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However, Lin Yi is also very satisfied with this. After all, this way, not only can he expand his army, but the most important point is that the review link is omitted. After all, this is too long to chase.

To prove whether a person can use it, this is a very difficult thing to do, not only to check it out, but also to get rid of his generations, whether there is a possibility of retaliation to Zhao.

If there is such a possibility, it must be suppressed as soon as possible.

After all, it is absolutely unnecessary to leave yourself the next hidden danger.

After all, if this hidden danger is really left, I am afraid it will have a huge disadvantage for future development.

Who knows if this guy will pop out of nowhere for a destructive attack?

At that time, although it will not have any impact on himself, there will always be a safety hazard for the people below, which Lin Yi does not want to see.

Of course, this is inevitable, after all, even in the 21st century, it is difficult to avoid such a thing, let alone in the feudal ancient society.

The only thing that can be done now is to minimize this risk.

It would be more perfect to make him almost impossible.

There is one thing that Lin Yi can guarantee, that is, after taking over here, he will definitely make the people here live more prosperously, and he will definitely not live in dire straits like before.

Of course, as for why Lin Yi attacked the Great Zhao Kingdom so quickly and held it in his hands, it was not just because the opponent wanted to attack the Right Kingdom, it was just a trigger.

In fact, Lin Yi didn't tell anyone the real reason.

That is, he will use Zhao State to check and balance You State, and use Right State to threaten Zhao State.

After all, after taking over Youguo, all the officials there have not changed, and these old officials will naturally unite to deal with them.

But this is not the case now. If they take down this Zhao State, they will have a sense of crisis, and will they be replaced by those Zhao State officials because of their poor performance.

The opposite is also true. In the same way, the officials of Zhao State will also be afraid of those officials of Youguo who will replace them. In this way, officials at both ends can be afraid. This is what Lin Yi wants most. purpose achieved.

In this way, the entire officialdom can be quickly balanced, giving him the opportunity to slowly cultivate his true strength.

Otherwise, let’s not talk about it, there is no way out.

And in order to achieve this goal, the first and the next time will also carry out the intermodulation of officials, that is, the officials of the two original countries will be exchanged, and they will go to different places to be officials. It can also give them better pressure.

Otherwise, if they are allowed to regenerate their comfort zone life for too long, then they will forget the original suffering, and they will not be able to endure the original suffering.

After attacking the big Zhao country, Lin Yi walked on the streets of the Zhao country, looking at the empty streets and the tightly closed doors of the two cars, Lin Yi knew that the people at this time were all scared and shrinking. Don't dare to go out at home.

But he also ignored it, because these people were the most timid.

They can't come out just because of their own words or two. They will come out again only if they feel completely safe.

He brought the horses directly into the hall, and at this time two large rows of civil and military officials were already kneeling on the hall.

At this moment, they were all bowing their heads, silently waiting for something.

Of course, after Lin Yi came, he naturally knew that they were waiting for him.

After hearing the footsteps, the heads of these people lowered even lower.

At this time, Lin Yi also stepped forward, walked between their crowds, and went straight to the highest position.

His eyes glanced at everyone present. Then the voice was cold, making them all stand up:

"Everyone is up, who am I? I think everyone already knows."

After hearing Lin Yi's voice, these talents stood up again.

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It's just that when Lin Yi asked who he was, some people showed a confused look, while others showed a clear look.

It can also be seen that some of them know Lin Yi, but there are also people who don't know Lin Yi.

Seeing such a situation, the other side casually pointed at an official in a purple robe standing in the front row.

"Very well, it seems that there are still people who don't know who I am. Please introduce yourself first, and then introduce them to who I am."

Although Lin Yi's voice was not loud, it was full of coercion. The purple-robed official who was pointed at him suddenly trembled, and then hurriedly bowed to Lin Yi:

"The minister obeys the order, and the minister is Liu Yun, the left prime minister of the Zhao state."

After answering Lin Yi, he turned around and looked at all the compatriots in the next game. Then he suddenly stood up straight and introduced Lin Yilai on the stage with a high-spirited speech:

"Everyone, this one is the emperor of the Great You Kingdom and the Great Zhao Kingdom today.

At the same time, that is also a fairy!

Has unpredictable means!

It is my honor to follow such an emperor, and it is also my hope for prosperity.

In the future, I will be an official of the dynasty, and I must serve Your Majesty well! "

After saying this, everyone in the arena gasped in unison, and at the same time felt the shameless stink of Liu Yun.

This guy is really good at licking, and he has just laid down the imperial city of the Great Zhao Kingdom, and he actually called the other party directly, it is this King Zhao.

This means that some sellers are seeking glory.

Of course, these are also indisputable facts. After all, Lin Yi has indeed attacked this place, and there is nothing wrong with calling the opponent King Zhao now.

In this circle of civil and military officials, although they scolded the old guy for being cunning and cunning, they fell to their knees and shouted in unison:

"The ministers and others see King You, and see King Zhao."

To be honest, it was the first time they were called two kings at the same time.

Although this kind of feeling is strange, I have to say that this kind of feeling is very powerful to my ears, which is enough to show the strength of the other party, and it is like a fairy to be able to conquer two dynasties for his own use at once. As for the means, at least in this history, there is no such means.

Of course, in this one, Lin Yi actually felt a little bit, that is, this Liu Yun was playing a careful game with himself.

