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The edge of the Jinling High-Tech Park, the Space Shuttle Assembly Center.


This factory, which is under the responsibility of the troops, can be said to be the safest and highest security level in the entire park.


From the Xiangrui to the Yongqiao, 90% of the spacecraft to and from the Earth and Moon system are the final assembly completed from here, and sent to the space launch center not far from here to send the low-Earth orbit.


If Jinling has gradually become the heart of China's space industry because of the existence of Star Technology and the arrival of a series of space companies such as Hangke Space Group, then here is the marrow of hematopoiesis.


Standing at the door of the No. 1 building in the assembly center, two engineers with helmets looked at the workers and machinery that were not far from unloading, and chatted without a ride.


"There are a lot of big tigers who have recently lost their horses. When I was eating yesterday, I listened to Lao Wang and they brag. It is said that even the deputy head of the Jinling High-tech Industrial Park Development Zone has been investigated."


"The grandson of the sun?"


"Not so, not who he can be. It is said that when the criminal police took people to his home, he found two gold bars of suitcases."


The slightly younger engineer licked his tongue and was a little unimaginable.


How much gold can two suitcases hold?


Anyway, switching to rmb, this is already the number he can't earn in his post.


"My day, a district chief can fish so much."


"This is only found at home. It is said that his plot is still serious. It is not a general acceptance of bribes. It is also related to foreign forces."


Said, the old engineer sighed and shook his head.


"Who can think of this? It’s also timely to find the problem. If you climbed to the position of the mayor, you still have it."


During the talk, the goods on the car have been unloaded. With the help of automated logistics vehicles, red and brown containers were transported inside the factory.


And then, not far away, a truck came over, waiting for the workers at the unloading point to continue the previous operation, sending a box of goods to the factory.


Squinting at the trucks lined up in the garage not far away, the slightly young engineer continued.


"You said that the vehicles in our original car have been a bit frequent recently."


Old engineer: "Not quite sure, it is said that there are big projects."


The young engineer glanced at him.


"Do you think it will be a project?"


The master tilted the young engineer and glanced at him.


"Ask so much cognac, do you want to earn dollars?"


"This, this is not curiosity..."


"Don't you know what you know, the people who have been in trouble recently have been guilty, talk less, do more things. Work hard, don't temper here."


The young man's shoulder was photographed. The old engineer buckled the strap of the helmet and turned to walk inside the factory.


Behind the old engineer, the young man who was inexplicably unable to speak was snoring and buckled the helmet.


"...It’s really inexplicable, just ask a question, as for the reaction.”


At the end of the noon break, the engineers in the No. 1 factory have returned to work.


On the other side of the building, next to a huge steel bracket, a group of experts wearing helmets stood there early in the morning, as if they had never left.


"...This is the latest shield machine we produce. The main material is titanium alloy. The total weight after assembly is only 50 tons. It is suitable for low gravity environment. It can be excavated at a depth of 20 meters at the maximum thickness of the lunar soil. The tunnel of the child collider is dug with this thing."


At the moment, standing next to Lu Zhou is an old engineer about 50 years old. The name written on the badge is Chen Yongliang, and the position is deputy manager and technical supervisor.


Judging from his work clothes, he is not a space shuttle assembly center, but a subsidiary of the China Railway Group.


The words aerospace and railway don’t seem to match the boundaries, but in fact this is a thing of the past.


Since the launch of the Lunar Hadron Collider project, the China Railway Group has followed the footsteps of Star Technology from the ground to the high-speed rail and magnetic levitation orbital project.


The acceleration track, which is hundreds of kilometers in length and distributed along the inner side of the crater, is a masterpiece of the joint efforts of numerous engineers and researchers of the China Railway Group and the Aerospace Group.


At the moment, this shield machine placed in front of Lu Zhou is also one of the by-products of this accelerator project.


The body is made of lightweight titanium alloy, and its modular design allows it to be assembled with its own power without the help of large engineering equipment such as cranes.


Generally, the shield machine built with steel material has a weight of fifty or sixty, and the front shield, the middle shield and the tail shield are easily removed. The large shield machine The weight is only in its early fifties.


It is no wonder that the face of Chen Gong’s face showed a proud expression.


As the only company in the world that has the ability to build a track on the moon, in a sense they have stood in the times.


After listening to the introduction of Chen Gong, Lu Zhou finally asked the second question he was most concerned about.


"How much is the quote?"


Chen Yongliang: "60 million!"


