Fortunately, the doctor didn't stop Meng Qian much, and Meng Qian followed Meng Fan to the laboratory smoothly.

Today is really the equipment maintenance day of the laboratory, but it does not affect the reading of the information.

Here Meng Qian saw a messy desktop, a pile of notebooks full of notes, and hundreds of G data on the computer, the real data.

For a while, Meng Qian seemed to see Meng Fan's daily life here. He took a peek at his son, who seemed a little afraid of him, and felt a little mixed in his heart.

Meng Qian knew in his heart that he was not a good father, at least not before today.

Meng Fan first took Meng Qian to read some of his mathematical derivations. Meng Qian nodded solemnly, but he could only nod frequently because he couldn't understand it at all.

It is more intuitive to look at the experimental records and virtual images.

There are some experimental premises for Meng Fan to make the Ye World model, such as the suspected new discovery of gravitons. In the past few years, Dafeng Group took the lead in conducting several large-scale scientific projects between companies in Europe, including the world. The first ultra-high-sensitivity laser interferometer is the highest-level equipment in this field in the world, and currently there is only one in the world. After all, the cost is too high for ordinary people to use.

It is with this device that scientists have observed a suspected graviton for the first time.

The reason why it is said to be suspicious is that the observation results have again produced some deviations from the previous conjecture, so physicists can only say it is suspicious, but everyone believes that it is at least one step further than the indirect verification in 1978.

It is from this deviation that Meng Fan proposed the concept of the four equilibrium states, which is the equilibrium state of the four major forces. In fact, from a macro perspective, the four equilibrium states are a normal state, because the unbalanced world has long been chaotic, but why is it balanced? How to balance, this is the key.

After all, the four major forces have never been unified. Meng Fan proposed a bold conjecture called the theory of matter pivot state. He believes that matter has basic material units in the high-dimensional world, and this basic material unit is one that cannot be broken by any external force. Fulcrum state.

It is also through the fulcrum state theory that Meng Fan further proposed the boundary string theory. Through mathematical derivation above 11 dimensions, he found a possible basic unit of matter and called it boundary string. As mentioned before, boundary string The string is the basic carrier of the unity of the wave and the particle, the fulcrum state of the four major forces, the total unit of the field, and the smallest physical unit in the physical world.

In addition, Meng Qian saw a very important concept, the physical boundary.

This is extremely important when observing the entire model demonstration. Meng Fan proposed to compare the world to leaves, in fact, to make it easier for everyone to understand, but in the virtual model he made, each leaf world is not really like a leaf. One piece is clearly separated, but all the leaf worlds are merged together, and the entire high-dimensional world is a whole.

The independence of the world is manifested in the characteristics of the world, not in the external form.

This is obviously not a well-understood state. All worlds are integrated and independent. This requires the use of physical boundaries proposed by Meng Fan. Each world guarantees independence through physical boundaries and ensures that no direct contact occurs. The physical boundary itself is also an energy body, with special properties of cutting dimensions.

Looking at the form of this big world again, it looks like a vast ocean, flowing, tumbling, and endless.

The next key is the interaction between the worlds. Meng Fan called it the fifth force, called the high-dimensional force. In Meng Fan’s conjecture, the high-dimensional force is the key to the similarity of the world.

High-dimensional force is also the only existence that can penetrate physical boundaries. As for how different worlds influence each other and form similarities, it should be related to data, and it is likely to be related to life.

After gaining a deeper understanding of Meng Fan's conjecture, Meng Qian couldn't help asking, "Have you ever thought of publishing your conjecture?"

Meng Fan shook his head, "The whole conjecture still lacks a few key data, and let alone Ye World's conjecture, Jie Xian is now only at the stage of conjecture, at least the Jie Xian theory must be confirmed first.

Now it can only be regarded as a kind of self-entertainment. There is still a long way to go before the conjecture is released. "

Meng Qian smiled and shook his head, "It is said that it is a conjecture. The lack of some arguments is not normal. I think this conjecture is valuable, at least it is worth discussing, and I think your conjecture is very likely. Really."

"Why?" Meng Fan looked at Meng Qian curiously. Ever since he became interested in quantum mechanics, until now he has a keen interest in physics as a whole, Meng Fan has never received Meng Qian's guidance.

He always felt that his father was too lazy to teach himself because he thought he was not smart enough. At this moment, Meng Fan suddenly felt that his father might want to teach him some dry stuff, and his anticipation broke out in an instant.

Meng Qian slowly said, "Because... it looks like that."

Meng Fan, "???"

That's it?

The father of the world's smartest person by the media, what he said is at this level?

Meng Fan was completely stunned. Was his father a genius?

Seeing the disappointment written on Meng Fan's face, Meng Qian coughed slightly, "I mean, I had similar conjectures with you."

Meng Fan's eyes lit up again, "In other words, did you want to go together with Dad?!"

Meng Qian straightened his back subconsciously, "Yes, and this is a research direction that I care about very much."

Meng Fan instantly became very energetic, "Dad, where are you doing your research? Can I take a look at your research?"

Meng Qian gave Meng Fan a look, with two of the most attitudes in his eyes: You are still too weak now, and I will be able to tell you the truth when you are strong enough...

However, Meng Fan was really bluffed by the second two's eyes.

Meng Qian deliberately raised the question and changed the topic, "Have you ever thought about whether we can cause similar situations in other worlds and affect other worlds if we deliberately do something."

Now if we publish this conjecture in this world, wouldn't it be possible to cause this conjecture to gradually appear in many worlds?

Wouldn't it be easy to mess up? "

Meng Fan immediately shook his head, "Theoretically, it is true, but the problem is that this is a conjecture. I don’t know how much to go from distance verification. I even vaguely feel that the physical boundary between the leaf worlds can never be beyond high-dimensional force. Breaking, but as a low-dimensional world, it is difficult for us to detect high-dimensional power, which means that it is really difficult for humans to verify this thing, and it may even be a thing that can never be achieved.

Unless deliberately died, but died in this world, even if you really go to another world, there is no way to tell the world about the situation there and these things.

What's the point of deliberately because of something that cannot be verified?

You deliberately spent a long time, maybe the theory is wrong, you are completely busy.

This is one and two. There are many leaf worlds, and the ones that are prone to large-scale chain effects must be those that are relatively easy to spread, rather than such dry and difficult-to-verify theories.

Even if we publish this theory, it may not necessarily affect how many worlds.

Dad, think about it, even death is a thing that cannot spread to all the world, let alone such a theory? "

"Not always."

Meng Fan looked at Meng Qian in surprise, "Dad has a way?"

"There is a dumb way."