Scattered Immortal

As a Rogue Immortal, Tang Qing felt that the pressure on him was very big because you will never know when the next Heavenly Tribulation will descend upon you. Also, you will never know just how many Heavenly Tribulations you would have to overcome to finally come to the end of t.... Read more

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~ Great Chaos Trial Penalty Chapter 377 Against Chapter 376 Lao Tzu is Supreme Master Tang

Chapter 375 Ancient Chapter 374 Before the storm Chapter 373 Spike Chapter 372 Nothing, just miss you Chapter 371 Tianyuan terminates, I'm going to find my own Chapter 370 Celestial Ceremony Chapter 369 Too loveless Chapter 368 Religion Chapter 367 Funeral

Chapter 366 inherited Chapter 365 Weird helper Chapter 364 Suppress

Chapter 363 Tai Chi Chapter 362 Howling Moon Chapter 361 Eliminate Chapter 360 Fortune compass Chapter 359 All wolves, what sheep? Chapter 358 Who dares Chapter 357 Speculate Chapter 356 Jingtao decides Chapter 355 Wen Xiaobing

Chapter 354 Baume & Mercier Chapter 353 Scarlet Sun Chapter 352 What a coincidence Chapter 351 0 Hand Guanyin Chapter 350 Taixuzong 20,000 disciples Chapter 349 0 Charming Fox Chapter 348 Violent Chapter 366 inherited Chapter 365 Weird helper Chapter 364 Suppress Chapter 363 Tai Chi Chapter 362 Howling Moon

Chapter 361 Eliminate Chapter 360 Fortune compass Chapter 359 All wolves, what sheep? Chapter 358 Who dares Chapter 357 Speculate Chapter 356 Jingtao decides Chapter 355 Wen Xiaobing Chapter 354 Celebrity Gathering Chapter 353 Scarlet Sun Chapter 352 What a coincidence Chapter 351 0 Hand Guanyin Chapter 350 Taixuzong 20,000 disciples

Chapter 349 0 Charming Fox Chapter 348 Violent Chapter 347 Guardian, Donghua Swordmaster! Chapter 346 Killing, wild wind, blood-stained sacrifice yellow sand! Chapter 345 kill! Chapter 344 Antiquity Chapter 343 Roar Su Daxi Chapter 342 Don't be nervous, i won't kill you Chapter 341 Break Chapter 340 Many mice Chapter 339 Lonely Yitian Road Chapter 338 Chaos in the Sun Valley

Chapter 337 Avenue first Chapter 336 9-color residual sun, broken void Chapter 335 Simple and crazy battle 1 Chapter 334 Reincarnation Chapter 333 Nature's flames that break the rules of nature Chapter 332 Great absorption! Chapter 331 Ancient Forbidden Land Chapter 330 Tombstone Chapter 329 Join forces Chapter 328 Taoist, please stay Chapter 327 2 dumb friends Chapter 326 Iron Egg's Grievances

Chapter 325 The beginning of the unrest Chapter 324 Out of nature, outside the rules Chapter 323 Punishment of nature Chapter 322 Natural retrogression, the change of the heavens, shock the world Chapter 321 Daquan Chapter 320 Great Sin Chapter 319 Reincarnation Chapter 318 Lu Tianya Chapter 317 secret Chapter 316 Grandpa Chapter 315 The gods are unpredictable, the world is unknown Chapter 314 I am dead

Chapter 313 The evil nature of Gu Yan Chapter 312 Capricorn Chapter 311 Worship Chapter 310 Old cucumber with green paint Chapter 309 Bun Chapter 308 Depression of Shangguan Ling Chapter 307 marry me! Chapter 306 His 1 kneel, the world can't bear it! Chapter 305 Full firepower, great success Chapter 304 He is the Tang Qing of Tianqi County! Chapter 303 The power of the earth, scared paralyzed, scared kneeling, scared urine! Chapter 302 No no no no

Chapter 301 Cheap mouth, slap! Chapter 300 Anger and anger Chapter 299 You take me there, I will help you solve it! Chapter 298 You ca n’t find it, I ca n’t help it Chapter 297 Broke the news Chapter 296 ?? O Princess Chapter 295 ceremony Chapter 294 Amaneden Chapter 292 Ancient Chapter 291 Young **, regret now Chapter 290 Brother, let's have a snack! Chapter 289 Tang Wushang is an unscrupulous person!

