Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

After suffering from a heat stroke while working under the scorching heat of summer, Lu Zhou, a hardworking but poor university student, somehow becomes the owner of an advanced technological system. With the cheat given by the system, his university life changes overnight. A Mas.... Read more

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Chapter 1584 Maybe doing an extra thing Chapter 1583 It was a long, long dream Chapter 1582 Academician Lu's "heart knot"?

Chapter 1581 Promises beyond time Chapter 1580 The plan that shocked the four Chapter 1579 Less than 3% success rate Chapter 1578 Personally Chapter 1577 The world will tremble Chapter 1576 Too appetizing for me Chapter 1575 Anchor site selection Chapter 1574 Plan to keep up with change Chapter 1573 Well planned

Chapter 1572 Building plan Chapter 1571 The impossible Chapter 1570 Fusion Light!

Chapter 1569 A century apart! Chapter 1568 aurora! Chapter 1567 High power laser array Chapter 1566 A gift for the world Chapter 1565 Bridge to the sky Chapter 1564 Ultimate material Chapter 1563 Limited power Chapter 1562 Have me here Chapter 1561 About the experiment a century ago

Chapter 1560 Million Word Love Letter Chapter 1559 Alumni History Chapter 1558 Miracle in the history of medicine! Chapter 1557 Second chance Chapter 1556 Another possibility Chapter 1555 Informatics LV9 Chapter 1554 Meaning of evolution Chapter 1553 Pick our hero home Chapter 1552 Change people Chapter 1551 The end of the war Chapter 1550 Last hope Chapter 1549 I will drive myself

Chapter 1548 Upgrade patch Chapter 1547 This is war Chapter 1546 Trojan horse Chapter 1545 Hit the west Chapter 1544 Siege of Friends Chapter 1543 Your master saved the world Chapter 1542 warm bodies Chapter 1541 Two people Chapter 1540 Profanity Chapter 1539 Victory at your fingertips Chapter 1538 Admin mode Chapter 1537 Law of nature

Chapter 1536 Smart crisis Chapter 1535 Third emergency mission Chapter 1534 Scuffle Chapter 1533 Canton Crisis Chapter 1532 White lie Chapter 1531 Surfaced Chapter 1530 Eventually used Chapter 1529 Duties as a soldier Chapter 1528 Abduction Chapter 1527 The fastest trainee ever to graduate Chapter 1526 Large Sociology Experiment Chapter 1525 who am I

Chapter 1524 I was almost killed by myself Chapter 1523 emergency meeting Chapter 1522 Password cracking Chapter 1521 Computer on planet Chapter 1520 Fall from the sky Chapter 1519 A familiar encryption method Chapter 1518 Missing crew Chapter 1517 That's a long story. Chapter 1516 Silent Chapter 1515 Before history became a great man, Chapter 1514 Crazy Chapter 1513 Unspoiled Pvt-1

Chapter 1512 Hell has rejected me once Chapter 1511 Help each other Chapter 1510 Big fish surfaced Chapter 1509 A long time ago Chapter 1508 Everything starts with a dissertation Chapter 1507 After this man, there is no master Chapter 1506 The essence of science is trial and error Chapter 1505 Do you dare to answer? Chapter 1504 Siting Chapter 1503 Pack light Chapter 1502 Maybe emotion Chapter 1501 Help from the Security Agency

Chapter 1500 Implant prosthesis Chapter 1499 The bait is not hooked Chapter 1498 Electromagnets that shocked academia Chapter 1497 Conceptual model of pulsed magnetic field generating device Chapter 1496 Burst compression Chapter 1495 Will your conscience not hurt? Chapter 1494 Complete chain of evidence Chapter 1493 East Asia Power's Unknown Secrets Chapter 1492 Problems that can be solved with money are not problems Chapter 1491 Who says I only have one company? Chapter 1490 Short threat Chapter 1489 Invest in myself

Chapter 1488 Shock treatment Chapter 1487 Threat? Do you deserve it too? Chapter 1486 Collective resignation Chapter 1485 The key to second-generation controlled fusion Chapter 1484 Who is the master of this era! Chapter 1483 Clean up tapeworm Chapter 1482 Patriarch's Paper Chapter 1481 Contributions a century apart Chapter 1480 The second generation of controllable fusion technology is approved! Chapter 1479 I support Chapter 1478 I am disappointed Chapter 1477 Overcast clouds

Chapter 1476 ALPHA virus Chapter 1475 Special Operations Advisor Chapter 1474 Imminent trouble Chapter 1473 No suspense Chapter 1472 best choice Chapter 1471 Materials Science, LV9! Chapter 1470 Last two keys Chapter 1469 I'll take a look Chapter 1468 An extraordinary "Pvt." Chapter 1467 Unexpected situation Chapter 1466 Reasons to travel to the future Chapter 1465 Cause

Chapter 1464 Interested in space elevators? Chapter 1463 Beyond the concept of "future" (Happy New Year !!!) Chapter 1462 Incredible circuit Chapter 1461 Be content, kid. Chapter 1460 Panic Chapter 1459 Return to Jinda Chapter 1458 Shareholders of East Asia Power Chapter 1457 Chief Scientist of Pan Asia? Chapter 1456 You still owe me a dance Chapter 1455 Celebrate Triumph Party! Chapter 1454 "Resurrection" Professor Lu Chapter 1453 Do I inherit my own heritage?

Chapter 1452 Welcome home! Chapter 1451 We need a mascot Chapter 1450 Grey industry Chapter 1449 Bionic Experience Hall Chapter 1448 Do I have to make an appointment to return home? Chapter 1447 It's him! Chapter 1446 Academician Lu once said Chapter 1445 You have a problem Chapter 1444 Mathematics and Physics Chapter 1443 My head is not so smart Chapter 1442 Holy Land Tour Chapter 1441 One word, it's a hundred years behind

Chapter 1440 sorry to keep you waiting Chapter 1439 A hospitable future? Chapter 1438 Going to the countryside to look like rotten people Chapter 1437 He is back! Chapter 1436 I am Lu Zhou Chapter 1435 The rest of the life Chapter 1434 Slingshot effect! Chapter 1433 Eleven hours of crisis! Chapter 1432 Nitrogen shield! Chapter 1431 You will kill us all! Chapter 1430 Rat killer Chapter 1429 Return from hell

Chapter 1428 A century apart Chapter 1427 A distant friend Chapter 1426 Tiangong! Chapter 1425 You're already dead Chapter 1424 This retreat has been a long time Chapter 1423 Treasure hunt across the century Chapter 1422 Mysterious letter Chapter 1421 Prosperity and apoptosis Chapter 1420 Billions of years ago Chapter 1419 Future hidden dangers Chapter 1418 Jinling International Mathematician Conference Chapter 1417 Those things on Mars

Chapter 1416 Final mission Chapter 1415 God of Mathematics! Chapter 1414 worst plans Chapter 1413 He is the wealth of the world (3/3) Chapter 1412 About future bets (2/3) Chapter 1411 Evolutionary Choices (1/3) Chapter 1410 Run out of water Chapter 1409 Bad news Chapter 1408 Nostalgic name Chapter 1407 refuge Chapter 1406 Four-dimensional space debris Chapter 1405 Tomb of civilization

Chapter 1404 Live to death Chapter 1403 Break up Chapter 1402 Hell Chapter 1401 Take at least one person back Chapter 1400 Future Granary Chapter 1399 It's almost like being alive! Chapter 1398 Planet tomorrow Chapter 1397 Be safe Chapter 1396 I am full of confidence in the future Chapter 1395 Sage standards Chapter 1394 Birthday wish Chapter 1393 The prototype of Renlian

Chapter 1392 A little trouble Chapter 1391 Proof that shakes the world! Chapter 1390 Crowded Paralyzed Preprint Library Chapter 1389 Successful conclusion! Chapter 1388 Think carefully about the hidden dangers Chapter 1387 I may have used you Chapter 1386 Smooth to unimaginable Chapter 1385 What exactly does your head do? Chapter 1384 Key breakthrough Chapter 1383 Big moves in the mathematics world in China Chapter 1382 L·S·P·M Chapter 1381 Get together

