Cultivate as nine realm, physical realm, qi realm, Yuan realm, legal realm, Tao realm, human realm, realm of land, realm of heaven, realm of unity. M

Gu Xi's current practice has reached the realm of the unity of the heavens, the earth, and the people, which means that she has completed her cultivation successfully.

These realms are absolutely outstanding in the sanctuary. There are few adversaries and they can walk sideways. However, this realm is also extremely dangerous. Because the calamity will come at any time, people who come to this realm will not be able to retreat. No one knows. Why did Gu Xi come to participate in the Capricorn Saint Martial at this critical moment?

Such a world-famous person from Gu Xie scared a lot of people with one move. Although they were all famous men, despite their own achievements, they were still afraid to confront the masters of the unity realm.

However, they dare not mean that others are afraid.

Ordinary people may be afraid of ancient people, but some people are not.

"Successfully cultivated, and even came to participate in the Capricorn saint martial art, is there really no one in the Shang Qingzong." This is a woman who is Song Ran, a disciple of Zi Xiaozong, but ranked second in the second generation. The third celebrity, when it comes to her, had to say that her heavenly fate, is also a disciple of Zixiaozong, the first generation celebrity Song Qing.

These two are Tianyuan, and they are still brothers and sisters.

The two of them had a bad relationship.

At first, he was always opposed by Zi Xiaozong, but in the end the two still formed a heavenly fate.

Many people ca n’t understand it, but other reincarnated people know that before the reincarnation, these two were Tianyuan couples. After the reincarnation, they did not expect to become brothers and sisters. Arrogant. So there are few friends, and even other reincarnated people are too lazy to deal with them.

"I know your deeds. I heard that you adore your brother. What's your name? It seems to be called Tang Wushang, right? Well, the record of famous scholars records that Tang Wushang has only completed his success in just 20 years, but later It seems that the robberies have failed, and you, for the sake of love, have fallen into the devil's way. It is sad. "

Song Ran was more daring and dressed in short clothes, a bare chest, a long skirt, and bare legs. She arrogantly watched Gu Yan's giggling laughter, "I really don't know what that Supreme Supreme Tang guy is doing. It makes you so crazy! He isn't just a failed robber ..."

As I was saying, Suddenly interrupted, it was the Lord Zixiao who interrupted her.

"Song Ran, don't say it!"

Seeing that, Zixiao Sovereign was very nervous. And still standing up and drinking, Nai Songran glanced at the Lord Zixiao and smiled, "Master Sovereign. Why are you so nervous, I heard that in the sanctuary, if anyone dares to say that Supreme Being Tang is a waste, then Will be cursed. "

"It's just a curse. I am going to break this curse today!"

Song Ran shouted loudly, "Supreme Tang. You are a waste! Waste!-"

When her voice fell, everyone in the field immediately noticed a strange breath, and then the blood became red in the void, just like the sky was red with blood.

A figure emerged from the blood-colored sky. This man was in white clothes and snow, and three thousand black hairs fluttered freely. Peerless looks were flawless, making people dare and unable to look directly, because they were so beautiful. Women, whether it is Li Yuanbai or Mu Mu, this is just that this peerless woman seems to contain imposing killings.

"Jie Tianyi!"

Contemporary legendary woman, Xie Tianyi!

The woman who appeared was not Jietian Yiben, but a shadow of her, a shadow with a curse.


The Lord of Xiao Xiao flew up, grabbed his hands, and Xie Tianyi's shadow broke instantly.

When other people marveled at the strength of Zixiao's lord and marveled at the curse of Tianyi's curse, a scream came from below, and everyone looked around, only to find a woman standing opposite Song Ran. It's Xie Tianyi.

She stared at Song Ran, and did not take any action, but Song Ran was bleeding.

"Tang ... Supreme is ... is my husband, no one ... is allowed to humiliate ... he, no one ... no one ..."

Xie Tianyi's voice was intermittent, such as from Nine Heavens, and from Jiu You, strange and deep. When the voice fell, a thumping song, Song Ran violently died, not even residue, immediately, Xie Tianyi The shadow appeared again in the sky. She looked at the crowd on the field, her figure gradually disappeared, and her icy cold voice came again and again.

"Tang supreme ... is my husband ... if you ... if ... re-humiliate ... he, I will swear by the sky ... will ... kill all ... you ... kill all ... kill all ... ... "

"No one ... can't humiliate him ... you can't, immortals can't, demons can't, neither can the gods ... otherwise ... even if I kill Tianyi for nine days, I will kill you ... kill all ..."

"I ... I ... don't want to ... wait any longer ..."

"I'm out of patience ... wait for it ..."

"When ... would you like me to wait ..."

Xie Tianyi disappeared, and the blood color also disappeared. The faces on and off the court were very bad. I've heard that the curse of Xie Tianyi is very scary, but few people have seen it in person, and just now they witnessed it. After that, his heart was shrouded in fear.

It's terrible!

The battle came fast, disappeared faster, and everyone was surprised. What about Tianyi? From the future, it is only her curse that comes, and this curse can't be killed, at least with the strength of the Lord Xiaoxiao, it even obliterates the curse that does not understand Tianyi.

The lord of the holy palace looked at the emperor sitting in the center, the noble emperor nodded, and the lord of the holy palace announced that the ladder would continue.

Gu Yan was still standing on the tenth floor of the ladder. Someone tried to jump over, but was stopped by her. Immediately, some four or five monks offered a killing trick!

