In recent days, almost all monks in the sanctuary have begun to gather to the holy city, because the Capricorn sacred martial arts, which was opened once in 1998, will be officially opened in a few days. The largest and most powerful Sheng Wu, the last time it opened a grand event, this time even more, the Holy City is already overcrowded. Monks from all directions and from all corners of the world have arrived. They may not be eligible to participate, but they can see This golden age is also extremely worthwhile. m (Please use our Pinyin domain name to visit us.)

The holy capital has eighty-one pillars of the sacred glory. When the Capricorn saint martial arts is opened, each pillar of the sacred glory will open the eyes of the sacred glory. Capricorn.

In order to celebrate the opening of the Capricorn Sacred Martial Arts, the Holy Palace held a grand ceremony for this, and the parties from all sides gathered again, and the four majors gathered together.

The ceremony was held for two days, the parties were fighting, and the graceful music shrouded in bloom.

On the third day, the shrine released the rules and order of the Maha Seibu. These things were of little interest to non-participating monks. On the fourth day, the shrine released the specific races of the Maha Seibu. The first is a staggering battle that is so exciting.

A celebrity who has not climbed the ladder is not a true celebrity.

The existence of the ladder can test the true cultivation of a monk.

There are nine hundred and eighty-one staircases. At present, the highest record is that of Li Yuanbai, who is the first person of a famous person. He has boarded the sixty-first staircase. This person is the first person of the first generation of famous person. The reputation is so high that all celebrities are out of reach.

Just when everyone was guessing who would participate in Capricorn Mahabharata in the four major leagues of the nine majors, the shrine announced the entry list, and each major league would have eighty-one participants.

Haotianzong has eighty-one people headed by Li Yuanbai, Qin Yan, Mu Mu and others.

Taixuzong is an eighty-one person headed by the young master Feng Jun.

Feng Yuezong is an eighty-one person headed by Zhan Hong.

These monks who participated in the major leagues were all nobles. What is very exciting is that the first generation of the first celebrity Li Yuanbai, the second generation of the celebrity first person Feng Jun, and the third generation of the celebrity first person Zhan Hong have all arrived. In addition, the first generation, Almost all of the guys in the top ten of the second and third generations came. It is no exaggeration to say that the first, second and third generations who came on the list of honorees came almost 90%.

These people haven't shown up for a long time, even hundreds of years. But the deeds they left have been widely circulated, and each has a glorious legend behind it, so how can those novice monks not be excited?

What was unexpected, however. Among the nine sects, there was no one in the entry list of Shang Qingzong.

What does it mean?

Could it be said that Shang Qingzong abandoned Capricorn Shengwu?

There are also a lot of disciples from the Qing dynasty in the capital. They ca n’t believe it when they see that their teachers have n’t participated, especially Su Daxi and Wen Xiaobing. They have proposed to the old sovereign more than once to participate in the competition. Wu Shengwu, but all were rejected. I thought the old suzerain would let a stronger brother participate, but I didn't expect it to be like this.

"What the **** is going on?" Many people laughed at the disciples of Shang Qingzong who were afraid of losing. Dare to come to the competition, Wen Xiaobing's face was iron-clad.

"The suzerain doesn't let me wait for the participation. There must be a reason for his elderly. It seems that something really is going to happen!" Su Daxi has been thinking about it for months. Why did the suzerain issue a ten-year decree, which clearly wanted to dismiss all the disciples. Is something going wrong in the Qing Dynasty? But in the end, what major events will make the old suzerain not send such disciples to even such important Capricorn saint martial arts.

On the fifth day, Capricorn Saint Martial was finally opened. Within the holy capital, the eighty-one Pillars of Holy Glory glowed with dazzling white light. When the eyes of Shengyao opened, eighty-one scenes flashed in the void, reflecting the situation inside the Capricorn samurai.

On the high platform, the majestic emperor sits in the middle, next to him are several princes and princesses, and the emperor is among them, and on the lower side are the eight holy kings, among which Shangguan Ling ’s father, Qian She Sheng Shangguan Li was also there, and sitting down was the Twelve Saints, and Wulong Saint, Tuobatian, but his face was not very good. Obviously, he was defeated by Tang Qing a few months ago. He has lost his face and has yet to be relieved.

Sitting on the left side of the high platform are the eight masters, the four major alliance leaders and the six ancient family chiefs. On the right side of the high platform are the temple, the priesthood, the holy palace, and the pagoda. The Lord of the Temple, the Lord, the Lord of the Holy Secretary, the Lord of the Holy Palace, and the Lord of the Tower.

There are more than two hundred people sitting in the rear stands. These people have special identities, such as Yun Mo, Long Xi, Yi Waner, etc. They did not participate in the Capricorn Sacred Martial Arts, but they were invited to watch the Capricorn. .