Chapter 1380 Feeling card Chapter 1379 Five hundred pages of proof Chapter 1378 "Anti-intuition" conjecture Chapter 1377 Concealed reports Chapter 1376 Top secret file Chapter 1375 ABC guess? Chapter 1374 Fifth contact Chapter 1373 Search and rescue Chapter 1372 Can you hear it? Chapter 1371 Under the crack Chapter 1370 Mysteriously missing crack? Chapter 1369 Door of hell

Chapter 1368 First signs Chapter 1367 Hell treasure hunt Chapter 1366 Unusual geological formations Chapter 1365 Short leisure Chapter 1364 Arrive on Mars! Chapter 1363 Tens of millions of kilometers Chapter 1362 I regret Chapter 1361 From now on, you finally have a home Chapter 1360 End this race Chapter 1359 Get on board! Chapter 1358 Difficult old man Chapter 1357 Promise

Chapter 1356 No need to elope Chapter 1355 Why not go to the moon first? Chapter 1354 Enviable power Chapter 1353 Assemble in space! Chapter 1352 Just do what you say! (3/3) Chapter 1351 Opportunities are not always delivered by themselves (2/3) Chapter 1350 Distant planet colony system (1/3) Chapter 1349 Ascension plan! Chapter 1348 The biosphere is unsealed! Chapter 1347 Be in command! (4/4) Chapter 1346 You should think more about young people Chapter 1345 Troubles of the International Federation of Materials Research Societies

Chapter 1344 Deep into hell! (1/4) Chapter 1343 The more you know, the less your imagination Chapter 1342 Strong terrible! Chapter 1341 Super fiber Chapter 1340 Implicit density functional method Chapter 1339 It’s just a god! Chapter 1338 Three seconds is enough Chapter 1337 At the same time set up! Chapter 1336 Civilized flesh Chapter 1335 Tailored tasks Chapter 1334 The advisory committee was established! Chapter 1333 One stone stirs up a thousand waves

Chapter 1332 Free and easy Chapter 1331 I will resign from the board of directors! Chapter 1330 Congratulatory messages from all over the world! Chapter 1329 Interview with Nature Chapter 1328 Break through the sky bonus! Chapter 1327 Question of the century! Chapter 1326 The opening of the event! Chapter 1325 Actually still hot Chapter 1324 An unresolved dispute Chapter 1323 Then I will show you the optimism. Chapter 1322 Failed to pass the primary election? Chapter 1321 Decide on the future conference

Chapter 1320 Two thousand physics puzzles Chapter 1319 God's chosen person? Chapter 1318 Third segment of memory Chapter 1317 Not like a person painting Chapter 1316 Strength is the greatest guarantee of peace Chapter 1315 It’s not just physics Chapter 1314 More silly money Chapter 1313 Going to an alien ticket? Chapter 1312 Extraterrestrial colonial fund Chapter 1311 I want to send you a star. Chapter 1310 I am not interested in the Nobel Prize. Chapter 1309 Business blows

Chapter 1308 Centennial road map Chapter 1307 Drawings of orbital habitat Chapter 1306 Congratulatory message sent to Beijing Chapter 1305 Shocked the world! Chapter 1304 Lively press conference scene Chapter 1303 Physics LV10! Chapter 1302 Residue recycling Chapter 1301 207.1s! Chapter 1300 Pendulum in orbit Chapter 1299 I am best at managing money! Chapter 1298 Invitation to the Centennial Physics Conference Chapter 1297 Return to Mars!

Chapter 1296 Get it before the Spring Festival! Chapter 1295 It’s shameful to waste time Chapter 1294 Send a pair of photons to the past Chapter 1293 Have you seen him joking? Chapter 1292 It doesn’t look so impossible Chapter 1291 Influence of Z-particle transition effect on space-time curvature Chapter 1290 Straighten curled time and space Chapter 1289 Last level Chapter 1288 Gravitational fluctuation formula of Z particles Chapter 1287 Left behind Chapter 1286 Just like a computer game Chapter 1285 Dandelion action

Chapter 1284 I can't use that stuff. Chapter 1283 New weapon? Chapter 1282 Inspire Chapter 1281 Oh, my sparse brain Chapter 1280 World-famous journey Chapter 1279 Departure day Chapter 1278 Third honour Chapter 1277 Destiny Chapter 1276 Necessity expedition Chapter 1275 Shocking global action Chapter 1274 Unspeakable clue Chapter 1273 Cleaning the battlefield (4/4)

Chapter 1272 Fall from the sky! (3/4) Chapter 1271 Give you a magic (2/4) Chapter 1270 Surgery (1/4) Chapter 1269 Some waves Chapter 1268 Have to add money Chapter 1267 Visiting Copenhagen Chapter 1266 Indescribable Chapter 1265 The goddess of the lake will bless you Chapter 1264 Thank you for all that you have done for the world. Chapter 1263 Get the Nobel Prize again! Chapter 1262 Revisiting the place Chapter 1261 I always feel that I have lost some money.

Chapter 1260 script Chapter 1259 Can you take me with me? Chapter 1258 Magnetic slingshot Chapter 1257 Guanghan City Special Zone Chapter 1256 Great discovery? Chapter 1255 Physical LV9 Chapter 1254 Six tons of load, one shot into the rail! Chapter 1253 Land and moon control! Chapter 1252 Last section Chapter 1251 Perfect ending Chapter 1250 A hot celebration! Chapter 1249 we

Chapter 1248 Celebration night Chapter 1247 Orbital express, mission must reach Chapter 1246 Toast for a better future! Chapter 1245 How many dishes do you drink like this? Chapter 1244 Shocked thirty seconds Chapter 1243 Documentary casting Chapter 1242 The drone is on fire! Chapter 1241 The prototype of the future industry Chapter 1240 Unmanned factory Chapter 1239 With an annual salary of 5 million, do you want to come to Star Technology to work? Chapter 1238 Irresistible feeling Chapter 1237 Was it sent to the Internet?

Chapter 1236 Distant miss Chapter 1235 To fake the truth (seeking a monthly ticket~) Chapter 1234 Emancipating the imagination Chapter 1233 Then I will show you the optimism. Chapter 1232 I was almost killed by a pig. Chapter 1232 Looking for a fellow academician! (5/5) Chapter 1231 Thousands of yuan ! (4/5) Chapter 1230 Oh, woman (3/5) Chapter 1229 Which holographic technology is strong (2/5) Chapter 1228 Thinking about fear (1/5) Chapter 1227 Atmospheric transformation materials? Chapter 1226 Premise of large-scale immigration

Chapter 1225 Dr-111 Chapter 1224 Void Explorer Chapter 1223 The world of voids and extra strings Chapter 1222 10Tev collision Chapter 1221 Quality never swells, just flowing on invisible strings Chapter 1220 Collapse of superimposed state Chapter 1219 Reveal the existence of the void Chapter 1218 Give them a lesson Chapter 1217 Faith of physics Chapter 1216 Cosmic animism Chapter 1215 Sometimes science is not just an idea Chapter 1214 Creation theory

Chapter 1213 String sound outside the universe Chapter 1212 Call of the void Chapter 1211 Second emergency mission Chapter 1210 Scientific intuition Chapter 1209 Unusual discovery Chapter 1208 Quantum hegemony Chapter 1207 The strongest boot screen in history! Chapter 1206 Xinghai No. 1 completed! Chapter 1205 Naked eye holography Chapter 1204 Former giant Chapter 1203 Things to do after this Chapter 1202 The cover is not super-calculated, it is a gold mine.

