Seeing the ancestor Huoyun catching up, Lei Dong and Huo Zhi naturally didn't stay there. However, the speed of the ancestor Huo Yun was still faster after all. After a few breaths, he caught up with Lei Dong and Huo Zhi, and then the three of them fought against each other.

Although the strength of the ancestor Huo Yun was better than the two, the fiery Emperor Huo suppressed him, and his thunderous combat power was more against the sky. When the first battle of the three began, the ancestor Huo Yun fell into a disadvantage.

And just after the battle between the three, some powerful people in the fire area also surrounded them. But only a few hundred people came around...

As for the large army, they chased the army of Thunder Domain.

After Huo Zhi and Lei Dong fought against Huo Yun ancestors for a while, they discovered that they had been surrounded by Tuan Tuan!

There are four Tianzhizun and Huoyun ancestors here. And there are more than 30 of Di Zhizun, and the rest of the miscellaneous fish are directly ignored.

Lei Dong looked at the surrounding situation and mocked: "Old Ancestor Huoyun, it turns out that you are an old man who is not ashamed. You have been claiming justice just now. Why are you besieging now?"

The ancestor Huoyun snorted coldly, and immediately said: "I have no shame in dealing with shameless children like you, ancestor."

After that, the ancestor Huo Yun waved his hand and said, "Kill, solve the battle as soon as possible!"

Although until now, no accident has happened, but after so many years of living, he still has the vigilance he should have.

As the saying goes, it changes when you are late, and the ancestor Huoyun naturally didn't want it to happen to him. Right now, he ordered his subordinates, swarmed up, and went to Lei Dong two people.

Seeing that the ancestor Huoyun was not wasting any time, Lei Dong felt a little disappointed. After all, he still wanted to see how the other party was pretending to be slapped in the face, but it was a pity.


Soon, there was a flash of thunder in Lei Dong's hand, and he went straight to the sky!

At the next moment, everyone in Huoyu who had surrounded Lei Dong two suddenly became dumbfounded! Because behind them, since there was another circle of people. Moreover, the leaders turned out to be powerhouses in the realm of Heavenly Sovereign!

After Cailin, Ziyan, Yun Yun, Xun'er, Cao Ying, and Lei Ping showed up, they brought hundreds of the supreme and powerful men on the ground and killed them towards the people in the Flame Region.

Lei Dong and Huo Zhi also went straight to the ancestors of Huo Yun.

Old Ancestor Huo Yun was silly when he saw so many powerful men ambush here! However, he was a little puzzled. When he came, why didn't he find it?


After taking the thunderous palm, the red eyes of the ancestor Huoyun locked him tightly and said: "How did you do it, so many people, so that the old man did not notice the slightest!?"

The corners of Lei Dong's mouth rose slightly, and he gave a sneer, and then said: "This answer, when you have a breath left, I will tell you!"

Lei Dong naturally wouldn't tell this old man now, because of the soul power. These people in the Great Thousand World are not without soul power. It's just that they are not majoring in this.

The soul power of Lei Dong and Cao Ying both reached an astonishing state. Under the concealment of the two of them, the ancestor Huo Yun naturally couldn't discover anything.

However, without the final victory, he would not say such things. Even in the end, he might not say it!

When the words fell, Lei Dong rushed up again, and Huo Zhi was also the remote assistant of Emperor Yan's "Shoo Shoo".



Although the ancestor Huoyun was angry, he did not lose his position. Guarding against fire and naive, and even head-to-head with Lei Dong, but never let the wind fall, but the same thing can't get out of it.

When the three of them were in a stalemate again, the disciples of Yan Yu were miserable. The three strongest Heavenly Sovereign combat powers were killed one by one by Cailin's combined efforts. As for those earth-sovereigns and some miscellaneous fish, they did not have the slightest resistance, and they were all killed by one party.

..... In half an hour, in the Flame Region where victory was just in sight, at this moment there was only one scarred ancestor Huo Yun left.

In the siege of Lei Dong's combined efforts, hundreds of Earth Sovereigns joined forces to attack the great formation, and the ancestors of Huo Yun hardly had any hope.

But after all, it was the Heavenly Sovereign of the Saint Grade realm, even if it was clear that he was going to die, Lei Dong and others still output remotely, not one step closer.

The ancestor Huo Yun originally wanted to blew himself up and take one away, but the other person was better than each, he didn't even have the slightest chance to move a step.

