzong recruits disciples, are you going?"

"Go, of course, I have been working for a long time. I have been looking for a suitable sect. This time, such a good opportunity must be well grasped."

"Let's go, go back and prepare, I heard that this time not only recruiting disciples but also collecting servants, if you can't be a disciple, I plan to do the chores."

Gu Yu Ling suddenly stopped, and did not want to pull the two people passing by: "What do you say?? Is the virtual Ling Zong not the sacred door of the magic repair?"

The two men looked at the strange face and looked like a beautiful girl: "Are you just retreating? The virtual Ling Zong blood washed a bunch of demons, leaving only the bad things, this is not the case. Is the entire comprehension community already passed?"

Gu Yuling’s face is full of confusion: “Yes, even if it is, Wei Mingyan is still a magician...”

"How about the magical repair? The defending lord put down the platform in Wanlingtai, and selected ten winners in one day. The winner can get his guidance. Although he is a magician, he knows all kinds of exercises in the right way. He just coached yesterday. The repairer is in the stage of distraction on the spot. If I can wait under his door, I would not be able to practice the road with a little bit of mention."

He said clearly, Gu Yuling still does not understand: "But he is a magic repair, isn't the magic repair done by everyone?"

"This girl is extreme. If the devil is really deserved, why can Heaven still accommodate it?"

"What's more, even if he is in the virtual Lingzong, Wei Zongzhu will not force his disciples to turn to the magic repair. He is proficient in various exercises and can still teach."

A few words on the side of the comprehension.

"Unfortunately, Wei Zongzhu only received one pro-disciple, and then received his disciples, just ordinary disciples."

"It's okay to be a normal disciple. I am still afraid that I can't choose a confidant disciple. I really want to see the master of the patriarch. When he is on the right path, he is the elder. Into the magic road, he only used a short day to unite the magic road. I can look at him, and the hard work that I have specially rushed over is worth it."

"Yeah, I heard that tens of thousands of cultivators have rushed over after the news was released yesterday. This is still some well-informed dispersal. We can also witness the rise of a big door."

He said, he was envious and sighed: "I heard that Wei Zong mainly handed over the entire virtual sect to his only pro-disciple. Now, who is not aware of the status of the imaginary sect in the realm of cultivation, the girl looks like age. Less than twenty, it’s really awkward..."

"Hey??? Girl? How do you vomit blood??"