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The storm always comes suddenly.


Under the joint action of the Ministry of Public Security and the General Staff Department, a number of espionage organizations lurking in China were uprooted. A total of 67 unsent intelligence documents were intercepted and more than 200 pieces of leaked information were traced.


According to the list of confessions of suspects and the clues intercepted by the deciphering of espionage documents, almost all criminals from the high-level to the grassroots were arrested and brought to justice, and the officials involved were also dismissed.


Unlike other crimes, treason is always the most sensitive high-voltage line, and there is no room for compromise in front of this red line.


At the same time, the cia headquarters, which is far from the Pacific Ocean, was also passively involved in this Thunderstorm that swept through the whole of China, causing a slap in the air.


The arrests of intelligence personnel in other countries in China, whether it was launched or swift, were beyond the expectations of cia intelligence experts and senior decision makers.


They did not consider the possibility of leaking secrets, nor did they fail to prepare for the crisis emergency plan, but all of them seemed to have lost their effect at this moment.


This big net didn't know when it started, it was already on their neck, and even when this big net began to tighten, they didn't feel any abnormality at all.


They are not even sure at the moment whether the information they have received since this time was sent offline, or the chief of staff of the State of China deliberately showed them.


In any case, from the beginning of this fiasco, they have already been doomed to their defeat.


The losses caused by this have almost exceeded the total loss of cia's activities abroad in the past decade, and even comparable to the Waterloo that they encountered in Pig Bay that year.


And this is not the most deadly.


The most deadly thing is that even they don’t even know at the moment that they have made such a big scorpion, and they have spent a total of more than a decade deploying intelligence networks in China.


In short, in any case, things have already happened, and someone has to be responsible for it.


It is said that on the night of the incident, the president thundered in the White House, violently smacked the CIA director, and threw the investigation and evidence collection directly to their old rivals.


In the hands of fbi, their days are not so good.


In addition to the urgent withdrawal of those intelligence personnel deployed in the Asia-Pacific region that have not yet been seized, a major cleansing is also carried out inside the CIA.


First, the CIA director resigned, and then more than 20 high-ranking officials were suspended, and fbi was responsible for the investigation and investigation.


However, no one would have thought that it was not because of any traitors.


Exposing the information and whereabouts of their intelligence personnel is not a ghost at all, just a small box with a big palm.


In front of it, there is no secret at all.


Not to mention just a few spies in the area...




Just as North America’s intelligence system in the Asia-Pacific region was almost paralyzed, the real “behind-the-scenes” of this series of chain reactions – the academician Lu, was still unaware of it.


He didn't even know his invention, and he actually became such a powerful thing.


The letter to go to the small box is Chang'an Street. The eyesight is to take research and help him solve the secret patent. However, Lu Zhou would not have expected that the small toy he had made had just been sent to Chang’an Street, and his foot was used by the National Security Bureau, which is engaged in counter-espionage work.


However, for one of his scholars, there is really no need to know so much.


Some things know more than a burden, not telling him that it is not for protection purposes.


For at least 50 years, the story behind this action will be stored in the archives as a top-secret document. It is impossible for others to know the truth behind this Thunder action except for the people who issued the order and the specific implementation of the order.


After all, with the narrow heart of cia and the urgency of vengeance, if you know who this is, I am afraid that the mind of the plane will be there.


But then again, even without these things, some people may not want Lu Zhou to live...


In the security field, quantum computers have demonstrated their horrible power.


Although not many people know that this fear will change the strategic balance of the entire Asia-Pacific region is caused by it, but because the central government has been blowing up some time ago, the relevant research units are still actively or passively studying An encryption algorithm for restraining quantum computer technology.


Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


As the top research institution in the field of information security in China, a group of big bulls who are not afraid to guess their strong identity are sitting at the conference table and discussing.


Some time ago they received an order from Chang'an Street.


According to reliable sources, the US Pentagon is studying the application of quantum computer technology to intelligence gathering. Beijing hopes that they can develop an encryption algorithm to deal with cyber attacks initiated by quantum computers with more than 1000 qubits.


In fact, this requirement sounds strange, because now the highest quantum computer technology has only achieved 100 qubits, no matter how much more than 1000 qubits are considered, it is a bit too worrying.