With the passage of time, the ancestor Huoyun finally exhausted. Finally, under the concerted efforts of the people led by Lei Dong, he fell directly...

Huo Zhi, who initially proposed to kill in the past, looked at the dead Huo Yun ancestor, patted his chest and rejoiced and said, "Huh, I didn't expect this old man who seems to be no longer able to hold on for so long! Fortunately, husband, you are witty, Otherwise, we will go over, I'm afraid we will be replaced one by one..."

Lei Dong slapped her, and immediately said: "If you are so reckless in the future, let you be a concubine!"

Empress Huozhi did a good job, and this threat obviously worked. Staring at Lei Dong directly aggrieved, softly said: "Is someone wrong~"

"A woman who is greedy for power..." Lei Dong curled his lips, and then said again: "Return to Thunder Realm and solve the remaining Fire Realm people!"

Almost all the powerhouses in the Thunder Territory are here, and it is extremely difficult in the Thunder Territory now. That is to say, Lei Dong's minefield defense is strong, otherwise, he will not use the beheading plan!

However, after so long in the hard defense, Lei Dong still feels a little emboldened in his heart.

After giving the order, everyone returned to the thunder domain at full speed.


At this moment, outside the thunder domain, all kinds of energies were constantly bombarding the barrier of this thunder domain.

Although the barrier was about to break, but fortunately, it persisted until the return of Lei Dong and others.

When Lei Dong rushed back, the people of Yan Domain were completely stupid. Because, seeing the thunder that had just been surrounded, and came back intact, it also means that their ancestors...cold!

And the people in Lei Yu's stomach were overwhelmed in an instant! Then he rushed out.

With the front and back flanking and the strength surpassing the opponent, the battle soon ended. Like before, Lei Dong killed the opponent's Heavenly Sovereign level powerhouse, without leaving all of them.....

As for the people in the flame domain below the earth supreme, those who are willing to surrender are all included. They rebel against people. Almost none, some have been blasted to pieces by a thunderbolt.

The battle between Thunder Territory and Flame Territory lasted for a whole day and night. After that, Lei Dong took another half a month to swallow the Yan Territory.

Although the territory of the Flame Region is not large, the resources are extremely rich! With these resources, the power of the mine domain has doubled.

The name of Thunder Territory, this time, also completely resounded through the entire world.

After obtaining the resources of the Flame Domain, Lei Dong took his subordinates to rest for a year before continuing to expand the floor.

The entire northern part of the Great Thousand World, after ten years of battle, has completely become a minefield!

Fortunately, after Lei Dong obtained the entire northern Xinjiang territory, nearly ten years passed without making a move. This made some old-fashioned families in Daqian World feel relieved.


The heartland of the minefield.

Inside a splendid hall.

Lei Dong sits on the huge dragon chair, leaning against Huo Zhi behind him, holding Xun'er in his left hand, and a few women dancing in the color scales below. The little life is very chic.


At this moment, a female guard from the early days of Tianzhizun ran in.

Lei Dong wondered: "What's the matter?"

"Your Majesty, Grand Prince, he..."

Before Lei Dong could speak, Xun'er stood up in disheveled clothes and hurriedly said, "What's wrong with him, Tian'er?"

Lei Dong curled his lips, then said: "Say, what did this little **** do?"

The guard replied, "His Majesty.. Back to the ancient concubine... Grand Prince He took back the little princess of the Luoshen clan..."

"Luo Shen Clan?"

Lei Dong was stunned when he heard the words, which naturally had an impact on this Luoshen clan. Immediately he asked in confusion: "What's the name of the woman who took it back, isn't it called Luo Li?"

The female guard was taken aback, and subconsciously said: "Your Majesty, you guessed it right, it's called this name..."

Hearing that, Huo Zhi and Xun'er looked at Lei Dong at the same time.

Because these years, as long as it is a woman named by Thunder. Almost all have become his collection. Now in the harem of Thunder Territory, several newcomers have been added. There are even those who are already married!

But fortunately, when there were more thunderings, they were still with them. This didn't make Huo Zhi mad, come and die together!

"You see what I do, I just heard about it. Can I still steal a woman from my son!?"

Speaking of Lei Dong, he looked at the female guard and said, "Let Tian'er lead someone to see me!"

Xun'er wrinkled her beautiful eyes, and immediately said, "Your Majesty, what are you going to do?"

Lei Dong smiled and said: "I just want to see if this kid robbed a beauty, is it worth it?"

Huo Zhi pinched the thunder, and groaned: "Tian'er used to be more obedient? Look at what you have brought your children into now that you are not doing business properly."

