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Single father Kim Hyun-tae and his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter “Coco” were involved in an accident due to an improperly piloted spacecraft by a Namike star primary school student.

In order to escape the punishment of the Universe Alliance, the alien elementary school students resurrected Kim Hyun Tae and his daughter, and sent them into the space-time tunnel.

Affected by the mysterious energy in the space-time tunnel, the single father started a warm and gorgeous counterattack in the parallel world.

The ‘player’ that is suspended is better than the normal player!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:RA
Alternate Title:崛起美利坚
Author:Tiger body shock
Weekly Rank:#2246
Monthly Rank:#2365
All Time Rank:#1471
Tags:Business Management, Businessmen, Male Protagonist,

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4 Comments on “Rising America
  1. thought this was a typical reincarnation into a different world stuff. its not. it tricks you. Novel is actually pretty good with a mix reality cause of the butterfly effect which becomes a mix of marvel and dc universe atm. great novel

  2. i thought this is korea novel cause the MC's name were korea, it was in split of seconds i was thinking did mtlnovel change? but later i check it eh, chinese teenager, the author country china, mtlnovel only upload chinese novel. even so its rare though. IYKWIM :/

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