The Tianyuan ceremony between Tuobatian and Shangguan Ling was forced to be suspended, and Shangguan Ling preferred Tang Qing.

The great commander of the temple, the oldest prince, Tuobatian fell, and was defeated by Tang Qing.

This incident spread throughout the sanctuary in just a few hours. The response of the crowd was no exception. They were all shocked and couldn't believe it. We must know that Tuoba Tian has always been young in everyone's impression. The first person in this generation is unmatched, and the brilliant deeds created by many people are regarded as idols. However, is such a genius defeated by a person with an unknown name?

Tang Qing's name may not be unknown, but his name is compared to Tuoba Tian.

The next day after the incident, everyone thought that neither Tang Xuzong nor the ancient Tuoba family would let the Tang Qing escape. However, what they didn't expect was that Tai Xuzong didn't even say anything at all, just like this. It did not happen, but the ancient Tuoba family, it is said that the Tuoba family's owner led the monks of the Tuoba family to prepare to besiege the Qing dynasty, but was forcibly stopped by the people of the Nine Great Sects and the Holy Palace halfway.

The monks did not know the real reason, but felt that things were strange.

On this day, the Shang Qingzong Houshan.

The old suzerain sits on a stone bench, Tang Qing stands beside him, and asks, "Suzerain, what is the connection between our Shang Qing sect and Capricorn saint?"

"This matter is complex and complicated, and simple and simple." The old Sovereign's tone is always constant. He looked at the chess table on the stone table and said, "In this world, only our Shang Qingzong can open the Capricorn. Sheng Wu, because the key is in my hand, they are afraid to move us to Qingzong for the time being, but also worried that my dog ​​jumped off the wall, haha ​​... "

"That day, will your elderly really open Capricorn Saint Martial?" Tang Qing asked again.

The old sovereign nodded. "This is what our Shang Qingzong guarded, and it is also our duty, and it is the reason why our Qing Qingzong exists."

Tang Qing was silent for a moment, and then said, "Once the Capricorn Saint Martial is turned on, do we have a chance to win?"

The old sovereign shook his head. "No, not at all."

"Our ancestors of the Qing dynasty ..." Tang Qinggang spoke but was interrupted by the old lord. "Our ancestors? Our Shang qing sect is different from other ancestors. We have never had ancestors, no! Since ancient times, We have only one ancestor in the Qing Dynasty, and that is the ancestor. "

Although Tang Qing was puzzled, he didn't say much. I just asked the whereabouts of the old grandfather, and the old master just sighed and didn't tell the old grandfather of Tang Qing, but said that the old grandfather was really old.

Tang Qing stood up and said, "Suzerain. I will do my best!"

He only said this sentence, and then left directly, getting closer and closer to the Capricorn saint martial arts, and he must increase his strength crazy during this time. This was the only thing he could do, and he would not allow anyone to bully Qingzong.


Long after Tang Qing left, the old sigh sighed and looked at the void. He murmured, "Grandpa, grandpa. All this is too heavy for him." Three sighs in a row, sighing endless helplessness, if he could, he really didn't want Tang Qing came to bear all of this, but he could n’t be the master at all, no one could do it, even the grandfather or even God, because this was the fate of the Shang Qing dynasty, but also the fate of Tang Qing. All this is doomed.

What is destiny is also cause and effect.

The cause planted by the Shang Qingzong in the ancient times, then ancient times must bear this consequence.

Similarly, Tang Qingdu's defeat failed and he was ashamed of the Qing Dynasty, so this time the Qing Dynasty is in trouble, and he will never stand idly by his character.

This is cause and effect and fate.


Time passed, and the distance from the Capricorn saint was getting closer and closer, the nine majors and the four major alliances were extremely quiet, and even the disciples who had been trained abroad began to return. Strangely enough, the first case of Haotian in the world of Haotian was even open to protect the ancestors, and the doors of the ancestors were also closed.

What happened to Haotianzong?

Many people are guessing, and the disciples only know that today is the day of discussion in the hall.

Haotian Zong, above the main hall, Haotian Sovereign, and the elders in the hall of the hall are all here. In addition, in the center of the hall, there are seven or eight young men and women who look younger. The robes were handsome and pretty, but they lacked one thing, a youthful vigor, yes! None of the eight men and women have vigor, not that they are mature, but that they are quiet, especially with a pair of eyes revealing a kind of vicissitudes.