"It's a bit expensive."


Seeing the chief designer shaking his head, Chen Gong explained quickly.


"It's not too expensive. It's just the titanium alloy skeleton. It costs tens of millions, not to mention other technologies."


Lu Zhou did not speak and did not make any representations.


He is the chief designer, the purchase of this piece does not require him to worry, expensive and naturally have a quote to the person to evaluate, he just talked by feeling.


Looking at this equipment for a long time, the general manager of the Huatie Group subsidiary, who had been talking to him, was beginning to play drums. When hesitated to say something, Lu Zhou suddenly said.


"I plan to build an electromagnetic track on the moon."


Chen Yongliang stunned slightly.


"...How long?"


"Full length 20 to 40 kilometers."


"Standard? What about the collider?"


"There is still some difference with the collider. At least it should be wider and the speed limit should be higher." Lu Zhou smiled and looked at the steel skeleton in front of him and blinked his eyes. He continued, "I need it." Can accelerate the quality of 50 tons to 2.5km/s in 2 minutes... can I do it?"


Upon hearing Lu’s request, the engineer’s face showed a strange expression, and he took a sigh of cold air and said.


"Oh... you really gave us a problem. It’s asking us not to say it, I’m afraid no one in the world can do it."


2.5 kilometers per second, which has exceeded the escape speed of the moon. Is this intended to directly launch the goods onto the earth-moon transfer orbit?


"If someone in this world can do it, I will not come to you," said Chen Gong, who made a joke. Lu Zhou continued, "The Jinling Institute of Advanced Studies intends to set up a special research team. To design this lunar surface mass projector, the goal is to directly project the minerals mined on the lunar surface to the entrance of the low orbit, or even the Earth's orbit. Whether it is finished in space or directly transported back to Earth, this is quite necessary."


"At present, we have applied for the special funds of the country. The initial budget is 10 billion. If the situation is optimistic, the follow-up will continue to be added. You are also the top domestic company in the two fields of magnetic levitation technology and electromagnetic acceleration technology, especially in the field. At the application level, I don't know if you are interested."


Chen Gong did not speak, and the general manager who stood by Lu Zhou and waited for the opportunity to intervene, quickly took the call and said.


"I am willing! Of course I am willing! Haha, I am afraid that such a request will be rejected by everyone. It is our pleasure to cooperate with Jinling Institute of Higher Education!"


Lu Zhou smiled and politely bowed his head.


"It is also our pleasure."


Listening to the conversation between the two big sisters, Chen Gong licked his tongue.


It was really guessed by him.


This academician of the land is really planning to build an "electromagnetic cannon" to shoot things on the moon directly onto the earth.


Is it really possible to achieve this?


Although he is skeptical, he is not good at saying anything. After all, what the big man decided to do, so far, no matter how exaggerated it sounds, has become a reality.


Thinking of this, Chen Yongliang could not help but sigh in his heart.


Perhaps this is the person standing on the shoulders of the times.


One hundred years later, perhaps no one will remember that a subsidiary of the China Railway Group has a technical supervisor named Chen, but will certainly remember that the big hand wave will not become a possible name.


Looking at the back of a group of people walking around the office, Chen Yongliang can't help but admire...




Throughout the morning, I was accompanied by people from the Huatie Group, watching them assemble and demonstrate the latest lunar shield machine. Lu Zhou did not have time to eat lunch.


After returning to the office, Lu Zhou took the box lunch from the canteen from Wang Peng. He picked up the chopsticks and cleaned them three times and five times. Afterwards, they did not forget to have a full meal.


"The next time I remember to bring me a bottle of Coke, I don’t want to drink anything, I always feel flustered."


When I heard this sentence, Wang Peng could not help but reveal a bitter smile.


“Can't you eat healthy food?”


I felt the paper towel wipe the mouth cleanly, and Lu Zhou did not care.


"Throw the smoke in your pocket and say this to me."


Wang Peng sighed and said.


"...I also hope that you can live a healthy and long-lasting life. For people like us, it is enough to live six or seventy years old. It is almost the same as smoking."


"I don't like this sentence, life is the same."


Wang Peng shrugged his shoulders and naturally wouldn't talk back to Lu Zhou, but he still made an unrecognizable expression.


Perhaps his own realm has not yet reached the height and spiritual realm of the academy, or in other words, it is too tacky, but no matter which angle he looks at, the words of the academician of the army are really idealized.


How can people and people be the same?


This kind of society is hard to imagine...

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