Chapter 1201 No problem is that hot water can't be solved. Chapter 1200 Real incense Chapter 1199 The end of the cryptocurrency Chapter 1198 Xinghai No.1 Chapter 1197 Information change! Chapter 1196 524 qubits! Chapter 1195 True intention Chapter 1194 The meaning of drunkenness is not in wine Chapter 1193 Probably, leading two generations or so Chapter 1192 Send a letter successfully! Chapter 1191 Big hand to send parcel, small hand to hand the key Chapter 1190 Multi-dimensional structure of three-dimensional cavity (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ~)

Chapter 1189 It’s the last step. Chapter 1188 This is the biggest misunderstanding of science. Chapter 1187 Unconditional security Chapter 1186 "Lunar Cannon" Chapter 1185 2000 is not in the words... Chapter 1184 The storm always comes suddenly Chapter 1183 Nothing Chapter 1182 The bell still needs to be unlocked. Chapter 1181 Scared bird Chapter 1180 Cryptography is the specialty of mathematicians Chapter 1179 Five hundred qubits! Chapter 1178 Unscientific speed

Chapter 1177 I have already got it. Chapter 1176 The decoherence of Mayorana Fermi and quantum entanglement Chapter 1175 North American VR technology is underdeveloped, we must introduce it Chapter 1174 It is crazy! Chapter 1173 The end of the fire! Chapter 1172 Selling crazy! Chapter 1171 Virtual reality technology conference Chapter 1170 appointment? Chapter 1169 Online arrangement Chapter 1168 Just like it used to exist Chapter 1167 Optical cosmetic? (Seeking a monthly ticket~) Chapter 1166 Question from the void

Chapter 1165 The end of the empire Chapter 1164 Void Chapter 1163 Abstract answer Chapter 1162 Awards from the French Academy Chapter 1161 Judah substation Chapter 1160 Mathematics is the universal language of the universe Chapter 1159 Place where the pope is buried Chapter 1158 Knot Chapter 1157 Unexpected clue Chapter 1156 Professor Abel's notes Chapter 1155 Visiting Paris Chapter 1154 I have been holding you all the time.

Chapter 1153 Physics, LV8! Chapter 1152 No suspense of honor Chapter 1151 The secret of the universe has never been so close Chapter 1150 Our physics is far more than a standard model Chapter 1149 Ship particles Chapter 1148 The experimental data is released! Chapter 1147 The most expensive fireworks in history Chapter 1146 Advanced theory Chapter 1145 New year spent busy Chapter 1144 Hyperspace secret Chapter 1143 Do something better than always doing nothing. Chapter 1142 "natural disaster"

Chapter 1141 Bizarre drop Chapter 1140 Fully synchronized Chapter 1139 "pendulum" model Chapter 1138 There must be high play under the reward Chapter 1137 Brookhaven Labs quits group chat (3/3) Chapter 1136 It’s good to be seen by the big guy (2/3) Chapter 1135 Temporary confidentiality (1/3) Chapter 1134 Brookhaven National Laboratory protests Chapter 1133 Unhappy meeting Chapter 1132 The collision of tens of billions of electron volts! (3/3) Chapter 1131 Fortress on the moon (2/3) Chapter 1130 Completion of the collider! (1/3)

Chapter 1129 The bigger upheaval is brewing in the physics community Chapter 1128 The hair that fell off still has to be lost. Chapter 1127 Hodge’s new ideas Chapter 1126 Professional shabu-shabu Chapter 1125 Is this something that people do? Chapter 1124 "black box" Chapter 1123 Ring world Chapter 1122 Second memory Chapter 1121 Resolution of the International Union of Mathematicians Chapter 1120 inherited Chapter 1119 The pinnacle of the human mind! Chapter 1118 Is this still human?

Chapter 1117 I will prove here Chapter 1116 The world in the eyes of the gods Chapter 1115 "Reviewing Conference" Chapter 1114 Temporarily insert a news below Chapter 1113 Mathematics, LV10! Chapter 1112 Released wind Chapter 1111 The universe is perfect Chapter 1110 Only six words of letters Chapter 1109 Final stage Chapter 1108 The old method will be unified Chapter 1107 Need an outstanding brain Chapter 1106 Standing and earning money

Chapter 1105 Love is not used Chapter 1104 Will not marry a good person, nor will you let go of a bad person Chapter 1103 Paradox Chapter 1102 We can pay first Chapter 1101 The style is a bit too wrong Chapter 1100 Philippine strong, horrible Chapter 1099 Player evaluation Chapter 1098 Ai’s bad taste ~ 1097 second test Chapter 1096 Handshake of two giants Chapter 1095 The sun is coming out to the west. Chapter 1094 Poverty is only one of the reasons

Chapter 1093 Perelman's visit Chapter 1092 The Silicon Valley that has arrived in the winter Chapter 1091 Mirage system Chapter 1090 Crazy thoughts Chapter 1089 Expectant future Chapter 1088 The same when inspiration comes Chapter 1087 Motive theory Chapter 1086 Mengxin is a monster Chapter 1085 Cloud computing and virtual reality network Chapter 1084 Reporter who is pervasive Chapter 1083 Not everyone is qualified to cooperate Chapter 1082 significance

Chapter 1081 With this technology you actually used to travel around the world? Chapter 1080 How is this **** thing? Chapter 1079 Another **** rain Chapter 1078 Shocking playback Chapter 1077 Which is this training? Chapter 1076 Zhiyuan Star Battle! Chapter 1075 The first "sealing test" of virtual reality system Chapter 1074 Scientific research is like moving bricks Chapter 1073 Is a group enough? Chapter 1072 First customer Chapter 1071 Actually you? ! Chapter 1070 Fragments that make up the world

Chapter 1069 I heard that you are looking for me. Chapter 1068 Was it stared again? Chapter 1067 A living world! Chapter 1066 The time to witness the miracle is here! Chapter 1065 Everything is for science! Chapter 1064 Dr. Z has shot again! Chapter 1063 a technology worth 15,000 Chapter 1062 Car, cart and collider Chapter 1061 Real fan Chapter 1060 Our dragon Chapter 1059 Are you a little jingle when I am? Chapter 1058 Unlock new achievements

Chapter 1057 Unlucky IEEE Chapter 1056 Live Demo Chapter 1055 Rewrite the rules of the game! Chapter 1054 Product launch Chapter 1053 Unprecedented treatment Chapter 1052 Future! Chapter 1051 Lion or hunter Chapter 1050 It’s called “future”. Chapter 1049 Subvert the technology of the entire industry Chapter 1048 Academician of the Army Chapter 1047 IEEE top meeting Chapter 1046 Ten million per square millimeter!

Chapter 1045 Good news from carbon-based chip labs Chapter 1044 Your future schoolchildren Chapter 1043 Legendary mission! Chapter 1042 No one can say bad things in the future. Chapter 1041 Riverside conversation (seeking a monthly ticket) Chapter 1040 Forecast is part of the analysis (seeking a monthly ticket~) Chapter 1039 The beginning of a new era? Chapter 1038 Insufficient cryotherapy rights protection fund Chapter 1037 Time machine Chapter 1036 On the scale of time, all problems are solved. Chapter 1035 I have a way to cure you. Chapter 1034 How do you know that he must be yours?

Chapter 1033 The event is closed! Chapter 1032 Victory champagne Chapter 1031 The future of number theory Chapter 1030 As if from the void Chapter 1029 Sixty minutes Chapter 1028 The glory of the human mind Chapter 1027 I accidentally witnessed history Chapter 1026 Mathematics, LV9! Chapter 1025 IMU conference with a long way to go Chapter 1024 Answering the question of the century Chapter 1023 Let me find a way Chapter 1022 Late

Chapter 1021 blood Chapter 1020 Memory from the void Chapter 1019 Professor of the absent-minded land (3/3) Chapter 1018 Behind this is the sinister PY transaction (2/3) Chapter 1017 Famous teacher (3) Chapter 1016 Hide achievements to unlock! (3/3) Chapter 1015 Deliberate murder? (2/3) Chapter 1014 Really guessed by him? (1/3) Chapter 1013 Active protection mechanism Chapter 1012 Nothing? Chapter 1011 Helios Chapter 1010 Great plan?

