Tang Qing took a big step and yelled, "I have some friendship with some of you. If you want to survive, if you want to survive, give me away, what to do and what to do, otherwise, no wonder I'm ruthless!"

There were only five people left, one was the King of Thousands of Photography, one was Princess Wu, one was Mu Mu, one was Hong De, one was the ancient Yun family, and the others did not move. m * /. // *

"Is Ba Jie San Xian? Somewhat interesting." The emperor stepped forward and instructed, "I will meet him when you come, and clear these people away."

call out--

The battle flared.

The emperor and Tang Qing fought together fiercely, and there were several violent sounds in a row. For a moment, the two played against each other. No one could see the two's moves. The speed was too fast. However, the emperor ’s Looks like, he doesn't seem to be jealous of Tang Qing's Bajie Sanxian. Indeed, based on his affairs, he won't put an Bajie Sanxian in his eyes. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that Tang Qing is not just Bajia. It is Jiujia, and it is by no means a simple Jiuzai Sanxian.

With a bang, a person fell from the void and turned out to be the emperor.

No one knows how the imperial emperor, who was the only one who could not be honored, was labeled like this in an instant?

"He!" The embarrassed emperor, the emperor covered in blood, fell to the ground, pointing at Tang Qing in the void, with a horrified face, and just uttering a word, vomiting blood, the four saints immediately guarded him At the same time, thirty-six true immortals attacked Tang Qing at the same time.

Tang Qing fell at a rapid speed, offering sacrifices to the sky, treasures of the earth, dragons and tigers, untouched kings, reincarnation of heaven, all achievements blooming together.

Wow! ——

Chain sound, 链 ——

I saw a huge black mist. The dark mist resembles a human body, wrapped in nine chains.


Thirty-six true immortal roots are not their opponents. Tang Qing's achievements are fully open, and Jiu Jiuyuan is sacrificed. The magical powers are soaring, the ghosts and gods are sobbing, and one punch is hit, and then one true immortal is destroyed by his ashes. (Please use our Pinyin domain name to access us.)

kill! kill! kill!

Tang Qing growled, waving his arms. "Three thousand leaders, the wrath of the avenue, the chaos opening, the world turning, destroy me!"

Black and white brilliance blooms and staggers. Thirty-six true immortals were torn apart like a tornado.

Seeing this scene, the people on the other side dared to do anything, one by one, like lambs to be slaughtered.

"He ... he owns ... possesses great evil ... quick! Quick notice nine days!" The emperor said hardly, after the four immortals heard the evil, the whole face was distorted. Others may not know what a great evil is, but as a guardian of the sanctuary. They knew everything, and knew deeply that the great evil existed like the great light.

However, the great evil passed down in the ancient times to the last generation has disappeared!

how come!

do not know. It's not clear, and it's too late to think about it, because Tang Qing has already appeared beside them.

The four stood up and did not dare to shoot. Run away, just about to move. Tang Qing flashed a dim light all over his body.

All of a sudden, everyone was caught in a horrible sight.

There is no sky or land here, all bones!

This ... This is ... This is Jiuyou!

This is Jiuyou Abi Hell!

Suddenly, the nine spectacle disappeared.

When Yunmo, Long Xi, and others looked around, the emperor and the four guardian saints had disappeared, leaving only five bones, not just them, the eight major suzerains, the four major lords, the five patriarchs, the temple, the priesthood, etc. The gangsters turned into piles of white bones, and Tang Qing's whole body was shrouded in a mist of fog, which was a soul.

He ... he even built his own soul into Jiuyou Abi Hell.

The old monarch guarding around the light and the look of Lu Tianya were also very surprised. From the look, they also did not expect that Tang Qing not only repaired the Jiuzai Sanxian, but also the soul into the Jiuyou soul. Soon the old master secretly said in a bad voice. Because Tang Qing is Jiujia Sanxian, and Jiujiayuan was sacrificed again, he will definitely be punished. Moreover, Tang Qing's body has too many anti-chief achievements, earth treasure body, immovable king, and Abi Hell. Once The day punishment is coming, it will be impossible to imagine!


Sure enough, an eye of heaven punishment appeared in the void, and the light of heaven punishment immediately shrouded Tang Qing, and then, another eye of heaven punishment, one after another, ten, appeared eighty-one.

These days of punishment are ninety-nine return to one. ,

At that time, the Lord of Light was severely injured by this stuff.

A thing that even the Lord of Light is afraid of, isn't Tang Qing ...

"Supreme, fast! You have a great evil in your body, quickly absorb this light fragment, the light fragment has infinite vitality, which can help you!" The old lord ruled whether Tang Qing could survive this calamity, and what he could do was also Only that.

Tang Qing nodded, opened his mouth and swallowed, and exhibited the way of devouring to inhale the light.

Then he jumped up and said, "Old Sovereign, Master, take care of you!"

Eighty-one natural punishments broke out at the same time.

boom! Bang!

The blazing light stabbed people who could not open their eyes, and the people who were violently stunned were dizzy, and even masters such as the old sovereign and Lu Tianya were not spared. Someone was fainted by the quake, and then one by one was stunned. Finally, all the people in the sanctuary were stunned, and everyone lost consciousness.

I don't know how long it has been, no one really knows how long it has passed, and gradually some people start to wake up.

Above the sky, there are thousands of clear skies.

The chaos day punishment disappeared.

And what about him?

What about that Tang Qing, that Supreme Master Tang, and that vagrant?

Is he dead?


Because even the Lord of Light was severely injured by the Chaos Heavenly Penalty, what could Tang Qing do?

However, if you think about it, Tang Qing has achieved the first person in the earth with only 20 years of perfection. He has trained up to the solstice of the solstice. Robbing the source, the spirit is Jiuyou Abi hell, his achievements are unique, all are magical existence.

It is no exaggeration to say that Tang Qing is a miracle, who dares to say that he will not create a miracle under the punishment of the Great Chaos?

I do n’t know, and no one knows.

A mystery about his life and death ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ don't even know the old lord.

Just a strange thing happened in the sanctuary in the second year. On that day, the sun did not rise as usual, but a rainbow appeared in the East. The characteristics of the six figures inferred the identity of the six women, Xie Tianyi, Yan Wunian, Gu Yan, Yun Mo, Shangguan Ling, and Long Xi.

However, it is said that when the rainbow appeared, a seventh woman rushed over, but when the last woman rushed over, the rainbow had disappeared.

Subsequently, the woman would stand in the East every eighty-one years, repeating the same sentence.

"Tang Qing! Where are you? Why not bring me!"

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