In late December, Meng Qian patiently waited for Meng Fan in his study.

Meng Fan almost ran all the way, no way, the family was too big.

"Dad, are you looking for me?" Meng Fan walked in and stood beside Meng Qian.

Meng Qian beckoned Meng Fan to sit next to him, "Look at this."

Meng Fan didn't know what Meng Qian was going to do, but he watched patiently for a while, "This is... a novel?"

Meng Qian nodded, "Don't you like to write novels and have been writing novels? What do you think of this novel?"

Meng Fan thought for a while and said bluntly, "This novel is written...not at all like a novel, more like an autobiography."

"Yeah..." Meng Qian touched his nose with some embarrassment, "Actually, this is just a simple change based on my own creation, otherwise it won't come out so soon."

Meng Fan raised his head and looked at Meng Qian questioningly, "Dad, why did you suddenly write a novel?"

"Look at the last few chapters."

When Meng Fan turned the book to the end, he had a little understanding, "Dad, do you want to...?"

"This is the stupid way I said. As you said, a boring and hard-to-verify conjecture may be difficult to influence more worlds through interaction because of the problem of transmission characteristics. The ones that are easy to spread, in theory, should be more Popular things, such as novels, especially online novels.

I think that online novels should have a certain influence in most of the world. "

"So you want to write your life together with this conjecture in online novels, and try to affect more of the world through the high spread of online novels."

Meng Qian nodded, "You are right, this is what I think."

Meng Fan frowned, "But... Internet novels mean editing. Although the spread of online novels is definitely far greater than theory, people who read online novels will only treat him as a story, and no one will ever see him. Seriously."

Meng Qian smiled softly, "Didn't you also say it? Your theory is difficult to verify. Unless your father and I are a memory traverser, then my existence can help you prove this theory.

In the eyes of many ordinary people, a theory that is difficult to prove is how different it can be from a compiled story.

It is better to expand the scope of dissemination and let more people see such a concept. Perhaps some people will realize that they are not alone, because there are still so many worlds of themselves who are living as strong as themselves, and they exist between each other. With an inseparable fetter.

Perhaps someone will redefine the meaning of death and living. After all, we in the big world have never died, we have been alive, and we continue to move forward in the long river of history.

Perhaps some people will start to look forward to whether they in another world have missed their beloved TA, whether they in the other world will be brave to be themselves, whether they in the other world have seized the opportunity, After all, because of the existence of interaction, maybe my bravery and hard work in that world can change my subsequent life in the future. After many years, I might have the opportunity to be reborn when I meet TA, be brave and start again.

Maybe someone will work harder than in the past, because 2020 here may be 2000 in another world, and my own efforts now may make the 20 years of myself in that world more meaningful, and re-influence myself. Body.

Perhaps, we will all look forward to one day breaking the physical boundaries, breaking the dimensional perception limit, and saying thank you to someone in another world. Thank you for living so hard, and I will not give up easily. "

Meng Fan looked at Meng Qian in surprise. He didn't expect his father to have such romantic cells.

Meng Qian couldn't help but touched Meng Fan's head, "Maybe I, in another world, know how to be a father, so what he is doing now is actually teaching me how to be a father."

Meng Fan was flattered for a while, and was unable to speak for a long time.

Meng Qian slowly came out of his emotions and pointed to the book in front of him, "So since you have been writing novels for these years, you can give me some ideas. I really don't know how to write novels."

Meng Fan quickly calmed himself down, "At least from the perspective of this world, the spread of online novels must be great, but again, your writing is too much like an autobiography, not like an online novel at all. It is estimated that it will be difficult to attract too many readers, because everyone will look very tired."

"But these things, I hope to be recorded as truthfully as possible."


"On the one hand, I hope that some real experiences can bring some useful help to other worlds. On the other hand, I want other worlds to see the results of our efforts and make them believe that even their own world. China has many problems in that world, but everything will be better in the future."

Meng Fan pondered for a while, "Then I can only take a gamble."

"Got a gamble?"

"The development of online novels is actually relatively inclusive. Maybe this autobiographical style can also attract some specific readers, and you just said that you hope to help some people. Then I suddenly thought that I could be affected by this. People who are attracted by books of this style may be those who are more interested in these fields, but that is a precise goal.

However, some areas still need to be changed, otherwise I am afraid that they will not even be able to sign the contract. "

"Do you have any suggestions?" Meng Qian asked seriously.

"The Golden Chapter is definitely going to be changed. You start a company when you come up. Who will read it..." Meng Fan couldn't help but complain.

"Do you have any idea?"

"The key to the three golden chapters is the golden fingers and contradictions, which must be present.

You should be urban writing, like urban writing, rebirth is a more common golden finger. As for contradictions, there must be a reason why you want to establish the Dafeng Group and why you have to live so hard. "

Meng Qian rolled his eyes and said, "Then use the prophet to be the golden finger. At the end, you can use the truth of crossing to launch your guess. As for the contradiction, use Huami's confrontation as the point of contradiction. "

"That's okay." Meng Fan thought for a while, and suddenly he stopped, then raised his head and looked at Meng Qian in shock, "Dad, you won't really be a memory traverser!

If you follow this story, it will match you perfectly! "

Meng Qian directly slapped Meng Fan, "Isn't this for making a story? Give the book a good idea."

Meng Fan touched his head and still felt something was wrong, but he didn't think too much about it. "Then the content must be changed. If you can trust me, I can help you try to change it first, and then the pen name and the title of the book. , Especially the title of the book, is very important."

"I thought of a pen name, called Jianghu Shuomengren."

"The rivers and lakes said Mengren?"

Meng Qian said with emotion, "Well, all of this is like dreams and illusions, true and false, just like telling everyone a dream in the rivers and lakes. It is a dream in sleep and a dream in life."

Meng Fan thinks the pen name is pretty Then it will be the title of the book. From the perspective of online novels, it is better for such books to start with rebirth, such as Rebirth 2000. Rebirth is based on the lithography machine. In the beginning, the rebirth of the industry to prosper the nation, the rebirth of the rise of great powers and so on. "

Hearing these names, Meng Qian couldn't help frowning, "But this is not actually a rebirth."

"That's how it is said, but with the word rebirth it is easy to drain."

Meng Qian didn't understand it very well, so he shook his head, "This story is not about rebirth, it shouldn't be named after rebirth."

"Do you have any thoughts, dad?"

Meng Qian thought for a while, "Recently everyone is talking about the change in the pattern. Let's call it "Rewriting the Technological Pattern". After all, the entire technological pattern will be rewritten for this world or for other worlds. "

Meng Fan understood Meng Qian's meaning, and nodded, "That's it, "Rewrite the Technological Landscape."


End of the book.