Chapter 1009 The atmosphere suddenly became a philosophy Chapter 1008 Fortune-telling? Chapter 1007 Novels are more famous than learning Chapter 1006 An old friend who lives in a simple home Chapter 1005 Is it cheaper? Chapter 1004 Iron curtain is falling Chapter 1003 It’s always coming Chapter 1002 I am afraid that you are going astray Chapter 1001 National Warriors Chapter 1000 Temporary avoidance Chapter 999 We can! Chapter 998 Steel is our footprint

Chapter 997 Archimedes' troubles Chapter 996 Air Force Force? Chapter 995 There are many people in the city. Chapter 994 Pirate culture Chapter 993 But I refuse! Chapter 992 Won the fame! (Four more for the monthly ticket!) Chapter 991 Use lithium! (3/4) Chapter 990 Withdrawal (2/4) Chapter 989 Retreat (1/4) Chapter 988 Black Thursday! Chapter 987 Already started! Chapter 986 Rules are made for the sake of winning

Chapter 985 They are dead! Chapter 984 I want to see the president! Chapter 983 This is a story about twenty-five Chapter 982 We can wash the cards twice Chapter 981 Your company seems to be in trouble. Chapter 980 Exclusive Agreement (4/4) Chapter 979 Spare tire and hole card (3/4) Chapter 978 The product is born! (2/4) Chapter 977 Not a family does not enter a door (1/4) Chapter 976 Standard setter (5/5) Chapter 975 Terrorist network (4/5) Chapter 974 Producing more tricks than lithium-sulfur batteries (3/5) (seeking a monthly ticket~~)

Chapter 973 Professor Stanley "Time to Run" (2/5) Chapter 972 I can't help at all (1/5) Chapter 971 Who’s credit, we have a few in mind Chapter 970 It is terrible! Chapter 969 Choice Chapter 968 Give him over! Chapter 967 Write and write casually Chapter 966 Next big game Chapter 965 Longteng No.1 Chapter 964 Seeking for one thing Chapter 963 Oxygen porter Chapter 962 It is finally coming in handy!

~ On the lithium battery, say something off topic~ Chapter 961 Change all to carbon! Chapter 960 The clue on the wreckage number one! Chapter 959 Porous silicon-based molecular exchange membrane Chapter 958 Live your math and math for a lifetime! Chapter 957 Waiting for you to take the gold medal and brag with me! Chapter 956 One hand raised more than a billion? Chapter 955 Whoever masters the power, whoever has the future! Chapter 954 This guy is very bad! Chapter 953 I voted! (4/4) Chapter 952 Project Roadshow (3/4) Chapter 951 Masco's Wild Hope (2/4)

Chapter 950 You are a respectable opponent (1/4) Chapter 949 Pan-Asian High-tech Innovation and Investment Summit Chapter 948 The economics community is shaking! Chapter 947 The most exciting game of the year (4/4) Chapter 946 Virtue (3/4) Chapter 945 This time is not just an hour! (2/4) Chapter 944 Finish doing half of the work (1/4) Chapter 943 I only used me for an hour (4/4) Chapter 942 Can you fight one? (3/4) Chapter 941 The most creative poster (2/4) Chapter 940 Maka! (1/4) Chapter 939 the opening ceremony!

Chapter 938 drink wine? I treat you Chapter 937 "Hospitable" Princeton (4/4) Chapter 936 Coincidence (3/4) Chapter 935 Going to Shanghai (2/4) Chapter 934 Was it beaten? (1/4) Chapter 933 Suggested modification! (4/4) Chapter 932 We have already decided, it is up to you to be the chairman (3/4) Chapter 931 Sullivan conjecture (2/4) Chapter 930 Manifold classification problem (1/4) Chapter 929 If it is not a ghost, it is the devil (4/4) Chapter 928 As a disciplined scholar (3/4) Chapter 927 Carbon-based chips come out! (2/4)

Chapter 926 I am so angry! (1/4) Chapter 925 Tradeoff (4/4) Chapter 924 No wonder so many people want to be a master (3/4) Chapter 923 The identity of Dr. Z! (2/4) Chapter 922 BOSS is off the net! The hacker community is shaking! (1/4) Chapter 921 It is a master! (4/4) Chapter 920 Dr. Z returns to the rivers and lakes (3/4) Chapter 919 Xiaoai, handed it to you (2/4) Chapter 918 I can't spare them! (1/4) Chapter 917 You are hung up (4/4) Chapter 916 Predatory Eagle (3/4) Chapter 915 Vulnerabilities (2/4)

Chapter 914 Some people are happy that someone is worried (1/4) Chapter 913 The thigh in the eyes of others (4/4) Chapter 912 He will definitely come! (3/4) Chapter 910 Witness our common prosperity! (1/4) Chapter 909 A grand event in physics and aerospace! (four more tickets!) Chapter 908 Come to the treasure! (3/4) Chapter 906 Big! I am your fan! (1/4) Chapter 905 who are you? ! (4/4) Chapter 904 Math Center in Siheyuan Chapter 903 Third half (2/4) Chapter 902 Going to Beijing for a meeting (1/4) Chapter 901 Smart city? (4/4)

Chapter 900 Unexpected visit (3/4) Chapter 898 The status of Vera (1/4) Chapter 897 Princeton's Snow (4/4) Chapter 896 Fu is known in the mountains. Chapter 895 The tree wants to be quiet and the wind is not enough (2/4) Chapter 894 Lu-Bewley model Chapter 893 Please read the past Chapter 892 Return to hometown Chapter 891 I used to have such abuses? (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 890 There are still many unexpected things. Chapter 889 I am almost half of it. Chapter 888 A stranger in his hometown

Chapter 887 Welcome Chapter 886 Fail! Chapter 885 Holy land of the aerospace industry Chapter 884 I have to Chapter 883 What kind of experience is there a big brother? Chapter 882 New Year's Day in 2022 Chapter 881 Is a monk Chapter 880 Invigilation Chapter 879 Special publication Chapter 878 Furnishing Chapter 877 growing up Chapter 876 Get it in an hour

Chapter 875 Lu Xun once said (repair) Chapter 874 Holding thighs Chapter 873 Join hands Chapter 872 Is he okay? Chapter 871 Now there is Chapter 870 I want Haisi Chapter 869 Industry Chapter 868 Mystery behind the quantum world Chapter 867 Professor Faltins's notes Chapter 866 Young is so good Chapter 865 The magical effect of energy potions (repair) Chapter 864 Nuggets mine

Chapter 863 we won! Chapter 862 Dust settled Chapter 861 Confrontation! Chapter 860 I have a question! Chapter 859 Defeat the battle of Jinling? Chapter 858 Surging mathematics Chapter 857 Make a big cut and then cut the cake Chapter 856 Another storm Chapter 855 Let the storm come again Chapter 854 Pick it up? Chapter 853 Then "convinced them"! Chapter 852 First rejected in life

Chapter 851 The power of a letter Chapter 850 Oh, learning slag Chapter 849 The second key to the future Chapter 848 Comparable to diamonds Chapter 847 Xiao Ai upgrade! Chapter 846 Quantum computer? ! Chapter 845 Three years! Chapter 844 Golden mission card? Chapter 843 Moon face forever! Chapter 842 Disagree Chapter 841 there is controversy? Chapter 840 This car is stable enough

Chapter 839 Can't afford it Chapter 837 Approaching from the boundary! Chapter 836 He will definitely come! Chapter 835 Diplomatic dinner Chapter 833 Visiting group from the North Chapter 832 Professor Lu wants to shoot? Chapter 831 Clue to Riemann's conjecture Chapter 830 On the spot Chapter 829 Tasks that can be completed by hanging up Chapter 828 Want to change a car? Chapter 827 Do you need to worry about this kind of thing? Chapter 826 CERN's new fashion

Chapter 825 The world is really small Chapter 824 Friends from afar Chapter 823 Letter from IMU Chapter 822 Examination of a question Chapter 821 I want to learn math with you! Chapter 820 Lunar mass projector Chapter 819 Who else can stop them? Chapter 818 Native products Chapter 817 Big things to do before leaving office Chapter 816 Light of youth Chapter 815 The two houses were elected Chapter 814 Reward for emergency missions?

