The thunder sounded and the ground trembled. m

Such as sky fall, like ground fissure.

With this roar of Tang Qing, the Capricorn trembled, and the entire sanctuary of the tremor was shaking, and everyone in the sanctuary of the tremor was stunned.

what did he say?

Is he Supreme Master Tang?

He is the one mind, one stage, three steps and one breakthrough, five days and one realm, one achievement in July, one pointing into the rotten tree, one word crossing the demon into a demon, a book leading to heaven, one destiny, one shocking sky, The perfect absolute genius of Tao Po Tianji was repaired in just 20 years!

Many people witnessed his failure in the robbery that year, how could he ...

In the rear stands, Yunmo and Long Xi are like statues. They could not think of this Tang Qing anyway ... This guy even had the supremacy of Tang Wuxian, who was more than a hundred years ago, and so on! When Yun Mo suddenly remembered something, Shi Hai immediately fell into chaos, because she suddenly realized that the reason that her master Xie Tianyi would become what it is now is precisely because one made Master respect and hate the extreme. Caused by people, and that person is Supreme Supreme Tang!


Yunmo collapsed.

Compared with Yun Mo, Yi Wan'er looks more offbeat. She is trembling, excited and complicated. She is excited because he didn't expect that Tang Qing, the guy he admires, is supreme Tang. She is complicated because She knew that Shizun Yan Wunian seemed to ... have a leg with Tang Wu Supreme.


Yi Waner also collapsed!

With a click, Tang Qing suddenly pulled, Song Qing's head was pulled down from his body directly.

Turning around, he looked at the hundreds of celebrities from the Eight Major Sects and the Four Major Leagues on the opposite side of the ladder, and said, "Who moved the hand just now."

Everyone knows Tang Qing. Oh no! Supreme Master Tang is going to take revenge for the ancient concubine!

In the face of a person who has had a full rest in only 20 years, a dead and alive person, and a guy who understands the truth, none of the hundreds of monks on the other side dare to speak, even if it is Li Yuanbai Also staring at the man in front of him.


Tang Qing opened his eyes in anger, roared loudly, his blood burst, and the void was like the sea and waves. More like waves of blood, whistling and moving.


Soaring killings spread and shrouded.

"Not to mention that I have to die for Lao Tzu today!"

Tang Qing drank, bang! boom! boom! Bang ~! boom! Hundreds of celebrities were bleeding from the quake and falling down one by one. After violent death, only a dozen or so people remained, including Li Yuanbai, Zhan Hong, Feng Jun, Mu Mu, Qin Yan, and others.

Tang Qing's weirdness and powerfulness made Li Yuanbai frightened, hesitated, and quickly retreated. Retreat to the high platform, and so do others.

At this time, both the eight lords, the lords of the four major alliances, the patriarchs of the six major families, and the lords of the temple, sect, and sacred temple all stood up, the eight sage kings. The twelve saints also stood up.

Tang Qing jumped up, stepped on the ladder, the first floor, the second floor ... straight into the clouds. Blink to the last floor.

As soon as he raised his hand, the palm of his hand flashed black and white. With a loud bang, the staircase broke apart! !!


What does this mean!

With this one hand alone, everyone in the field was afraid to develop ideas.

Because the existence of this guy is really beyond their understanding.

In the void, Tang Qing slumped, looking at the emperor and others, saying, "Call the ancestors you worship!"

The Eight Sovereigns and the Four Allies looked at each other and immediately crushed the rune in their hands. They had notified the ancestors worshipped in the sect.

It is said that ancestors are worshipped in major leagues, and these ancestors are all immortals. Is it true?

Everyone has heard of it, but has never seen it with their own eyes.

But soon, a strong coercion came along, and an old man appeared quietly on the high platform. The old man looked kind and eye-catching, and had white hair and a simple robe.


This must be the fairy.

The crowd never saw the immortal, but they recognized it at a glance, because the breath of the person was too powerful, and the feeling was completely a kind of suppression from the origin. The crowd only felt in front of this person, and they were just an ant. ,Correct! That's the feeling.

"The juniors met Hong De Shangxian."

The eight patriarchs, the four major leagues, the six patriarchs, and the temple and the priests all met, and they all knew that the old man was a very prestigious ancestor in the sanctuary.

As time passed by, light and shadows appeared from time to time in the field. One after another, the ancestors appeared, and there were more than one hundred, that is, more than one hundred immortals stood here.

This is a fairy!

"This man, Tang, wanted to destroy the ancient funeral plan and asked his ancestors to ..."

Haotian Sovereign said something about it, more than a hundred ancestors looked at Tang Qing, and more than a dozen of them looked at Tang Qing. The more they looked, the more they became confused, and they gradually looked dignified. Road.

"It's you!"


No one knows why the ancestor looked and looked at Tang Qing with such a look and tone.

"What? Hund, don't you even know me?"