Gu Yan was talented, accomplished, and accomplished a lot. He was extremely powerful. With an enemy of ten, more and more monks besieged her. Two fists made it difficult to defeat four hands, and Gu Yan began to lose.

"Out of your own power!"

The third generation of the first person Zhan Hong started to move, his body moved, and a fluttering palm was patted on Gu's shoulder. Then, the second generation of the first person Feng Jun also started, with one finger pointing at Gu's Forehead!

It shocked everyone. Gu Yan did not fight back. Although she was besieged by everyone, she was absolutely capable of dodging, even if she did not dodge, she was absolutely capable of resisting, but she did not, as if she had died deliberately.


Gu Yan was bleeding and his clothes were messy because of these two hits.

"You despicable woman, today I will make you **** and bloody!"

After Song Ran's tragic death, Song Qing completely lost his mind. Attacked Gu Yan like a lunatic.


Gu Yigu vomited blood and looked pale.

"Bad woman, I'm here to die!" Song Qing gave another slap, and Gu Yan's body flew completely out, she still didn't fight back. Without moving, he flew out, vomiting blood, looking up at the void, and mourning.

"Supreme Tang, why do you refuse to meet me when you die ... why ..."

Is she waiting for Supreme Master Tang?

Did n’t Supreme Master Tang fail to survive the calamity?

Yun Mo, Long Xi, and Yi Waner, who were sitting in the stands at the back, all knew about Gu Yan. Only then did they understand why the well-established Guru had come to participate in the Capricorn Sacred Martial Arts. She was not here to join the Capricorn Sacred Martial Arts. She was here to die. She is dying. She hopes to meet her admirer Tang Supreme in this way.

However, Supreme Master Tang is dead.

He failed the robbery, and everyone witnessed it that year.

Why did Gu Xi still do this?

do not know.

"Hahahaha!" Laughed. It was Song Qing who lost his mind, and he laughed. Leaning forward, drinking, "Humble woman hahaha! Are you waiting for your beloved Supreme Supreme Tang? He is dead! Haha! If you want to meet him, I will complete you today!"

Song Qing stepped on Gu's body with a bang, and Gu's body overflowed with blood mist and fell to the ground.

Song Qing was red-eyed, staring at the old man who was lying unconscious on the ground. He wanted to kill, kill the old man, and take revenge for his beloved wife. When he walked over to prepare to kill the old man, I didn't know where it came from Thunder's Fury.

"Dare you touch her, I will make you dead!"

who is it!

Whose voice is so familiar?

"Ha ha ha ha! What the **** are you!" Song Qing Shen invaded the pain of his wife's tragic death, and the whole person became eerie.

At the same time, a thud trembled in the void.

Then bang bang bang! The void trembled, shaking violently within the Capricorn.

what happened?

Anyone want to break into Capricorn?

The Lord of the Temple stood up and screamed angrily, "Who dares to break into the Capricorn and seek death!"

The sound dropped, like a thunder, the Capricorn stopped shaking.

The Lord of the Holy Government ordered the two to open the Capricorn Door to see what was going on. The two principals of the Holy Government just opened, and somehow, they both flew out.

A man walked in through Capricorn's Gate.

Thin figure, cold face, dark eyes, fluttering long hair.

"Tang Qing!"

Seeing Tang Qing approaching, Yun Mo, Long Xi, and Yi Waner stood up at the same time and looked at it inconceivably. Also standing up was Tuoba Tian. He could not forget this man who had once defeated himself.

Tang Qing stepped forward, stepped forward, and immediately appeared beside Gu Yan. She picked up Gu Yan, and the dark eyes flashed a choppy sea of ​​blood.

The blood was red, and the Capricorn did not know when it was infected by the blood.


This is anger.

The anger belonging to Tang Qing can be felt by anyone, and the anger is filled with countless regrets and self-blame!

Scarlet was fleeting.

When Tang Qing put down the ancient urn, and stretched out his hand, a black and white light appeared on the palm to wrap the ancient urn, and then his hands moved the mysterious and weird tricks. At that moment, the yin and yang were reversed here, the heavens and the earth were reversed, and life and death were the ones Transform.

"This is Tiandao, No.1 Avenue in Sanqian Avenue!"

"Reincarnation of heaven and earth, heaven and earth turn around, come back to life!"

This person actually realized the heavenly path that no one has ever cultivated in the legend. Everyone couldn't believe it. Only when they saw that the deceased Gu Yao gradually gained vitality did they realize this terrible fact ~ ~ This man really built the first avenue between heaven and earth.

This hand twisted the world and brought life back to life, which is really eye-opening.

Tang Qing reached out his hand, and Gu Yan did not know where he was hiding.

He stood up and stared at Song Qing opposite.

Angered and unreasonable, Song Qing was frightened when he saw Tang Qing's legendary avenue of resurrection. He stepped back unnaturally and said, "You! Who!"

"You weren't looking for me just now?"

Tang Qing stood, the voice came, filled with silence, and silence made everyone feel a sense of depression, and Song Qing was breathing heavily, with cold sweat and a trembling response, "I! I I do n’t know you at all, when did I find you ... I was just looking for the waste that failed the robbery ... Tang Wu Supreme, what is it with you ... "

As soon as Tang Qing raised his hand, the thunderbolt could not cover his ears. The moment came, he grabbed Song Qing's neck and yelled, "Lao Tzu is Supreme Supreme!" (To be continued) 8