But in any case, from the point of view of the central government and the funds allocated, this task is not like a joke. Almost half of the big cattle in the field of cryptography were gathered in this conference room of less than 50 square meters, and everyone signed a confidentiality agreement before coming in...


"Today is the fifth meeting," looked at everyone in front of the conference table. Academician Xue Jinhui continued to say with serious expression. "I hope everyone can brainstorm and put forward some constructive opinions."


Academician Xue Jinhui is not a small one. He is not only the deputy director of the Institute of Information Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but also participated in the development of the Quantum Key Distribution (qkd) protocol.


The qkd protocol is also true, the first quantum encryption algorithm independently developed by the Chinese research team. It is for this reason that he will be selected as the academic leader of the entire project.


The voice of the discussion spread in the conference room.


The big cows in the cryptography circle are facing each other and exchange their eyes for headaches and helplessness.


As Academician Xue said, this is already the fifth meeting, but apart from the old things, they really don't know what else to communicate.


1000 qubits of quantum computer-generated cyber attacks...


It is better to be stared by the power of this "alien level" or simply lie down. This kind of technical generation is not a problem that can be solved by several meetings.


In addition to giving up resistance, they can only think of the inefficient communication means of "one time and one secret", or the era of "reporting letters" can truly fight against this kind of cracking.


"The lwe program is too inefficient, the soliloquy solution is not safe enough, the quantum communication conditions are too harsh, and the point-to-point communication is no problem. The distance of more than 100 kilometers can be directly excluded, unless we can give everyone a Taiwanese satellite. The key... Hey, this leader really gave us a problem."


Shaking the cigarette caught on the finger, a gray-haired old man took a sip, and the wrinkles on his face were squeezed together.


Another middle-aged man sitting next to him showed a slight disappointment on his face. It seemed that he couldn't stand the smell of smoke, but he didn't say anything, just coughed and said softly.


"If you can get the academician of the army into the project team, it is good. The cryptography is really a mathematician's specialty."


This sentence has just fallen, and many people have turned their attention to the academician Wang Shicheng who sits at the corner of the table.


Wang Shicheng, an academician who was watched by so many people and almost started to doze off, looked at him with a wink.


"What are you looking at me?"


An academician sitting next to him coughed.


"This is not counting on your Yanda Math Center to come up with ideas."


"Don't look for me," Wang Shicheng put it down. "This stuff is no longer a category of mathematics. You should go to study physics."


I heard that the big cows in the Chinese mathematics world have said this, and many people have a smile on their faces. Especially Xue Xueshi, there is still some embarrassment in the smile.


A young professor who sat next to him and never spoke up suddenly spoke up.


"Speaking, Dr. Lu is now mainly responsible for the work of imcrc? It seems to be studying... boat particles?"


The professor sitting opposite nodded.


"z particle, I have heard of it. I have read it specifically several times. The characteristics of the z particle are a bit interesting. It will not exist for a while. When it does not exist, you can see it on other axes of high dimensional space. I don't see it, only a tail is exposed when I exist... Hey, you said, is it possible to use this z particle for communication?"


"I don't understand... but if you say this, it seems that there is really something interesting, or do we consult the academician of the lower land?"


The topic has developed here, and it has completely gone wrong.


A heavy cough screamed and interrupted the conference table that began to get busy. Xue Academician looked at the scholars who stopped talking and said.


"Well, don't move to think of the academician of the army. The central government must trust our ability to hand over this task to us. As for the academician, he has his things to deal with, we can't do anything. Rely on him to do it."


After a pause, he continued, "And, we are not talking about communication, but how to add a lock to our information, don't go off the subject!"


The topic with awkwardness was returned by the Xue Academician in a few words.


However, what is embarrassing is that after the topic returned to the right track, the entire conference room was re-entered into the initial silence, and no one spoke.


Just then, the door suddenly sounded knocking at the door, breaking the embarrassment in the conference room.


As if it was saved, Academician Xue quickly said.


"Please come in."


The door was pushed open.


I saw his young assistant, holding a stack of documents in his hand, and hurriedly walked in.


Looking at the documents sent to him, Xue Academician gave a slight sigh, and asked subconsciously.


"this is?"


"There is the latest news from the central side..."


Looking at the expression on the face of Xue’s face, the young assistant swallowed and looked a little embarrassed. “The project of quantum encryption algorithm... was cancelled.”


Originally silent meeting room.


It’s been alive...

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