Chapter 813 Dr. Z saves the world? Chapter 812 27 days in a coma Chapter 811 Amino acid derivative Chapter 810 Unscrupulous international expert group Chapter 809 Professor Z? Chapter 808 Medicine with "taste" Chapter 807 Lunar engineering Chapter 806 parasitic? Symbiosis? Chapter 805 Not a wonderful first contact Chapter 804 Urgent task Chapter 803 "Little Life" from Mars Chapter 802 I have a little trouble

Chapter 801 Welcome home! Chapter 800 Mining Chapter 799 The bridge to the moon Chapter 798 Traces of underground ice? Chapter 797 Reptile all terrain survey vehicle Chapter 796 Still your belly black Chapter 795 The rescue was successful! Chapter 794 Home ticket Chapter 793 come down! Chapter 792 Worst case Chapter 791 The world witnesses again Chapter 790 No, you need

Chapter 789 Electric propulsion system, find out? Chapter 788 Open secret Chapter 787 SOS? Chapter 786 Space 4.0 era Chapter 785 Global sandstorm Chapter 784 Mars Diary Chapter 783 I have a little trouble Chapter 782 Arrived at Mars? Chapter 781 "electronic person" Chapter 780 surgery Chapter 779 Possible to stand up again Chapter 778 Visiting the wounded

Chapter 777 Great ideas are often born inadvertently Chapter 776 Future things are handed over to the future Chapter 775 Key in nematode cells Chapter 774 Life and death should be human nature Chapter 773 Self-contained! Chapter 772 Recruiting horses Chapter 771 No one can stop me from studying what ~ The 770th look in the deep air Chapter 769 Three warriors Chapter 768 Just try it and you will know! Chapter 767 Equal in level? Chapter 766 Evening

Chapter 765 Let’s start with bad news. Chapter 764 Our moon palace! Chapter 763 Moon Palace is in the orbit! Chapter 762 Great attention! Chapter 761 Sin deserved Chapter 760 Receiving net Chapter 759 The arrow is on the string! Chapter 758 Another big news? Chapter 757 Export to domestic sales Chapter 756 Horrible heat sink material Chapter 755 Professor Lu is arrogant! Chapter 754 Cold welding

Chapter 753 The only remedy Chapter 752 I am afraid the problem is not small. Chapter 751 The key moment is falling off the chain? Chapter 750 Heat accumulation? Chapter 749 Lunar track construction committee Chapter 748 BFR rocket launch! Chapter 747 Used to it Chapter 746 Arizona's "Dome" Chapter 745 Treasure hunt in the trash? Chapter 744 Unruly opponent Chapter 743 The wheel of the times is moving forward Chapter 742 Occupy the future highlands

Chapter 741 No stones can touch Chapter 740 Route choice Chapter 739 Pull back a game? Chapter 738 NASA press conference Chapter 737 Unwanted news Chapter 736 Research progress of lunar plane Hadron collider Chapter 735 Can blow a big thing for a lifetime Chapter 734 Keeping the cultural relics ready Chapter 733 Component analysis Chapter 732 Can't cut clothes? Chapter 731 Lost NASA Chapter 730 Three no products

Chapter 729 The second stage of "Land and Moon Control" Chapter 728 return! Chapter 727 Space planting unit deployment Chapter 726 The moment of universal celebration Chapter 725 Special blessing Chapter 724 Embark on the starry sky Chapter 723 We need a victory Chapter 722 Proud to be proud of life Chapter 721 Would you like to go up and get a table? Chapter 720 Busy reunion Chapter 719 Prepare for the moon! Chapter 718 Space planting unit

Chapter 717 "Aris" plan Chapter 716 Counteraction of the White House Chapter 715 The important thing is that it is there Chapter 714 Blueprint for tilting rotors and space planes Chapter 713 Academician primary (Happy New Year~~~) Chapter 712 Tinder plan Chapter 711 "Lightning" escape cabin Chapter 710 Desert in the basin Chapter 709 Discharged Chapter 708 I’m half right. Chapter 707 Triumph! (3/3) Chapter 706 Change the track and return! (2/3)

Chapter 705 Major defects? (1/3) Chapter 704 New Year's Day in the sky Chapter 703 Anyway, it’s not a bad thing. Chapter 702 Silicon Valley's tomorrow's superstar? Chapter 701 Overlooking the earth Chapter 700 ignition! take off! Chapter 699 The countdown is given to you. Chapter 698 Will it be that we think more? Chapter 697 Starting preparation! Chapter 696 Another year of the Nobel Prize season Chapter 695 Astronaut brigade Chapter 694 Xiangrui

Chapter 693 Still have to say something to the experts Chapter 692 Are you still missing? Chapter 691 Competitor Chapter 690 We have a good bet. Chapter 689 Confidential meeting Chapter 688 Alternative to bacon sandwiches? Chapter 687 Lithium air battery project Chapter 686 New Energy Vehicle Summit Chapter 685 Children only make multiple choice questions Chapter 684 For A, I can't afford it! (3/3) Chapter 683 One night on the Purple Mountain (2/3) Chapter 682 Pooh!

Chapter 681 Luo brother who is trapped by love? Chapter 680 Preparing for the future Chapter 679 Five hundred million Chapter 678 The funding is down! Chapter 677 Raise your hand Chapter 676 Do you know who I admire most? Chapter 675 I am so angry! Chapter 674 100MW! Chapter 673 Master Chapter 672 It’s time to show real technology. Chapter 671 From nothing Chapter 670 Completion of the assembly center

Chapter 669 The overall situation is heavy Chapter 668 How did you do it? ! Chapter 667 Become? Chapter 666 A breakthrough in miniaturization! Chapter 665 It’s all done by him alone. Chapter 664 I read, you write Chapter 663 Need Xiao Ai to put a colorful bubble? Chapter 662 CCTV's interview Chapter 661 Invitation from CERN Chapter 660 CERN's vote Chapter 659 Amazing experimental results Chapter 658 The answer is in your hand

Chapter 657 Strong electricity unified! Chapter 656 Is this the gap? Chapter 655 Give you an answer before the end of the month Chapter 654 The only way to the galaxy Chapter 653 Aging is a sad topic Chapter 652 Is this solved? Chapter 651 I have a question Chapter 650 Professor Bryan's invitation Chapter 649 Serious flaws Chapter 648 Proved? Chapter 647 Professor Lu, who is not hidden Chapter 646 Who installed this system for you?

Chapter 645 Waiting for me to find an expert to ask first Chapter 644 Out of the box Chapter 643 If I don't sell you? Chapter 642 Maybe this is fate. Chapter 641 Quantum Young Mills Field Chapter 640 Was played Chapter 639 The seller has shipped! Chapter 638 Clever proof of ideas Chapter 637 I have a bad feeling Chapter 636 Is this going to heaven? Chapter 635 The key to solving the quality gap Chapter 634 Help me take the block

Chapter 633 Want to build a rocket? Chapter 632 Tailored new tasks Chapter 631 Character outbreak Chapter 630 Biochemistry, LV5! Chapter 629 Looks more academic Chapter 628 Interview with Nature Weekly Chapter 627 Discussion with Professor Fefferman Chapter 626 A common monument in the history of physics and mathematics! Chapter 625 Is that human being? Chapter 624 Check the correct! Chapter 623 Strong response Chapter 622 The general solution of the Yang Mills equation!

