In this era of immortality, holy emperor, and demons running rampant, as a loose fairy, Tang Qing felt a lot of pressure. Ordinary practitioners only need to practice with peace of mind and comprehend it calmly. It can welcome the advent of the Jiutian Immortal, and if it is passed, it will become immortal, otherwise it will disappear, which is also known as unsuccessful success.

For example, if Heaven gave Tang Qing another chance, he would disappear into the dust after the failure of the calamity, and he would not be rehabilitated by killing Sanxian, because the path of Sanxian is too perverted and perverted. He, a guy who has always been my eldest brother in the world, once felt collapsed.

Because you do n’t even know when the Scavenger that belongs to Sanxian will suddenly come. Maybe when you are hooking up with a girl, or when you are in love, or when you meditate on an exercise, the **** Temptation will quietly come. The advent of interestlessness, and it belongs to Sanxian Tianjie, it is not as many times as horrible than Jiutian Xianjie.

If this is the case, it will not make Tang Qing feel collapsed. What makes him crazy is that he has survived one heavy disaster and another heavy disaster, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the first Seventh, eighth ... you don't even know how many heavy disasters you need to pass before it ends. This is like a dark road with no end at all.

"The ninth is heavy ... when will it be the leader!"

古 Since ancient times, there have been a lot of successers of Sanxian, but without exception, almost all died in the calamity. I have not heard of anyone who can bring Sanxian to the end. Tang Qing has successfully passed the Ninth Heaven Calamity. Before each calamity, he reported strong expectations, and after each calamity, he returned to despair.

Expectations and despair, so repeated, Tang Qing has gone through nine times.


He sighed helplessly. Until now, all he could do was helpless. He shook his head and lifted a fairly bright spar in his hand, looked at the mud mixture above his head, and looked at the blackness below. The deep pit that wasn't at the end was a sigh again, bowed and changed his posture, his back was against the uneven mud wall, and his feet stared hard at the opposite stone to support the almost collapsed. His body, resting for a moment, started to **** a rugged stone in his hand and continued to dig up.

Tang Qing also clearly remembered that his consciousness gradually disappeared after passing the ninth heavy disaster, and when he woke up again, he found that he was buried under the ground, but this was also expected, because the ninth heavy disaster was really It was extremely horrible. The cave that he created with all his life's hard work was like a ant in front of the ninth Tiancai. It was completely vulnerable, but just thinking about it, he still has a lingering ambition, can go through smoothly, and can wake up alive, to be honest, He himself felt a little surprised.

Due to the extreme horror of the Sanxian, and the one-on-one metamorphosis, each time Tang Qing passed smoothly, the physical body would be greatly damaged. This time, the physical body was severely destroyed, which directly led to repair. Lost, I do n’t know if the monkey can recover.

Tang Qing is not worried about the loss of Xiu Wei. For an old fried dough stick that has survived the Ninth Heaven Calamity, as long as he is given time, Xiu Wei will not be difficult to recover. To be honest, he is still Xiu Wei today. Strength has long been of little interest. What is the use of repairing for strength? In the end, isn't it going to be a disaster? What can I do after passing through, and I can't become a fairy, I have to prepare for the next robbery.

I cross the robbery, recover, practice, cross the robbery again, recover, practice, and cross the roulette again and again ...

Enough is enough. Tang Qing really feels enough. Think carefully. Since setting foot on the road of Sanxian, he has been practicing every day, and every day he is trying to improve his cultivation behavior, for fear that an accidental disaster will strike. After living for so long, Tang Qing found that he hadn't even enjoyed a good day. In these years, he didn't live for himself at all, but he **** for heaven.

擎 Tang Qing wanted to open this time. Tianjie loves not to come, not to pull down. Here comes Laozi to cross the robbery, but he ca n’t survive the fate, and never want to toss like this anymore.

"Mum ..."

A strong sense of hunger and tiredness swept every inch of Tang Qing's skin, so that his body was weak, his limbs were weak, and he persisted for a while. He was dizzy and unable to circulate the underground air. In addition to the endless digging, Tang Qing's physical body has already been overdrawn. If it were not for the body of Jiuzhong Sanxian, he would have died here already. When he was at a loss, he suddenly noticed something strange, and the soil above was obviously different from the previous one.

"Don't ..."

Tang Qing was moved, and he could not afford to feel sore, and intensified his excavation. When he held the sharp stone to break through the last layer of soil mixture, a low-level glimmer came in, but it was stinging. His eyes were sore and almost fell.

He did not dare to open his eyes immediately, but greedily breathed fresh air into the fist-sized hole above him. At this moment, Tang Qing felt a sense of resurrection, which was more vivid than the brewing of the mad drinking fairy. Unhurried, when you feel almost the same, dig up the hole directly, and climb out with the last effort.

"True **** ..."

This feeling of complete collapse made him feel dizzy, panting on the ground and breathing heavily, and after a while, he shook his head and stood up, looking around, and found himself standing in a barren ruin, looking away In the distance, ravines are everywhere, deep pits are everywhere, and rugged mountains are everywhere. Both the ravines and deep pits and the mountains are bare.

"It seems that the Ninth Heavy Heaven Calamity is even more horrible than I thought. It not only destroyed Laozi's Dongfu, but even the land that was a hundred miles away was destroyed to this extent."