Chapter 288 Ouch! Her Majesty! Chapter 287 Excited Tang Qing, Yun Mo Chapter 286 Grandfather Chapter 285 Unique town Chapter 284 Crashing Cloud Mo Chapter 283 A woman who knows what to say! Chapter 282 I want to beat you Chapter 281 Don't blame me if something goes wrong! Chapter 280 Xie Tianyuan Chapter 279 Tossing woman! Chapter 278 Murderous heart! Chapter 277 Trick you!

Chapter 276 Arrogant Bai Yunhua Chapter 275 You even forgot my look ... Chapter 274 Crazy Admirer, Lost Cloud Mo Chapter 273 All kinds of glory set Yunmo! Chapter 272 Fairy Drive Chapter 271 Tit-for-tat Chapter 269 Here comes a celebrity! Chapter 268 Qifeng Mountain Birthday Banquet Chapter 267 Leyi, an elegant practice Chapter 266 Will you give up if you give up? Chapter 265 Nature undressed him Chapter 264 Tang Qing's practice philosophy

Chapter 263 I've made him, I can't make him die, I've made you die Chapter 262 Don't move, he is the person i said Chapter 261 Domineering Black Wolf Ancestor Chapter 260 Qifeng Mountain came to rescue, the ancestor came. Chapter 259 Hit you bunny Chapter 258 My surname is Tang! Chapter 257 Confession, fear, fear! Chapter 256 Tour of Duyun Mountain Chapter 255 Help and humiliation! Chapter 254 Qifeng Mountain Chapter 253 Scared Chapter 252 Silent domineering, crashing black wolf

Chapter 251 Robbery while fire Chapter 250 Reception Chapter 249 You change your name early Chapter 248 act recklessly Chapter 247 coincidence Chapter 246 Your name is Tang Qing? Chapter 245 Fudo King Fudo! Chapter 244 Baby turned into god Chapter 243 Yunmo and Dragon Girl! Chapter 242 he died? Chapter 241 The day is coming! Chapter 240 Reject 1 cut, no interest is no interest!

Chapter 239 I can't afford justice! Chapter 238 Watch enough, get out of Lao Tzu! Chapter 237 Kill a temple halfway! Chapter 236 World 9 sect! Chapter 235 Advent Chapter 234 Excessive punishment Chapter 233 Who are you and who are you Chapter 232 If you don't help me, won't he live? Chapter 231 His omniscient Lord Chapter 230 Silent silence Chapter 229 Xiao Cangtian, laugh the world, laugh all beings. Chapter 228 Extinction

Chapter 226 Fight! Chapter 3 Right Chapter 224 He is the Tang Qing who made the earth! Chapter 223 The monstrous murderous, the anger is boundless! Chapter 222 Her sincerity Chapter 221 His power is beyond your imagination! Chapter 220 Eye of Saint Yao Chapter 2 Chapter 218 Square situation Chapter 217 Before the undercurrent, 4 moves Chapter 216 negotiation Chapter 215 2nd penalty, sound to the heart

Chapter 213 Earth treasure Chapter 212 Unparalleled Yuandan Chapter 211 Change Chapter 210 Promise Chapter 209 He is like Tang Qing who made the earth Chapter 208 Petrochemical Chapter 207 Temple Fall Pro Chapter 206 Steal a beam Chapter 204 Big gangster Tianqi County 3 Chapter 203 99 dragon and tiger heavenly atmosphere! Chapter 202 Can't shake is unable to shake! Nothing! Chapter 201 1 and violent! Violent again! 3 and violent!

