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This is the same novel as: Creating a Virtual World


Novel Summary

After transmigrating to a world similar to Earth, Jiang Qiao was approached by a former goddess—Ocean Blue. As Bluestar is also on the verge of collapse from invaders of other worlds, Jiang Qiao must find a way to save this one.

With the ability to create a virtual game world, he creates the world of Sacred Souls. In order for this new world to grow, it has to devour other worlds. Thus, the greediest, most cunning, and horrible beings came into existence—Players.

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Short Title:SSG
Alternate Title:创造游戏世界
Author:Sister's Bride
Weekly Rank:#8230
Monthly Rank:#7904
All Time Rank:#5464
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2 Comments on “Sacred Souls: Genesis
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  1. I don't like the fact that Mc treats the world as a game. There is a difference between making players believe it is a game and use them to protect the world and another is when the Mc really treats it like a game like why not just remove the creator part and you have any other game novel that we find out is a real world at the end? Instead of just having fun why not just play alone in better hunting grounds to improve your streng and be able to protect yourself and stop acting like a fanboy with the pro players?

  2. It's a good novel! The mc accompanied by a goddess created a world. They also made it look like a VR game since it was not yet time for the players to know the truth. Those who thought they are playing VR were, in fact, a real one it's just that the mc used this way so safeguard the world while also using the players to get what is required to avoid being invaded by monsters. Overall, it's like another world but a VR game on Earth. And the players will be given a mission by the mc like 'kill the monster invaders' but what the players didn't know is that those monsters are actually invading the Earth. Unfortunately, the names are quite confusing and there are also a few bad sentences that I couldn't understand. If this was properly translated then I bet this would be a hidden gem. ---- This novel is similar to Evil Dragon Against The World but the only difference is that the mc is a God or Game Master inside the world/VR. Sadly, I don't know whether this novel is a romance or harem. But already at 63 chapters but could not find any romantic situation between the Goddess or someone. So I bet this one is either sub-romantic plot or maybe none at all.

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