Tang Qing shook his head, dragging his frail body forward three steps, and did not know how long he had walked, during which we found an odd thing, a corpse can be found every other distance, some have been dead for many days, A pile of bones was formed, and some died soon after. The bones had obvious scars on them, and they seemed to have been killed by humans.

I just do n’t know what happened here after Lao Tzu ’s robbery. How could so many people die here?

Since his clothes were smashed during the robbery, and he was completely naked at the moment, he could only take the clothes off of some corpses and put them on his body. Although the smell was a little bad, he could only wear them. , Picking up a yellow cricket from the ground, there are two big characters on the sacred scroll, and the two sides are also written, derivation matrix, life-saving and healing, healing of miscellaneous diseases, general law Jianbao ...

"I don't know who this thing is, I know a lot."

In this way, Tang Qing hurriedly walked Huang Huang aimlessly, leapt across a gully, crossed a mountain range, and finally saw a big living person.

To be more precise, it is a woman. This woman is dressed in a strong outfit and has a pony tail. She doesn't apply a half of the powder on the face, but it is perfect and beautiful. The bright red cloak hangs on the back. In front of the woman was a carriage, but the horse was lying on the ground at the moment, her head was resting on the ground, her eyes half open and half closed.

"Aunt Grandma is waiting for you deliciously and deliciously at home. You guy is so lazy to me! What a reason!"

The woman frowned, yelled at the horse, and seemed to find a guy approaching this side. She turned to look at it, a pair of eyes glared at Tang Qing, and yelled, "Damn **** stick, what to see!"

Tang Qing was still thinking of meeting the savior, but he found that the **** was extremely unstable now, and seemed to be very irritable. He didn't want to provoke him, but he knew that his body was weak and he was repaired. Lost, Mo said to meet a master, I am afraid that even an ordinary person can not deal with it, and he can see that the pussy's cultivation is not weak.

We can't afford it, let's hide.

I never thought that as soon as I was leaving, there was a loud drink behind me.

"Hey! God stick, stop me!"

擎 Tang Qing stopped immediately, otherwise what else could he do? Turned around, pointed to himself, "Call me?"

"Don't you tell me I'm talking to a ghost?" The woman gave Tang Qing a vacant look, and said angrily, "Is there anyone else besides you here?"

"what's the matter?"

"Your sting is written to save lives and heal the wounds, heals miscellaneous diseases, and see if my horse is sick." The woman in the costume looks very disgusted with Tang Jiang, a river and lake **** stick, but now it seems that she can only be ill. Get a doctor and say, "If you can make my horse stand up, this girl will reward you with three spirit stones."

At first glance, the **** was not a fuel-saving lamp. Tang Qing didn't want to provoke him, but he was really exhausted, he was so soft that he didn't want to move even when he was sitting on the ground. He groaned for a moment and said, "I will help you cure Good horse, the spirit stone will be spared, but you must promise to send me a ride. "

"Yo!" The woman didn't seem to think that this magic stick would not need a spirit stone, and he laughed, "As long as you can cure my horse, why not give you a ride?"

Tang Qing stopped talking and walked over to look at the horse carefully. After going through the Ninth Heavenly Tribulation, he had extraordinary knowledge. At a glance, the horse was a good horse. He was tall, with black hair and long hair. If the guess is good, it should be a black flame horse. This kind of horse runs and its hair flutters like a flame burning in flames.

"Your black horse is not sick."

Upon hearing that, the woman couldn't help but look surprised, flashing in her eyes, "Did you recognize this is a black inflammation horse? The vision is pretty good." Then he responded and said, "Why don't you just run away since it's not sick?" Anymore? "

"Is it going away for the first time?"

"咦? I didn't expect you to have some skills!" The woman was really surprised. "My horse has been kept in captivity since it was born. This is the first time I have traveled far away."

"That's it, it's a little homesick."

"Homesick?" This is the first time a woman has heard of a horse and a homesick saying, "What then?"

"I should comfort him."

"Consolation? How to comfort?" The woman was very curious. UU reading books

Tang Qing squatted down, caressing the horse's hair, and said, "Horse, I know you miss home."

"Oh! It's so funny, do you just comfort it like that? It's just a horse, how can it understand you?" The woman smiled, but when she was smiling and joyful, she saw the horse lying on the ground moving. After moving, the head was raised, a pair of bell eyes looked at Tang Qing, the look was like meeting a confidant.


The woman did not hear Tang Qing speak again, but she saw that Tang Qing's mouth was moving, as if she was meditating on something, and she seemed to be communicating with the horse. When the woman was puzzled, a scene that made her unbelievable happened. The originally ailing horse suddenly stood up, shaking his head, raising his head, grinning and snarling, while the horse was hissing, he was deafening.

"You ... what did you say to it, how could the horse understand you? Could you ..."

The woman seemed to realize something suddenly and shouted, "Do you know psychic art?"

"Know a little bit about it, eat it together!" Tang Qing shook Huang Huang from his hand, "I don't have any real skill, would you dare to carry this Huang Huang?"

The woman looked at Tang Qing again, with less scorn and more curiosity in her eyes, because she knew that psychic mysticism was very complicated and rare. She had always wanted to learn but had no chance. I did not expect to meet one today. The Jianghu Shenchou actually knew such strange things as psychic mysticism, which really shocked her.

"The horse is completely fine, you said you would send me a ride, wouldn't you say nothing?"

I reacted from surprise, and heard that Tang Qing said, the woman snorted angrily, "Since I have promised you, how can I say anything wrong, I will send you one and then one, what ’s so great."

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