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“Welcome to the Punishment Zone, scums.”

“Please tear the masks of pseudo-gods into pieces here.”

“However, you must remember—the time for slaughter takes place only after sunset.”

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Short Title:ROT
Alternate Title:准点狙击
Author:Tang Jiuqing
Weekly Rank:#8744
Monthly Rank:#8018
All Time Rank:#9755
Tags:Animal Characteristics, Artificial Intelligence, Eye Powers, Futuristic Setting, Heterochromia, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Secret Identity, Virtual Reality, Wars,
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11 Comments on “Right on Target
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  1. The autor is a freak "maso" i mean every novel have "up and down phase" on their story line and most of it its 50-50, but this novel its 80% "down" and 20% its messe up, i mean like, wft? Are you really like to see the characters being trampled every pages? The difficulties are so fuking freak duh, after they fight the oh so called god you also add another difficulty for their survival necessary? Yo! our esteemed author are you an "M"? Did you like to trampled so much? Fck im gonna DROP this sht gah!

  2. The setting is in a school, a highschool boy is an antisocial i think. There was a flag ceremony going on and the principal suddenly burst to death and then there was an announcemnt from the principal that was already dead that they all have to survive dor about 3 or 7 days. The boy's friend was killed and his classmate that he save got killed too by a hammer. Then there was this enemy of the boy, a painter guy and his bro-con sister of his. I am not sure if this is from the same novel but I think after he got out from the school he met another survival session hahaha.. He was inside a tunnel I think? There was so many people there and there was this mole or a rat and said that there is a killer among them and ask the people to guess who is a killer and they will survive.. After that the boy had an egg that can communicate with someone that has another egg similar to his.. Are anyone of you familiar with this novel?

  3. The first one is called "Escape game" .It can be read in here too. But,it is discontinued. The author said that he will rewrite it.But, I don't know where there is a complete rewritten novel or not.

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