Chapter 621 I solved it. Chapter 620 Stop on the blackboard Chapter 619 Coming from all over the world Chapter 618 Only things I can do Chapter 617 I thought of a piece. Chapter 616 Inspiration is contagious Chapter 615 It seems to me the same Chapter 614 Can you still chat? Chapter 613 Letter from the Cray Institute Chapter 612 This April is not calm Chapter 611 Which paper did you write? Chapter 610 The most suitable reviewer

Chapter 609 Proof of existence of solution Chapter 608 On-grid power generation Chapter 607 Bald Chapter 606 How to unify the nuclear power! Chapter 605 Why do the nuclears get together? Chapter 604 Bottlenecks that cannot be avoided Chapter 603 Not wanting, but not dare... Chapter 602 Good gathering Chapter 601 Cheap is not so good Chapter 600 The stock market is at risk Chapter 599 Someone is investigating you Chapter 598 Market created by a paper

Chapter 597 Is the step too big? Chapter 596 Fusion battery project! Chapter 595 I will ponder over it. Chapter 594 Go or not? Chapter 593 Clear technical route! Chapter 592 Demolition Remnant No.3 Chapter 591 The prelude to the space race Chapter 590 General adviser to the moon Chapter 589 Strategic flicker Chapter 588 Shortcut for overtaking Chapter 587 Xiao Ai's new body Chapter 586 Seminar on the moon landing project

Chapter 585 Thank you for saving me. Chapter 584 study schedule Chapter 583 Impossible material Chapter 582 Confirmed the eyes, is the person of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chapter 581 This is not the body I want! Chapter 580 Underground three-story laboratory Chapter 579 Maybe this is the advantage of being handsome? Chapter 578 Isn't it already? Chapter 577 Research assistant Chapter 576 Unexpected cake? Chapter 575 Retire Chapter 574 You decide

Chapter 573 Lingyun! Chapter 572 Scientist has nationality Chapter 571 Who made it delicious? Chapter 570 Third wreck Chapter 569 Open up Chapter 568 Interview at Station C Chapter 567 Cross-regional grid Chapter 566 Where is the live broadcast? Chapter 565 Layout future Chapter 564 You have worked hard! (4/4) Chapter 563 Where is my mobile phone? (3/4) Chapter 562 Overjoyed President (2/4)

Chapter 561 I am very disappointed (1/4) Chapter 560 When I grow up, I want to be a scientist. Chapter 559 a better tomorrow than yesterday Chapter 558 The fusion light is done! Chapter 557 Control the energy of stars Chapter 556 ignition! Chapter 555 Only owe the wind Chapter 554 Everything is ready Chapter 553 The sooner the better! Chapter 552 The last difficulty Chapter 551 I definitely don’t pigeon you this time. Chapter 550 You are not saying that the sooner the better?

Chapter 549 Mysterious "900 District" Chapter 548 In full swing Chapter 547 Material production Chapter 546 We are different Chapter 545 Core trap Chapter 544 Fully cooperate Chapter 543 Outbreak of character? Chapter 542 Shocking the world Chapter 541 Site selection Chapter 540 Building! Chapter 539 Retreat Chapter 538 No obvious radiation damage!

Chapter 537 Helms's countermeasures Chapter 536 Daya Bay News Chapter 535 Time is not enough, manpower is coming Chapter 534 Happiness comes too suddenly Chapter 533 Return to the old industry Chapter 532 Slightly offended you Chapter 531 Lying in the middle of the gun Chapter 530 Tossing yourself is worse than tossing others Chapter 529 Interesting results are often born out of accidents? Chapter 528 Then please! Chapter 527 Courtesy Chapter 526 The top management attaches great importance to your opinions.

Chapter 525 Professor Chapter 524 Kick them out Chapter 523 About the future competition Chapter 522 Take an unusual step Chapter 521 It’s too wasteful to boil water. Chapter 520 The fewer words, the larger the amount of information Chapter 519 Helpless reality Chapter 518 40 billion big projects! Chapter 517 Boiling plasma physics Chapter 516 This is impossible! Chapter 515 Not just thirty minutes Chapter 514 Restart the experiment!

Chapter 513 I will not give up Chapter 512 Say goodbye to Princeton Chapter 511 They are the wealth of civilization Chapter 510 I have considered half a year Chapter 509 The road to the future is your own Chapter 508 Carbon-based chip outlook Chapter 507 Technical discussion Chapter 506 The note is white. Chapter 505 International Controllable Nuclear Fusion Exchange Conference Chapter 504 Going to Los Angeles Chapter 503 I didn't expect you to be very popular. Chapter 502 Faculty sports meeting

Chapter 501 Building a supercomputer Chapter 500 The value of 4 billion flowers is not worth it? Chapter 499 Phased outcome Chapter 498 First step to the sun Chapter 497 STAR device! (3/3) Chapter 496 Conquering German cockroaches with technology (2/3) Chapter 495 Visiting group arrived (1/3) Chapter 494 All ready to go Chapter 493 Interested to come over? Chapter 492 Visiting Yuhua University Chapter 491 Then please come over. Chapter 490 I want to see who dares to go?

Chapter 489 Cooperation reached Chapter 488 Physical mechanism and strong correlation model of high temperature superconductivity Chapter 487 Can't come? Chapter 486 Technology change technology Chapter 485 Make a deal Chapter 484 New Year of 2019 Chapter 483 Xiao Ai's new home Chapter 482 Half meter long wire Chapter 481 "interesting" topic Chapter 480 Experimental success rate Chapter 479 Buy a house Chapter 478 Another year of awards season

Chapter 477 It’s too early for me. Chapter 476 Talent placement Chapter 475 As a research dog with dreams Chapter 474 At least it must be a postdoc. Chapter 473 Two big directions Chapter 472 Knowledge is the greatest wealth Chapter 471 Great construction Chapter 470 You really only talked about math? Chapter 469 Buy one back Chapter 468 The veteran big cow Chapter 467 Three-word answer Chapter 466 Take the road to France

Chapter 465 Nobel lecture Chapter 464 Take the lead (seeking a monthly ticket!) Chapter 463 I promise that it is more interesting than a lithium-sulfur battery. Chapter 462 Can I ask you to dance? Chapter 461 The most crowded dinner in the world Chapter 460 December 10 Chapter 458 Come back to Stockholm Chapter 456 Invitation to the Nobel Prize Dinner Chapter 455 A good chance to brush your face in front of your peers Chapter 454 Really not considering listing? Chapter 453 101K! Chapter 452 Mathematics only pursues truth

Chapter 451 But behind the scenes Chapter 450 I heard that someone wrote you into the paper. Chapter 449 Lu Zhou’s “hometown” Chapter 448 Nobel and Fields Chapter 447 What do you think of my family? Chapter 446 Say it is just to eat... Chapter 445 Final meeting Chapter 444 I just want to ask you to have a meal. Chapter 443 Fusion begins with superconductivity Chapter 443 Fusion begins with superconductivity Chapter 442 In the face of the universe, the glory of the human mind is so small Chapter 441 The troubles of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Chapter 440 thirty minutes Chapter 439 Physical LV5 with special mission rewards? Chapter 438 A thank you letter from the Max Planck Society? Chapter 437 Coach, I want to sell drones Chapter 436 The dilemma of spiral stone Chapter 435 Magic box key Chapter 434 I don't think you need to overdo it... Chapter 433 Professor Lazelson’s decision Chapter 432 Apply for super calculation Chapter 431 It’s good to call me on the card. Chapter 430 Closing of the conference Chapter 429 Report of the corner valley conjecture

Chapter 428 I just take a sip of milk. Chapter 427 The tutor is so bullish, can students not be popular? Chapter 426 Philippine Award, Professor Lu Chapter 425 Expected to return Chapter 424 International Congress of Mathematicians! Chapter 423 System of colored eggs? Chapter 422 Not just a man's miracle! Chapter 421 presence! smooth! Chapter 420 World-famous event Chapter 419 Slaughtering NS equation Chapter 418 Small accident in the world Chapter 417 Answer the millennium puzzle! (3/3)

Chapter 416 Unsettled June (2/3) Chapter 415 Two invitations (1/3) Chapter 414 Two divisions Chapter 413 happy graduation Chapter 412 Luke manifold? Chapter 411 The equation of the explosion? Chapter 410 Long-lost Princeton Town (3/3) Chapter 409 a fluid with a high viscosity coefficient (2/3) Chapter 408 New Year of 2018 Chapter 407 Life is not just mathematics, but also physics and chemistry. Chapter 406 The most beautiful day in the life of Feige Chapter 405 Reunion

Chapter 404 Letter from Germany Chapter 403 Seven-figure bonus (3/3) Chapter 402 You are growing taller (2/3) Chapter 401 There will always be a steel scale (1/3) Chapter 400 With my niece? Chapter 399 The "garbage" of fruit flavor? Chapter 398 state banquet Chapter 397 One wood Chapter 396 Conference and grand prize! Chapter 395 I am just passing by Chapter 394 Digging the wall Chapter 393 How can you treat you better?

