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Salted Fish’s Self-help Strategy

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Novel Summary

This book is about entrepreneurship and history, not about rebirth ten or twenty years ago, but living in the present.

The timeline of the novel starts from January 2018 to the end of the story in May 2021. The serialization starts from August 2018 to the end of June 2020. On April 1, 2020, the novel timeline officially catches up with reality.

Chu Yuanxi, the protagonist of the book, diverged in two parallel universes. In 2014, one resolutely embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and the other continued to work as a salted fish. In January 2018, entrepreneurs have reached the pinnacle of life and their souls have occurred. Jumping horizontally, jumping on the salted fish, only one skill, no resources.

This has been a turbulent two years in reality, regardless of global dynamics or entrepreneurial fields. The book keeps up with current events and almost traverses the major events in the entrepreneurial environment of the country. After several surgings and changes in the world, Chu Yuanxi finally upgraded and iterated the successful entrepreneurial projects in the original world, starting with short videos from the media. , After many innovations, redefine the track, beat the iron curtain giant.

This book is mainly focused on the workplace. In business, it is also possible to forge ahead. Each character has its own appeal and perseverance, sincere emotion, selfishness and hypocrisy, and strives to be true.

Readers say that being too real is the fault of this book, but this is also the unique feature of this book.

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Short Title:SFSHS
Alternate Title:咸鱼的自救攻略
Author:Looks Like a Master
Weekly Rank:#2634
Monthly Rank:#1693
All Time Rank:#4325
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  1. Better then any other novel out there. But personally I am having a hard time understanding the novel in depth as the language after translation is somewhat hard for me to understand it and enjoy it properly. I hope I am not the only one having problems

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