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Rules Strange Story: My Family is Not Normal

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[Thriller + Reasoning + System]

Strange recovery, strange rules and strange stories invaded all over the world.

As the chosen one, Zhou Bai entered the ghost talk game on behalf of the Great Xia Kingdom. The first ghost story is about a family of four.

[You live with your wife and parents. But remember, there are only three people in your family. ]

[You can trust your wife, unless she takes off the red hairpin.]

[You and your wife have never had a baby, so if you hear a baby crying in the middle of the night, don’t worry about it.]

[Remember, you cannot have sex with your wife.]

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:RSSMFNN
Alternate Title:规则怪谈:我的家人不正常
Author:white beard
Weekly Rank:#4318
Monthly Rank:#3475
All Time Rank:#6926
Tags:Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Multiple Identities, Nationalism, System,
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  1. it's interesting enough... but badly done 2.8/5 __ people from different countries all go into the horror world to survive, and each gets the same role in alt dimensions, so it's more like a game. good premise, here's the bad stuff: too much nationalism... "the country" can give their players 3 messages, which means if one player succeeds then other countries give the message, all in all it's just there to say "look china is great, everyone else is copying our country"... the "rules" are nonsensical, 1/3 rules are wrong, this in itself is not bad and just adds some suspense, but the problem is that except for 1 or 2 cases, there is no way to find out which rules are wrong ingame except for guessing it, if there was mystery plot and hidden details to figure it out it could easily be a 4/5 even with nationalism but nope... ofc mc has a system which will sometimes let him know which rules are wrong, guess other countries can just go die if they need help more than 3 times.

  2. I read the first arc. It was okay. The character development is very shallow. He gets a set of rules and has to infer which are true and false, and he lives or dies depending. I just don't care if he does. MC's just a random guy with no backstory doing a problem solving death game for national power. The world building was cool enough to read the first arc.

  3. Can anyone recommend case solving type novels, can be ghost solving theme, normal detective drama, system enhanced police, set in a movie theme, or doctor drama. Currently reading "Los Angeles detective" but the setting only have normal people its a bit plain.

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