Chapter 392 What is the relationship between you? Chapter 391 Returning to China Chapter 390 Arrangement before returning home Chapter 389 Metaphysical probability Chapter 388 Proof of the corner valley conjecture Chapter 387 The most beautiful snow Chapter 386 You can’t understand the fun of learning Chapter 385 Mathematics is hard enough to wait on. Chapter 384 Invisible bullet (3/3) Chapter 383 Invitation for collaborative research (2/3) Chapter 382 Master tricks? (1/3) Chapter 381 The last number of lessons before Christmas

Chapter 380 If you have money, you can do whatever you want. Chapter 379 Greater launch power! (4/4) Chapter 378 Must have time! (3/4) Chapter 377 In the next big game? (2/4) Chapter 376 He3 atom probe technology (1/4) Chapter 375 Phased results of the NS equation (3/3) Chapter 374 It’s time to have a happy explosion (2/3) Chapter 373 Visit Harvard Chapter 372 Need people Chapter 371 Let's set a flag first. Chapter 370 New ideas for the study of superconducting materials (3/3) Chapter 369 Set a small target (2/3)

Chapter 368 The sour teeth are falling off (1/3) Chapter 367 The Rock Library is a place full of treasures (3/3) Chapter 366 You may not know it in your life (2/3) Chapter 365 Preconditions are not met (1/3) Chapter 364 Six seconds at a time? Chapter 363 I am just a math professor. Chapter 362 Ambassador has please Chapter 361 Rumor Chapter 360 This year's students can't! Chapter 359 Hoffman Award Chapter 358 Nobel Prize recommendation Chapter 357 New chemistry!

Chapter 356 Is it a misunderstanding or a new chemistry? Chapter 355 Max Planck Society Chapter 354 Going to Berlin Chapter 353 Science is endless Chapter 352 Interview with Time Magazine Chapter 351 Loading for a while Chapter 350 The dawn of the lithium-sulfur era Chapter 349 One-year plan (2/3) Chapter 348 Plant a college tyrant (1/3) Chapter 347 When you are young, you should go out and walk more. Chapter 346 Two invitation letters Chapter 345 Please tell me

Chapter 344 Nobel Prize is also undecided Chapter 343 AC 刊 《JACS》! Chapter 342 Not everyone can laugh at the end Chapter 341 Make great achievements (3/3) Chapter 340 Posting JACS (2/3) Chapter 339 The dawn of victory Chapter 338 Materials Science, LV4! Chapter 337 The key moment still depends on the opponent Chapter 336 Calculate nuclear weapons in the chemical world! (3/3) Chapter 335 Anton Super Center! (2/3) Chapter 334 Something is of course a teaching assistant. Chapter 333 Chemistry needs my model!

Chapter 332 When the realm of scientific research boss Chapter 331 Assistant and bodyguard? (3/3) Chapter 330 Free yourself on the wrong road (2/3) Chapter 329 Little problem Chapter 328 "spying the enemy" Chapter 327 Only the schoolmaster is worthy of the worship of the school Chapter 326 Take it easy Chapter 325 Adams Chemistry Prize! Chapter 324 San Francisco Chapter 323 Spring break Chapter 322 Nothing fussing Chapter 321 Phased outcome

Chapter 320 In academia, ideas are the least valuable. Chapter 319 This time is "Science". Chapter 318 Nature or Science? Chapter 317 Move fast! Chapter 316 I have to do something big. Chapter 315 The first lesson after being taught Chapter 314 Misunderstanding Chapter 313 At this great moment, we need a party Chapter 312 Old rival Chapter 311 Two more apprentices Chapter 310 Follow the trend Chapter 309 The wayward heart

Chapter 308 Mutual Chapter 307 Uninhabited Chapter 306 Market that is moving Chapter 305 Experiment start Chapter 304 Then prove it to you. Chapter 303 Hollow carbon ball is good Chapter 302 I want to hear his opinion. Chapter 301 Purchase instrument Chapter 300 Big news of the institute Chapter 299 The prototype of Jinling Institute of Advanced Studies Chapter 298 Large project of lithium-sulfur battery Chapter 297 We need your help

Chapter 296 It’s hard to be low-key Chapter 295 Career and steady progress Chapter 294 Best youth speaker Chapter 293 Not a passerby Chapter 292 I am more interested in you. Chapter 291 Fun as a professor Chapter 290 Don't leave! Chapter 289 This is for fairness! Chapter 288 Take care of me Chapter 287 Not all students are so lucky Chapter 286 Top Ten Annual Science and Technology Progress Chapter 285 The feeling of money is really different.

Chapter 284 Spherical problem Chapter 283 400,000 experience! Chapter 282 Self-praising pioneer Chapter 281 Christmas night Chapter 280 Housewarming Chapter 279 400 million to hand Chapter 278 Offshore Company Chapter 277 I, Lu Zhou, don't like money Chapter 276 Meeting with a private identity Chapter 275 I was financially free when I was careless. Chapter 274 Overseas patent authorization Chapter 273 Actually, this is just my hobby.

Chapter 272 Industry benchmark Chapter 271 MRS Autumn Meeting! Chapter 270 As a wary boss Chapter 269 Division of labor cooperation Chapter 268 Hail guess Chapter 267 Invitation from the top meeting Chapter 266 Materials Science, LV3! Chapter 265 Big news! Chapter 264 Was it transferred? Chapter 263 Sure enough, mathematics is interesting. Chapter 262 Great God can't make up his mind Chapter 261 Starting as a professor today

Chapter 260 Post 《Nature》 Chapter 259 Gravitational wave Chapter 258 What kind of students are needed? Chapter 257 Preparing for an interview Chapter 256 Finally got the patent Chapter 255 Their respective futures Chapter 254 Triumphant return Chapter 253 Logical self-consistency Chapter 252 A fascinating night view Chapter 251 Chess opponent Chapter 250 Stockholm awards ceremony Chapter 249 Go to the award

Chapter 248 Stockholm phone Chapter 247 Princeton's first lesson (4/4) Chapter 246 What is imaginary number Chapter 245 War book? Chapter 244 Three hours is enough (1/4) Chapter 243 Princeton's youngest professor Chapter 242 Unexpected surprise Chapter 241 Victory champagne Chapter 240 I have never worried about it. Chapter 239 Lively Princeton Town Chapter 238 Come for you Chapter 237 Mathematics, LV5!

Chapter 236 Time for a cup of coffee Chapter 235 Prove that Gu guess! Chapter 234 Amazing evaluation Chapter 233 Last piece of puzzle Chapter 232 bad news Chapter 231 Ideas emerge! Chapter 230 The man is of course driving a buggy. Chapter 229 Retreat study Chapter 228 Tools, or your own use Chapter 227 Another way Chapter 226 Two choices Chapter 225 Haunted?

Chapter 224 His hometown knows Chapter 223 Embark on a new journey! Chapter 222 Another graduation season Chapter 221 Speech under the flag Chapter 220 Brother, do you buy insurance? Chapter 219 Human nature (3/3) Chapter 218 Four years of life, worthwhile (2/3) Chapter 217 Returning to China (1/3) Chapter 216 Loading is not a good habit Chapter 215 Not easy for genius Chapter 214 It’s not easy to play with you. Chapter 213 a small step to the top of the mountain

Chapter 212 Which pot does not open which pot? Chapter 211 The youngest winner! Chapter 210 What about my trophy? Chapter 209 Arrived in California Chapter 208 Internationalization of patents Chapter 207 All good things come to an end Chapter 206 2.8 million computers Chapter 205 Assault money Chapter 204 An enviable annoyance Chapter 203 Next stop, brother guess? Chapter 202 Metaphysical Draw and Metaphysical Prize (3/3) Chapter 201 Mathematics, LV4!

Chapter 200 Has it been proven? ! Chapter 199 Thirty minute report Chapter 198 Surface look Chapter 197 Have to go Chapter 196 Controversial winners Chapter 195 The grand prize is announced! Chapter 194 Meeting in Beijing Chapter 193 On the correct posture of the boss pit apprentice Chapter 192 Goal, mathematics annual publication! Chapter 191 Inspiration, always come inadvertently Chapter 190 Speechless Chapter 189 A little different from the imagination?