This time, all the overlords in the sanctuary are here. This lineup is really powerful and scary. Everyone is the real overlord in this world. The lameness is trembling. Big shot.

The monks of the Eight Sects of the Four Leagues started to enter the venue, and they were all cheering in Kyoto because they saw idols still admiring, such as Li Yuanbai, the first person of the first generation, Feng Jun, the first person of the second generation, and the first person of the third generation. Ren Zhanhong and others.

There are eighty-one representatives in each major league, and they all come together.

Haotianzong's side was headed by Li Yuanbai, Qin Yan and Mu Mu were both among them. He looked around at the representative figures of other sects, and his eyes were filled with surprise from time to time. .

"Six people in Taixuzong, five in Fengyue, five in Wushuang, four in Xiaoxiao, three in Tianxuan, three in Wuzong, and three in Taiyi."

Mu Mu knows that Li Yuanbai's "person" is a reincarnation like him.

"At the beginning of the ladder, listen to my orders, I will stop everyone on the 50th ladder."

Mu Mu and Qin Yan gave Li Yuanbai a surprise look. They did not expect that Li Yuanbai was so crazy.

Soon, Captain Capricorn appeared, reading the rules of the ladder. Among the ladders, fighting is allowed, and those who fall down the ladder can no longer do anything.

After the rules were read out, the entry list began to be read, and time passed by. When the list was read out and identity verification was performed, Captain Capri was about to announce that a rather cold voice came to interrupt him when Capricorn started.

"Why didn't Shang Qingzong."


Who is talking?

Everyone looked around, and here were all masters. Almost instantly everyone's eyes were looking at a woman in the stands behind. This woman was wearing a light red robe. Because she was wearing a bucket, no one could see her clearly. Face.

"The Shang Qingzong did not report the list, and my holy government regarded it as abandonment." Captain Capricorn responded.

"I'm reporting the list now." The Doudou woman appeared below when her body flickered. She took off Doudou, her red hair drifted with the wind, and a cold face reflected in everyone's eyes. With a trace of evil.


Someone shouted on the court, causing a lot of noise.

Whether it is the holy capital on or off the field, they may not know the woman, but they have definitely heard the name of Gu Yan. It must be known that this woman set off a **** storm and beheaded in the sanctuary decades ago. I do n’t know how many monks, and many people know her story. It is said that she fell in love with the peerless genius of Shang Qingzong. Supreme Master Tang ’s failure failed, which directly led her to fall into the path of the demon and kill her. Sexuality, was finally brought back by the Shang Qingzong, correcting it from evil.

"Excuse me, Capricorn saint martial arts allow you ..." Deacon Capricorn was about to be furious. At this moment, the Lord of the Holy Palace did not know what he said to him, but Deacon Capricorn nodded, allowing Guzhen to participate in the ladder.

There was no expression on Gu Yan's face, cold and indifferent. She had just taken a step forward and heard a familiar voice in her ear, "Oh, what are you doing, go out!"

This is Master ’s voice. Gu Yan ’s heart was beating, but his appearance remained indifferent. He silently responded, “Master, I miss him so much, I want to see him, I know he is not dead ...”

"It's a prank! Come back soon!"

Gu Yan shook his head and murmured, "I know he is still alive. Although you both deny it, I can feel that he is still alive. Why didn't he come to see me ... why ..."

"Stupid girl!" Came the angry sound of Lu Tianya.

"Master, you should be very clear, he has become my demon, and can't go away, if I can't give up, even if I can't give up, even if I cross the calamity, I can't give up, and I can't forget him."

"Stupid girl, don't you think that you are in a situation of life and death, will he come to see you! Come back soon!"

The voice of Lu Tianya continued to come, but Gu Yan never listened to her again. When the ladder appeared, she walked with the others.

A holy ladder, like a ladder, stands more like a sky tower between heaven and earth. It has a total of 981 floors. It is said that each floor is a test of mood, will, and cultivation.

When the representatives of the major leagues went to the first floor of the ladder, a figure suddenly flashed, and they boarded the ladder, the first floor, the second floor at a very fast speed, until they stopped on the tenth floor.

Redhead ~ ~ Red clothes, red eyes.

It's her, Gu Yan.

What will she do?

"Climb the ladder, kill me first!"

No one would have thought that Gu Yan would act like this. Is she challenging everyone? You know, these people across are all the first, second, and third generations, why Gu Gu dare to do so.

"Oh! I really can't help it!" A monk Fengyuezong on the ninth floor just started, and saw Gu Yan slowly raising his arm, his slender fingers flickered in the void, a red light flashed, and hesitated, The monk Fengyue was immediately divided into two.


That's it!

This move by Guzhang opened the eyes of the crowd, because they noticed a sense of unity between heaven and earth.

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