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Ye Zhou, after graduating from college, mixed up with a small supervisor, and rarely did something good, but caught up with the car accident highlights. When he woke up, he returned to the countryside in the 1990s, surrounded by four walls and a house of superb relatives. Ye Zhou expressed tears running, who did he provoke?

Pan Xiangdong, the prince of the Beijing crown prince, the commander of the special forces sharp knife unit, the youngest lieutenant colonel in the history of the Chinese nation, left the unit temporarily for a mistake in the mission, but encountered a pit cargo leaf boat when he visited the old man, and he went further on the road of his wife Farther away.

“Well, you still owe me two hundred dollars …”

Ye Zhou held a pot of orchids and looked helplessly at the old man in front of him.

“What two hundred yuan? Go … Go east, drop off!”

An old bandit grabbed a potted plant, turned around holding the beloved orchid, and Pan Xiangdong standing side by side pretended to be strict: “Please!”

“Please buy a woolen yarn. Your family is fucking bandits?”

Ye Qian, who hadn’t paid for a pot of orchids, decisively vented his unhappiness on Pan Xiangdong. Grandma, it was only after he had spent eight lives that he would mold with the bandit grandchildren.

The space-time background of this article is purely fictitious. Please do not check with anyone in reality. !!

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Short Title:RSCW
Alternate Title:权少宠‘妻’
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All Time Rank:#2849
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  1. Back to ninetees: have relationship, make fortune, do some face-slapping job. It is this book "True Shao Chong's wife" name in the flying line. The book has over 200 chapters and the translation is easy to read but you have to prepare coins if you want to read this book on that website...

  2. Back to ninetees: have relationship, make fortune do some face-slapping job. Ini adalah buku ini "Istri Shao Chong Benar" nama di garis terbang. Buku itu memiliki bab di atas 200 dan terjemahannya mudah dibaca tetapi Anda harus menyiapkan koin jika Anda ingin membaca buku ini di situs web itu...

  3. Hello, just want to add that the author of this novel is the same as Young Military Rarities and Poisonous Peasant Concubine. If the admin see this, please add this novel into her works categories. Thank you 💞

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