Chapter 188 201 never press the card Chapter 187 I’m yelling twice now, or there’s no chance in the future. Chapter 186 Unexpected reunion Chapter 185 The effect is unexpected Chapter 184 Start the experiment! Chapter 183 a gold mine Chapter 182 How can scientists' things be called forcing? Chapter 181 Take you to see someone Chapter 180 The light that goes beyond the standard model Chapter 179 Physics, LV3! Chapter 178 Return to Jinling Chapter 177 The amount of information is a bit large

Chapter 176 The strongest intern in history! Chapter 175 Interview with Nature Weekly Chapter 174 Turned right Chapter 173 a treasure map Chapter 172 European Nuclear Research Conference Chapter 171 Frank Wilzek Chapter 170 Perfect theory Chapter 169 good luck! Chapter 168 An overweight particle? Chapter 167 Unexpected discovery Chapter 166 Martial Chapter 165 Mr. Witten's lecture

Chapter 164 Cheers? Chapter 163 Rigorous to despair Chapter 162 Edward Witten Chapter 161 Physics is a rigorous discipline Chapter 160 I have objections Chapter 159 A good news and a bad news (3/3) Chapter 158 Assignments Chapter 157 Arrived in Switzerland! Chapter 156 LHCb Intern Chapter 155 Academician's test Chapter 154 First piece of debris Chapter 153 Beautiful and deadly dendrites

Chapter 152 Are you doing it, or am I doing it? Chapter 151 Seeing history? Chapter 150 Bifurcation conference Chapter 149 One's graduation Chapter 148 Graduation reply (4/4) Chapter 147 Life is inevitable, sad spring hurts autumn Chapter 146 Then let's talk about it. Chapter 145 This class is impossible (1/4) Chapter 144 Paper publication (4/4) Chapter 143 National 10,000 people Chapter 142 Sing a cool Chapter 141 Watch the news yourself (1/4)

Chapter 140 Real hammer (for the lord leize110 plus more!) (5/5) Chapter 139 Blatant academic fraud (additional seven blueberries for the lord!) Chapter 138 Was it imitated? (For the lord Ru丶 floating add more!) Chapter 137 Equilibrium Problems in Hilbert Space Chapter 136 Handsome but three seconds Chapter 135 This is the current inflatable interest (8/8) Chapter 134 Look at the host's diligence (seventh) Chapter 133 Adult things, children do not mix Chapter 132 Going home for the New Year Chapter 131 When I didn't ask Chapter 130 First emperor's letter Chapter 129 Thank you for your courage.

Chapter 128 System, come to bottle Fanta Chapter 127 Level breakthrough! Chapter 126 Closing ceremony Chapter 125 I just want to go back to sleep. Chapter 124 Witness the great moment Chapter 123 genius? madman? Chapter 122 Inspired world Chapter 121 Mathematicians' dance Chapter 120 The white pigeon that has passed away Chapter 119 gentleman Chapter 118 Witness the moment of history? Chapter 117 Arrive at Princeton!

Chapter 116 I don't understand you very much. Chapter 115 Appropriately Chapter 114 TOEFL test Chapter 113 Cattle Chapter 112 Annual character awards! Chapter 111 Smiling reveals poverty Chapter 110 I wish you a bright future! Chapter 109 For Xueba, the certificate is not too much. Chapter 108 This evil capitalism Chapter 107 Winners eat all Chapter 106 Blowing Chapter 105 The saddest thing in life is nothing more than...

Chapter 104 Unexpected ending Chapter 103 Wash your face and save Africans Chapter 102 Vote for five million try water Chapter 101 a little bit of contribution Chapter 100 Finished! Chapter 99 Is the schoolmaster a style? Chapter 98 This unscientific Chapter 97 Do not let me pigeons! Chapter 96 This is very mathematical! Chapter 95 This is not physical Chapter 94 You can't do it. Chapter 93 Shake the pot with skill

Chapter 92 On the Importance of Metaphysics in Scientific Research Chapter 91 Research mission of the Institute? Chapter 90 Self-love is a disease Chapter 89 The first meeting of the grass team Chapter 88 When it’s over, the people are all set to collapse. Chapter 87 Pulling in people Chapter 86 Learn from successful people Chapter 85 It turned out that there are high-level people helping each other. Chapter 84 Not enough to take this honor Chapter 83 I still don't believe it! Chapter 82 I can't take classes anymore. Chapter 81 Lu Zhou secret observation

Chapter 80 Lu Zhou, you are on fire! Chapter 79 The reporter went downstairs! Chapter 78 Answer Qian Xuesen's question! Chapter 77 Three tasks to be old Chapter 76 Good utilitarian point Chapter 75 What is the correct posture for tuning artificial intelligence? Chapter 74 Secret about the system Chapter 73 I don't want to go to heaven. Chapter 72 Professor Delini’s marvel Chapter 71 You can’t imagine the happiness of Xueba. Chapter 70 Prove the Zhou guess! Chapter 69 Magical number theory

Chapter 68 Can I touch your trophy? Chapter 67 Xuan does not change his life Chapter 66 National champion! Chapter 65 Expert interview Chapter 64 Division defense Chapter 63 At least it is also a national award! Chapter 62 You don't hang me, I look down on you. Chapter 61 Explosive liver 72 hours Chapter 60 National Games opening! Chapter 59 Want a fake? I will test you two times. Chapter 58 Modeling captain Chapter 57 Artificial intelligence eye

Chapter 56 If you are poor, you can’t let your child lose on the starting line. Chapter 55 Please don't waste your system resources on mentally retarded issues. Chapter 54 Oh, weak Chapter 53 Loan to the door Chapter 52 Hot search again Chapter 51 Sudden inspiration Chapter 50 I don’t know how to use it. Chapter 49 Losing big! Chapter 48 I was able to make a fortune by writing a thesis. Chapter 47 Develop an APP training Chapter 46 Night brush python Chapter 45 Thinking about fear

Chapter 44 Resentment from a single dog Chapter 43 Have to be spared and spared? nonexistent Chapter 42 I want to be a scientist Chapter 41 Get down a courier Chapter 40 Simply fooling around Chapter 39 Lawyer's letter, find out (third more) Chapter 38 Charcoal in the snow Chapter 37 I agree Chapter 36 Lu Ge, something big! Chapter 35 I, assistant, thief six Chapter 34 Don't take money as money (third more) Chapter 33 Xiaoqiang

Chapter 32 The correct way to operate Black Technology is actually to explode the liver? Chapter 31 How can I eat this person without meat? Chapter 30 Let's play checkers, I will let you first Chapter 29 Maybe this is talent? Chapter 28 The last class of freshman Chapter 27 Brain space, read more books! Chapter 26 who am I? where am I? What am I writing? Chapter 25 I am so angry Chapter 24 Running-in training Chapter 23 Classic modeling problem with businessmen and followers Chapter 22 Correct writing posture of the thesis Chapter 21 It turned out to be an honest man.

Chapter 20 Two gods take a pit? Chapter 19 And three missions to hang the host Chapter 18 100 experiences of obsessive compulsive obsessive Chapter 17 The paper was published! (Additional to the lord Eddy1414!) Chapter 16 No one can make the right one or three times! Chapter 15 How to realize the points? Chapter 14 Working for school Chapter 13 You are not too shameful, I am too shameful! Chapter 12 嫉妒 is my wall separation Chapter 11 Even if you are a tyrant, there are things that you are not good at. Chapter 10 I have two girlfriends. Chapter 9 I am afraid I have read a fake university.

Chapter 8 Optimal Inversion Theory of Linear Operators and Linear Functionals Chapter 7 In front of the real school, all mortals are slag Chapter 6 Answer to a proof Chapter 5 On the importance of washing your face before the draw Chapter 4 Others brush my question, brush the book Chapter 3 Real Xueba never does nothing Chapter 2 The life of Xueba does not need to be explained Chapter 1 Shock! The work of 100,000 a year is actually...

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