In the void, Tang Qing stayed high and looked at more than a hundred ancestors.

Surprisingly, Hunde was startled and his expression was very complicated.

What is going on, can it be said that the ancestors of Hong De knew Tang Qing?

There are more than a dozen ancestors on the court with the same expressions as Hong De, all of them are surprised, complicated and helpless.

Several ancestors wanted to try Tang Qing's cultivation, but they were stopped by Hong De!

"Brother Hong, why are you doing this?"

Hund did not respond to him, but turned around, looking at the emperor who was still sitting in the chair, and said, "I am not his opponent, and I invite the emperor to invite you to come."

This remark was like a thunderstorm on a sunny day, and people couldn't believe their ears.

What is not his opponent.

You are all immortals. You have magical magical tricks, and there are more than a hundred of them. They say that they are not Tang Qing's opponents. Even if this guy is Supreme Master Tang, even if this guy has supernatural understanding, even if he cultivates Weird. But after all, you are more than a hundred immortals, how can you defeat such a guy who is not even an immortal?

The emperor remained indifferent from beginning to end, just looking at Tang Qing.

And Haotian Sovereign and others asked in horror, "Senior Hong De, you ... what do you mean?"

"He is a vagrant!"


Hong De's voice was not loud, but it sounded in the crowd's ears like Tian Honghong.

No delusion?

Without the name of a vain dweller, the name moves the world, who does not know the world, the **** of nine days. Tu Jiuyou's demon made the demon scared. No one knew who he was, and no one knew what he was doing. Few people had seen him. The world only knows that this man is mysterious and mysterious. He has vast magical powers and boldness. It is rumored that no layman has reached the state of turning his hands into clouds and covering his hands with rain. Both poetry and pictures contain the supreme mystery, which is scrambled by the world.

No delusion, a living legend.

No one thinks that this legend stands here today, and no one thinks that this ordinary disciple of the Qing dynasty, Tang Qing, was more than the supreme genius of that year. It is even more magical!

Yun Mo, Long Xi, and Yi Wan'er have already collapsed to another collapse, one Tang Qing, one Tang Supreme, and one vagrant. This makes them believe and accept.

rumor. Wulijushi beheaded the immortal, like pinching an ant.

It seems that this is really the case, otherwise, there will not be enough hundreds of immortals to lose without a fight.

"What about the vain dweller? He is just a fairy. Is it true that more than a hundred of us can't kill him?" One of the ancestors didn't believe this evil.

Hunde said, "The last time I met him, he slaughtered three nine-day immortals with his fingers. At that time, he was a robber.

Hearing this, the unbelieving ancestor's face changed just now. What surprised him was not the slaughter of three nine-day immortals by his fingers, but the four characters of Baxian Sanxian. He could n’t imagine it. What terrible power Sanxian will have after eight calamities.

"Bai Jie Sanxian ... haha ​​..." The Holy Emperor sitting on the chair smiled lightly, and saw his fingers lightly move, thirty-six yellow lights appeared in the sky, each yellow light flashed and turned into a ghost. There are thirty-six people in one person, and everyone is shrouded in yellow light all around, especially sacred.

Hong De and others immediately greeted him.

"Meet you divine true immortals."

The thirty-six true immortals did not even glance at them, but stood beside the Holy Emperor.

"It's almost time, the four guardian immortals, you can show up."

The voice fell, four bright golden lights appeared from four directions from southeast to northwest, and the golden lights flashed, and four people with unusually tall figures appeared.

There have been rumors that this world has four powerful guardians of the holy immortal, and they have not been seen until today.

The emperor stood up and walked forward, guarded by four saints around him, followed by thirty-six true immortals.

Stopping, the Emperor said, "Xuanyuan, you don't need to suppress that light, come out!"

Xuanyuan? That seems to be the surname of the Suzerain Suzerain.


There was a loud noise, the ground broke, and a black hole appeared. Two people rushed out of the black hole. Everyone looked intently. It was the Lord of the Qing Dynasty and Lu Tianya. Then, a white brilliance bloomed from the black hole. Light up the world, revive everything, for a time, flowers and trees grew at an incredible speed.

Everything in the world is full of vitality as if moisturized ~ ~ The palm of the lord of Shangqing turned over, and the light flashed. As a soldier, a dozen soldiers appeared around Guanghua. These people are Shangqing The villagers of the town are also among the iron eggs.

"Near the light, kill without amnesty!"

The mayor of Shangqing Town held a spear and mightily drank.


Dozens of villagers also drank.

"Oh ..." the Emperor smiled lightly, "Xuanyuan, do you really think you can protect it?"

"Then take it by day." The Qingzong master sat cross-legged on Guanghua.

Lu Tianya next to him rushed to take the lead, but was stopped by Tang Qing.

"Master, let me do it!"

Lu Tianya looked at him, nodded, and said with caution. (To be continued) 8

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