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Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

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Novel Summary

After suffering from a heat stroke while working under the scorching heat of summer, Lu Zhou, a hardworking but poor university student, somehow becomes the owner of an advanced technological system. With the cheat given by the system, his university life changes overnight.

A Master’s degree? Easy.

PhD? Not a problem.

From a nobody, he quickly becomes a huge celebrity in the world of science. With the missions given by the system, he is on his way to winning a Nobel Prize.

“System, can points be exchanged for money?”


“F**k, what use are you then!?”

“This system will make you the ultimate scholar, the kind that lords over all of humanity. What use will money be to you?”

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:SATS
Original Title:学霸的黑科技系统
Author:Morning Star LL
Type:Web Novel
Genre:School Life, Sci-fi, Slice of Life
Weekly Rank:#13
Monthly Rank:#30
All Time Rank:#75
Tags:Average-looking Protagonist, Cheats, College/University, Determined Protagonist, Eidetic Memory, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Genius Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Library, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Modern Knowledge, Nationalism, Poor Protagonist, Racism, System Administrator,

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