Chapter 200 Killing Falcon Chapter 199 Lion head cricket, flame of anger Chapter 198 Each show Chapter 197 Crazy Battle Door Chapter 196 Break, 1 way to the end Chapter 195 No one is convinced, he is crazy, he is even crazy! Chapter 194 New record, No. 2 break Chapter 193 Test of will Chapter 192 Dragon Tiger Master Chapter 191 Talented people gather Chapter 190 Saints Champion, 6 Granville 1 Chapter 189 Saint martial arts situation

Chapter 188 Teasing in public Chapter 187 9-color game Chapter 186 The invitation of the county guard Chapter 184 He Lixuan Chapter 183 Holy martial arts opened Chapter 182 You are addicted to you! Chapter 182 In the end who attracts who-ask for a monthly pass! Chapter 179 Anyone who breaks in without permission will be killed without amnesty-the third is to ask for a monthly pass! Chapter 176 Unacceptable fault Chapter 175 Frost Prestige, Yi Waner's Wrath-Ask for a monthly pass! Chapter 172 Kill! ——The monthly ticket is urgent! Chapter 171 The suddenly disappearing Dragon Tiger Master-No. 5 is sent!

Chapter 170 The collapse of Yi Waner-ask for a monthly pass Chapter 169 Killer at your fingertips! Chapter 168 The spirit burns, the ashes of the flesh-the monthly ticket is urgent! Chapter 166 Standing here, sketching in the void)-4th more today! Chapter 165 Condensing the Frost)-the third more today, ask for a monthly pass Chapter 164 Shuiyunpa's resource treasure is protected by me Chapter 163 Do you believe me? Chapter 162 Array Chapter 161 Resource treasure Chapter 160 Let me sponsor him Chapter 159 Tianshui Manor Chapter 158 Big monopoly

Chapter 157 Yuan 9 leaves Chapter 156 1 pot of cold water worth 100,000 Chapter 155 blackmail Chapter 154 Big style Chapter 153 Deep cement pool Chapter 152 Both fall Chapter 151 Sister can help him breathe or let him vomit Chapter 149 Who framed who Chapter 147 Naked shame-ask for a monthly pass! Chapter 147 Sky eye Chapter 146 Do you still have personality? Chapter 145 Templar Titan

Chapter 144 Comes from Rune Tower and Jinwu Chamber of Commerce Chapter 141 Today I will give you a whole corpse-ask for a monthly pass! Chapter 140 Thundercloud Storm Chapter 138 Raise your hand for Thunder, 3 feet of blood splash Chapter 137 Murder in laughter Chapter 137 Siege Chapter 132 Red swallow preparing an abacus Chapter 131 10 poles Chapter 130 Passionate Chapter 129 Each with thoughts Chapter 128 The enchanting red swallow--the fourth more today Chapter 127 Ghost fairy

Chapter 126 Lei Yuanyuan Chapter 125 Undercurrent Chapter 124 2 legendary stories-2nd monthly ticket Chapter 123 1 taboo and 1 curse-monthly ticket urgent Chapter 122 Frost of the Valley Chapter 121 The thoughts of Tu 8 Chapter 120 Big slap, big mudra. Chapter 119 Dressed in gold armor, covered with thousands of thunderbolts-ask for a monthly pass! Chapter 118 Sell ​​reputation Chapter 117 Senior abbots, robbed the seeds of fire Chapter 115 Scramble for baby Chapter 114 Sniffing

Chapter 113 Water Cloud Pie Chapter 111 No delusion? That's a bird feather! Chapter 110 Retrograde Chapter 109 Tu 8 grievances-4th more today! Chapter 108 Master Longhu Tianshi University-3rd today Chapter 106 1 sword and 3 powers-today's 1st more monthly pass! Chapter 105 Old school Chapter 104 Who is a fool Chapter 103 County Tour Chapter 102 Move the world! Chapter 101 Deserts and Ruins-The 3rd Monthly Pass! Chapter 99 Scourge strikes

Chapter 97 Cao Liqun's choice, the temple came, the Promise sent someone! --begging… Chapter 96 Cao Liqun, come here to die! -Monthly pass! Chapter 94 Holy Trial Judgment-3rd more! Chapter 93 Shangguan Qixue laughed-2 more votes! !! Chapter 92 Promise Hall)-No. 1 today! Crazy for monthly tickets! Chapter 90 Peerless Genius, Supreme Supreme! Chapter 89 Killing Heart)-4th today, ask for monthly pass! Chapter 88 I want to kill, and the world is afraid to save! —— Ask for a monthly ticket! Chapter 87 Flying Dragon! Tigers crack the ground! Chapter 86 1 cut with me! —— Ask for a monthly ticket! Chapter 85 Uncle wants to grab a kiss Chapter 84 Happy events of the Wei family