"Each of the eight of you was a character of the year before being reincarnated, and even some of them were much higher than my seniority. You can choose Haotianzong, it is my honor and Haotianzong. It doesn't bother you to meditate, it's just that it's too special, and I can't invite you to discuss with the elders. "

The eight did not respond, didn't speak, and didn't even move their eyes, as if waiting for the master of Haotian.

"Buried ancient plans, Capricorn Shengwu, I believe you already know, and I also know that you may know more than me and so on." Haotian Sovereign is a middle-aged man who looks only in his forties, and is profound And serious, eyes can't look directly like the sun.

"The funeral plan is not only related to our reputation, but also to the future order of the world. If there is no accident, the funeral plan will be completed smoothly, and this is not important. The important thing is that the funeral plan is completed After that, we Haotianzong will have a battle with other sects, alliances and even the holy palace. This battle will mean who will be the overlord of this world. So, on behalf of all the elders and disciples of Haotianzong, I hope you will be in Morocco诃 Sheng Wu can help when he opens. "

The following eight remained unanswered, and no one spoke.

The hall fell into silence, and the elders on both sides did not dare to talk, because they knew that the eight people in front of them were all talented people before reincarnation, and several other guys were even qualified to be their ancestors. .

After being silent for a full quarter of an hour, someone finally spoke. It was a man who seemed to be in his early twenties, and he said lightly, "What if the ancient burial plan could not be successfully completed?"

"I don't know what it means to be real."

These eight are special. The disciples, who are nominally Haotianzong, know that their elders dare not be entrusted, so they can only call out a real person, even the Haotianzong.

Mu Mu has not spoken yet, and an elder on the left explained, "Once the Capricorn Sacred Martial Arts is opened, our eight sects, four major alliances, the temple, the temple, the temple, the tower, and several ancient families will join forces. Destroy the Qing Dynasty, which was passed down from ancient times. They were ancient overlords. Perhaps they have deep roots and hidden several ancestors, but our eight ancestors, together with the ancestors of the Holy Palace and the family, believe that the Qing Dynasty Opponents. Not to mention 36 true immortals stationed in the sanctuary, and ... "

The elder's words were directly interrupted by Mu Mu. "I know these things better than you know. If there is no accident, I believe that the current Qing Dynasty is really unstoppable, but what if there is an accident?"

"Mu Zhenren, please."

Mu Mu thought about it, but shook his head.

Too fierce sovereign sees he doesn't want to say. He didn't ask, but looked at a man beside Mu Mu and said, "Yuanbai. What do you think?"

The name Li Yuanbai is definitely like Lei Guaner's existence in the sanctuary. Open the list of famous scholars. On the first page, the first name is this person. Yes, he was the first person in the first generation of famous men. It is also the first person in the sanctuary today, and also holds the highest record of the ladder. At that time, the emperor sealed him as a holy king, but he was rejected.

Li Yuanbai was tall and thin, with a low profile, and his eyes were dim. He looked at the Taixu Sovereign and only spit out six words, "Response tomorrow at noon." The other seven people also mean the same thing. The Taixu Sovereign did not say too much, so they let them Leave.

Leaving the main hall, Mu Mu returned to his meditative place, which was very simple, just a wooden house. Since consciousness after reincarnation, he has been practicing here.

"Li Yuanbai, they have decided to promise Haotian Sovereign, how about you?"

A woman in a blue shirt did not know when she was next to Mu Mu, Mu Mu glanced at her and smiled, "I said Qin Yan, fairy, can you be a little polite each time you come?"

Qin Yan was also a reincarnation. The two were not too familiar with each other in their last lives. After reincarnation, they entered Haotianzong and barely communicated.

"Answer me." Qin Yan responded coldly.

"After all, Haotianzong has been here for so long, and helping others is also the right thing. When the Capricorn Shengwu opens, I will use the energy of milk to fight for more honors for Haotianzong."

"You know I'm not asking this."

"Then what did you ask?"

"In the face of Shang Qingzong, would you shoot?"

Mu Mu was silent for a long time before he said, "You know my answer."

"Why are you so stubborn?" Qin Yan stared at him.