Those who dared to do something with Lei now are naive.

Lei Dong said dissatisfied: "What's the joke, what does this have to do with me. Didn't I bring yours back with my sincerity?"

Huo Zhi and Xun'er heard the words, and at the same time looked at Lei Dong with contempt.

The Cailin girls who were dancing below also stopped, jumped up, and sat next to each other.

Cailin said with a look of disgust: "Your Majesty, you are becoming more and more skilled in talking nonsense now."

Lei Dong curled his lips and didn't say anything. At this moment, a handsome young man who looked almost like Lei Dong walked in with a young girl.

Similar to Lei Dong, it is naturally his son Lei Tian.

However, neither Lei Dong nor his wives had any intention of looking at Lei Tian. They all looked at the restless black skirt girl in Lei Tian's arms. She has a delicate and beautiful face. The pair of clear glass eyes give people a sense of tranquility, and her silky long hair is like a waterfall. It fell down and landed on the slender waist of the small man.

Yun Yun looked at Luo Li, then looked at Xun'er again and said, "This girl is not bad, even if it is compared to you, it's not that different."

Kaoru was also very satisfied, nodded and said: "No wonder this kid would go and grab it. He really has the same character as his father."

Kaoru seemed to be thinking of something, but when she turned around, Lei Dong was also looking at it. Right now, he kicked the thunder with a little shame.

"Father, what do you think, this is your son's. You are like this, I will not marry a wife in the future!" Before Xun'er could speak, Lei Tian said dissatisfiedly.

Lei Dong's mouth twitched when he heard this, and immediately said: "What do you want, your father can still **** a woman from you. But I'm a little confused, you have snatched people back, why is she still dead?"

Hearing that, the Huozhi women were all taken aback, even Luo Li below was also taken aback...

They all thought that Lei Dong was shamelessly appreciating beauty, who knew they were caring about this?

Instead, Lei Tian scratched his head and said embarrassingly: "My son likes her, she didn't agree, I can touch her. And...and, she is the new king of the Luoshen clan. I'm not afraid to cause trouble. ..."

Lei Dong waved his big hand, and immediately said: "Look at your promise. When the sky is falling, I will hold you back. Do whatever you want. Don't shame me. I will send someone to the Luoshen clan to propose marriage tomorrow. They don't. Agree, that's it!"

He really didn't mean anything to Luo Li, but he was afraid that his son would be affected in some way. In the end, she raised a woman for others.

After all, this Luo Li belongs to the heroine of this world.....The influence of IQ is not non-existent.

The accused Luo Li coldly looked at Thunder, and immediately said: "The dignified Thunder Realm emperor, even if you say such a thing, you are not afraid that the powerhouses of this great world will laugh at you?"

"My Luoshen clan is a legacy from ancient times. I really thought I was afraid that you might not succeed in the Thunder Territory?"


Listening to Luo Li's twittering, and Lei Tian couldn't control what Lei Tian wanted, a flash of thunder poured into her body.

In an instant, Luo Li collapsed to the ground.

Lei Tian thought that Lei Dong had killed Luo Li with a palm of his hand, and looked at Xun'er with a heartache on his face. Obviously ask to call the shots! But with Luo Li's provocation, Xun'er naturally didn't dare to talk too much. Lei Tian looked at Huo Zhi again, and Huo Zhi said: "Tian'er, don't be sad, your father didn't kill her."

Lei Tian was taken aback, and Lei Dong said: "He is full of thunder, and only you can solve it. How to save it is your business."

After sending Lei Tian to leave, Xun'er said: "Your Majesty, why are you doing this? This will teach you bad Tian'er!"


Not only Xun'er, the other women are also blamed. After all, they are all women, and there is no reason to sympathize with the weak....

Lei Dong said helplessly: "I don't want to, but she is special. I don't want my son to raise a wife for others. By the way, you send someone to the Luoshen Clan to inform."

Hearing this, Huo Zhi didn't say anything, after all, Lei Dong had already done so. Moreover, this is also in line with his always character, she can only do so.

When Huo Zhi sent someone to tell the matter, Lei Dong also left Lei Yu, found the location of the Bei Ling Academy, and found Mu Chen. Originally, he was not interested in killing him, but his son and Luo Li got involved, so Lei Dong naturally had no choice but to kill him.

After that, everything went as usual, and Lei Dong also broke through to the realm of dominance, dominating the world.

..... End of this book

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