Chapter 83 Biyi Farewell Chapter 82 Re-enter the sea Chapter 81 You know how big the world is Chapter 80 Let ’s sing and sing together! ——Recommended Chapter 79 You dare to move 1 time, I want your life Chapter 78 Confrontation Chapter 77 Brothers, open his scoop! ——Recommended Chapter 76 Dragon Tiger Roar! Chapter 75 Distorted ancient tower master-ask for a recommendation ticket! Chapter 74 past! Chapter 73 Try to recommend the ticket! Chapter 72 Stealing chicken doesn't make rice!

Chapter 71 Little monster Chapter 70 Frightened! Chapter 69 I've been killing one, I didn't even let myself go Chapter 68 Crush! Chapter 67 I sit in the village, one round at a time, asking for a recommendation! Chapter 66 gambling Chapter 65 Easy market Chapter 64 Refuse! Chapter 63 Arrested! Chapter 62 Where to stay cool! Chapter 61 Humble Guanming! Chapter 60 Chief disciple!

Chapter 59 Endgame! Chapter 58 My name is Tang Qing! -Ask for a recommendation ticket! Chapter 57 Attacked! -Ask for a ticket! Chapter 56 Dark movement Chapter 55 Heart Slayer-Ask for a Ticket! Chapter 54 Promise of the Promise, Master of Demon Chapter 53 Promise, earthly waste! Chapter 52 Begging! Chapter 51 Smoky, chains, fear Chapter 51 Tang Qing's choice Chapter 49 Let it be! Chapter 48 Tang Qing's surprise, the second source!

Chapter 47 presumptuous! Don't be rude! Chapter 46 benefactor! Chapter 45 Know the sea! )-Ask for a recommendation ticket! Chapter 44 Fairy Changes)-Ask for a recommendation! !! Chapter 43 Directly explode)-ask for a recommendation ticket! Chapter 42 Let me see clearly! Chapter 41 Who is it! -Ask for a recommendation ticket! !! !! Chapter 40 The villain wins his will, and manages the waste of Yundong Chapter 39 Vision born, treasure withdrawal Chapter 38 1 confident, 1 hopeless, 1 accidental Chapter 37 Fight again-ask for a ticket! Chapter 36 Fatty identity

Chapter 35 Teasing Shangguan Qixue! Chapter 34 Shangguan Qixue is coming! -Ask for a ticket! !! Chapter 33 You can take your skull with your finger! Chapter 32 Tang Qing, bloodthirsty, kill! Chapter 31 Battle here Chapter 30 The disciples gathered outside, pointing at Tang Qing! Chapter 29 I care who his dad loves Chapter 28 Heavy Rain Rune Chapter 27 Then you kneel! Chapter 26 Tianyao array of towers! Chapter 25 Conspiracy and Tower Chapter 24 You are a bun!

Chapter 23 surge Chapter 22 5 bases? That's a fart! Chapter 21 He's uninhibited, rampant and lunatic Chapter 20 Shock from Biyi! Chapter 19 Tang Qing's 1 Slap! Chapter 18 Elder benefactor Chapter 17 The elder's doubt Chapter 16 Pulp washing Chapter 15 argue Chapter 14 Inside event Chapter 13 Cute fat Chapter 12 Shutan's days spent in pretend death

Chapter 11 Aunt's growl Chapter 10 Jade Gate Chapter 9 The identity of Shangguan Ling Chapter 8 2 women's decision! Chapter 7 Constantly Apocalyptic Chapter 6 Sealed evil curse! Chapter 5 Ambiguous between women Chapter 4 Is he really just a magic stick? Chapter 3 The fairy Chapter 2 Witch Shangguan Ling Chapter 1 Sanxian crawling out of the ground

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