"Am I stubborn? If I were stubborn, I would have killed the war and killed everything that was sacred and sacred in this world, but I did n’t have it. You all saw it, and you figured it out, I also figured it out. The divine **** of the universe is doomed. We ca n’t do much more than we can do. Therefore, it ’s better to forget the light and accept the divine. ”

"Since you all understand why you don't do anything to the Shang Qingzong, if you don't do it, they will doubt you and will definitely put you in the funeral."

"Do you remember why we were reincarnated?" Mu Mu asked back.

This time, she did not respond with her own eyes, but Mu Mu answered for her, "We were forced to reincarnate by the sacred force. At the time of the reincarnation, we vowed to wash the sacred blood, but after the reincarnation, everyone gradually turned to the sacred. ... don't you find it ironic? "

"Everyone reverts to sacredness, not greedy for life or death, but ..."

"I know, I can also understand, for the common benefit, how to share the spirit of the bright light, how fascinating! Hehe ..." Mu Mu stood up, scratching his head, and said, "But I'm too tired to want to Tossing again, whether it ’s light or sacred, I ’m tired, I just want to live a bland life. ”

"You!" Qin Yan pointed at Mu Mu, and for a moment, she took a deep breath, and said, "Since you are so stubborn, I don't want to persuade you anymore. It would not be stupid to stand on the side of Shang Qingzong. "

"I said I didn't want to toss anymore, and I said that I had forgotten the light, whether the Qing dynasty was dead or dead, nothing to do with me."

"Okay!" Qin Yan was about to leave, Mu Mu suddenly called out to her, "Wait."

"What? Did you change your mind?"

Mu Mu shook his head with a smile, and wanted to say something, but shook his head when he said it, "Forget it."

"You have nothing to say."

"If I said it, you wouldn't listen."

"You're stubborn, and I'm not stubborn. Tell me what it is, but if you advise me, don't speak."

"I'm not trying to persuade you, I just want to tell you that when you play with Shang Qingzong, you must be careful of two people, one is Yan Wunian and the other is Xie Tianyi.

"Yan Wunian? Xie Tianyi? Is it the ancestor of Shang Qingzong?" Obviously, Qin Yan had never heard these two names.

"They are not the ancestors of Shang Qingzong."

"Don't tell me to let me be a disciple of Shang Qingzong."

"No, they have no direct connection with the Shang Qingzong, but they both like the same disciple of the Shang Qingzong, the so-called Aiwu and Wu, the Shang Qingzong is in trouble. I am afraid the two will not stand idly by."

"So what is the identity of the two of them? Are they the same as us?"

"Probably not. One or two sentences are not clear. You go back to the Zongjing Pavilion to find a book. There are records in it. In short, you have to be careful of both of them."

"I'm really curious about who these two women you made me be careful about."

"Well, be careful."

Mu Mu's words came, which made Qin Yan angry. "Mu Mu, are you cultivating stupidity? Or have you become timid? Or in your eyes, am I so weak?"

"No! I don't mean that. With your current strength, even though it hasn't been restored before reincarnation, but I don't think anyone in this world can kill you." Mu Mu is not a compliment, he really thinks so.

"It's pretty much the same." The anger on Qin Yan's face clearly began to dissipate, but Mu Mu's next sentence made her furious again.

"It's just that everything is absolutely right. When I went out a while ago, I met a guy named Tang Qing who was a disciple of Shang Qingzong."

"Tang Qing? Is that the guy who defeated Tuobatian with one move?" Qin Yan disdain ~ ~ As a reincarnation, in her eyes, never say that monks in this world, even some immortals, also Like a cricket ant, of course, she is not a fool. If this person named Tang Qing has nothing special, Mu Mu would not remind herself so seriously.

"What's special about him?"

"Special place? I know very little about him, but I played against him once when I was out. Did he hurt or not? I don't know, but afterwards, I was battered.

"The last time you were injured was hit by the guy named Tang Qing?" Qin Yan was shocked.

"He is not a reincarnation, but he has a dividend that is very similar to our original breath. It is very powerful. I do n’t know what it is. Moreover, you have to know that the tsunami hidden in Taixongzong is inexplicable when confronting him He was violent. Although Jing Tao is not as good as you, after all, he has the origins of previous lives. I really can't imagine what could make him violent. "

"That being said, the man named Tang Qing is as weird as the rumor."

"In short, be careful that you don't get stunned by temporary benefits."

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