As for what this little thought is? Of course, this is the reason why it is deliberately called Zhao Wang.

Don't forget, according to common sense, if Lin Yigong broke Zhao State, shouldn't this Zhao State also belong to the category of King You?

That is to say, this King You have unified Zhao State?

And as a result, this Zhao State will no longer exist, and it can only be called You State?

But now, he calls Lin Yi the two kings of Zhao Wang and You Wang, which means that he is thinking about whether he can keep the title of Zhao State.

For this, Lin Yi naturally saw it in his eyes and knew it in his heart, but he did not break through his careful thinking.

He waved his hand and asked everyone to stand up again, and then he continued:

"Very well, now that you all know my identity, you also need to know where your future identities are.

Don't say that I don't give you a chance, although I say that I have all the officials of Youguo, but after all, you are the parents here, so I have no intention to replace all of you!

However, this does not intend to ask you all to stay, and some people will be dismissed.

Of course, it depends on your performance whether to dismiss your post, retire and return home, or do something else.

As for who will stay and who will leave, it also depends on your performance. Whoever performs the best will naturally stay here. "

After saying this, Lin Yi did not continue to say anything, but gave them a period of time to digest, and this also caused the bottom to boil in an instant, and one after another began to talk about each other.

This scene is naturally what Lin Yi wants to see. The purpose of saying this is to give them a sweet jujube, a peace of mind pill to eat, and at the same time to make them feel at ease.

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At the same time, he also remembered that this knife was always hanging on top of his head.

If they perform well, they may be kept in their original positions. If they perform poorly, then I am sorry, not only may they be accused of returning home, but they may also be dealt with directly in accordance with the law.

Officials have achieved their position, and who is the cleanest person under them?

Therefore, everyone is afraid in their hearts, and they are afraid that Lin Yi will take action against them.

This also made them start to count their little ninety-nine in their hearts, that is, they must behave well for this new emperor.

Otherwise, if you can really check it yourself, it is obviously impossible to wait for your old age.

Not only that, these people are also very aware of Lin Yi, isn't this a big cake for them?

It's just that they understand more that as long as there is this cake, they have a glimmer of hope.

After realizing this, the eyes of each and everyone suddenly changed.

After seeing the changes in the eyes of these people, Lin Yicai nodded with satisfaction, then waved his hand directly to everyone, and said:

"I think everyone understands what I mean by now.

So everyone must know what to do now.

Although it is said that this time, all the soldiers I brought here are local soldiers, but presumably some people will not understand it, and there are some die-hard loyalists of the original King Zhao who will do some inappropriate things. Now It is necessary for everyone to go and perform their duties, exert your abilities, find all these remnants of the previous dynasty, and bring them all to me.

Okay, let's go. "

A word fell, and suddenly, there was a kowtow again in the field, and then after everyone said hello, they hurriedly went outside.

They have now understood what they should do, and that is to quickly stabilize the hearts of the people and find the remnants.

Maybe other things are a bit difficult for them to do, but these two things are very easy to handle. After all, they have been officials in the dynasty for so long. Therefore, which ones are the die-hards of King Zhao and which ones are from the previous dynasty. Residues, they are still very clear.

And now there is still the most important point, that is to **** the fastest time.

Now these officials understand that it is time to fight for time. After all, not only do they know who the remnants of the previous dynasty are, but almost everyone here knows who the remnants of the scene are. Catch more remnants of the former dynasty first.

Only in this way can he perform better and be appreciated by the new emperor, and only then can he keep his position under him.

All of a sudden, everyone started to speed up their pace, which is why they all started to trot with a hurrah.

They were afraid that they would be a step too late, and those individuals they knew would be captured by others, and they would have nowhere to cry.

Just watching the crowd leave, the corners of your mouth could not help but turn up slightly, revealing a happy smile.

It seems that you don't have to find it yourself at all.

Never thought it would be so easy to destroy a dynasty.

However, it was obvious that what he sighed was too exaggerated. You must know that this was the second dynasty he overthrew. Before him, there was another Great You Kingdom that had already surrendered to him.

It's just that these two places are obtained in different ways. That one directly kills the right king, and this one pushes all the way horizontally, and directly pushes all the troops of the entire Great Zhao Kingdom, directly killing the entire Great Zhao State. The country was beaten down.

Compared with the former, he has more deterrent power to this big Zhao country. It can be said that the people of this big Zhao country are truly surrendering to him.

Unlike Youguo, except for the officials in the capital, all the local officials in the underground are perfunctory towards him, but this is not the case in Zhao, his army has swept all the cities, which also makes him. All the officials below are afraid of their bottom-up kind.

After finishing here, suddenly, there was another noise outside, Lin Yi frowned and walked out, and at this time, he saw a general here

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He was running towards him.

After seeing this, Lin Yi frowned and asked:

"What's the sound behind? Why are you crying and making such a noise?"

The general immediately folded his fist and replied to Lin Yi:

"Report to the emperor. It is everyone in the palace who has been cleared for His Majesty.

There are not only palace maids and eunuchs, but also countless harem concubines and concubines. The prince and the princess are all gathered together now, and it is inevitable that they will cry and make noises, which will disturb Your Majesty. Also ask Your Majesty to forgive their sins, and I will make them stop crying. "

Hearing this, Lin Yi was suddenly stunned. It turned out to be the case, but after hearing the general's words, he shook his head helplessly.

[To be continued. . . . 】

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