Shen Jiawen hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Meng Qian's arm, "Can you speak well, do you have to look like this in front of your son?"

Meng Qian glanced at Shen Jiawen before returning to the bed and sitting down.

Shen Jiawen was very clear about Meng Qian's thoughts, turned her head and looked at Meng Fan, "And you, have to be frustrated with your dad, right?"

Meng Fan left his hand and walked slowly to Meng Qian, "Dad, are you okay."

The corner of Meng Qian's eyes trembled unconsciously, "I'm fine, why didn't you come the other day?"

"I'm afraid you see me angry." Meng Fan lowered his head and said in a low voice, "Mom said you can't be angry just after the operation."

Shen Jiawen patted Meng Fan's head behind him, "I said this to make you come and see your dad!"

Meng Fan rubbed his head and said angrily, "I won't come over and I will just anger my dad."

Meng Qian turned his head to look at Meng Fan, "Are you still writing a novel?"

"Yeah." Meng Fan nodded lightly.

Meng Qian patted the dust on his trousers, "I didn't want you to write really like it, so go and do it."

Meng Fan secretly raised his head and looked at Meng Qian as if he was confirming whether his words were sincere. Meng Qian didn't want to say more about this issue, and directly changed the subject, "Then have you researched anything new recently?"

Meng Fan's eyes lit up suddenly, "Um, Dad, I recently polished out a new universe model called Ye World."

"Oh? Tell me more specifically." Meng Qian actually knows how to get closer to Meng Fan, but this is his first time being a father, and he is not very familiar with this matter.

Sure enough, Meng Fan was no longer restrained, and squatted beside Meng Qian and took out his mobile phone. "Dad, in my new model, I think the real world is also a high-dimensional world. I call it a high-dimensional world. The big world is a world that we still cannot accurately recognize, and the world we can clearly perceive all exists under this high-dimensional world. There are many such worlds, but they are not parallel."

"It's not a parallel relationship?" Meng Qian was curious about this statement.

"Yes, it is more like the relationship between the leaves on a tree. Every world is a leaf. These leaves are similar and attached to this tree. But there are no two identical leaves in the world, nor Two identical worlds, and the world and the world are essentially independent, but everyone grows on this tree, and there will be a certain connection, but this connection is not a parallel relationship, in my model , This is an interaction relationship."


"To put it simply, every world, which I prefer to call the Ye World now, will interact with other leaf worlds, but there are differences in this interaction. Assuming that there are ten leaf worlds in the entire big world, They are world 12345678910, then the interaction between world 2 and world 1 and world 3 is the largest, the interaction between world 3, world 2 and world 4 is the largest, and so on, and finally to world 10. When, it will form a circle.

In other words, each leaf world will have the greatest interaction with the two adjacent leaf worlds, and at the same time, it will have relatively weak interactions with other leaf worlds.

This is the basic macroscopic feature of the Ye World, let’s look at the human perception of the world.

In previous physics research, some people suggested that the world we see is a reflection of the higher-dimensional world in our world, but some people quickly refuted it because in their opinion, for example, if the wave-particle duality of light is It is the mapping of waves in higher-dimensional space to low-dimensional space. Why does the observation behavior in low-dimensional space affect the energy propagation and distribution law of waves in high-dimensional space?

This is not reasonable.

Indeed, this is unreasonable, but we cannot look at this issue in this way, because purely high-dimensional world mapping is a one-sided matter, and in my guess, the world and people are two-way, a relationship that affects each other.

It is not human observation that changes the high-dimensional world, but human behavior, which creates the result. This is the big-world causality.

The specific behavior of each individual in the leaf world will lead to a specific result in the leaf world. This is causation and an independent variable related to you. "

"Why can people skip the world they are in and get in touch with the big world?" Meng Qian listened very carefully, and naturally he could quickly discover the problem.

"This may be our misunderstanding of people. Perhaps, people are not the people we understand. Each of us is actually a state of a person in a larger dimension in each leaf world. Fruit carrier."

Meng Qian was silent for a while to understand Meng Fan’s thoughts, “According to your guess, this is a world that complements each other. The high-dimensional world is more like a collection of energy. The leaf world is the concretization of energy, but all leaf worlds Putting them together can be regarded as the real world.

And the leaf worlds have mutual forces, are independent and related, and are not in a parallel state, so there should be inevitable similarities in every leaf world, right? "

"It's true."

"Is there a possibility that a person from Ye World will travel to another Ye World?" Meng Qian immediately thought of this question.

"In theory, people should not be able to pass through, because there is a natural barrier between each leaf world to ensure the balance of the entire world, unless...memory is transmitted to the past in a form of energy, maybe it is possible achieve."

Meng Qian completely forgot his injury and asked subconsciously, "What do you mean by this?"

"Although I still can't figure out what memory is, there is one thing in my model called Jie Xian.

The boundary string is the basic carrier of the unity of wave and particle, the fulcrum state of the four major forces, the unit of total quantity of the field, and the smallest physical unit in the physical world.

No matter what the memory is, its basic composition must be the boundary string. If an external force breaks the fulcrum state, it is theoretically possible for a certain amount of matter to be directly transferred from one leaf world to another.

And human memory may happen to encounter such an external force. "

"External force? What external force?"

"The more likely guess is death."


"Well, why I want to make a leaf world model, and another reason is that I discovered that human death is probably a matter of returning to the roots of fallen leaves. We are the nutrients that ensure the continuous operation of the high-dimensional world.

Looking at the death of a person in the big world, it is not death in the true sense. We in that big world are still alive, and we in many other leaf worlds are still alive.

So when people die, they will break the balance of everything because they need to be reconstructed.

Perhaps, at this time, the most data-like things in people, memories, will be passed on.

But it is only a possibility. "

Meng Qian just wanted to say something, but realized the problem, "But if it is really the time of death to pass the memory to another world, the timeline must be the same."

"That's for sure, all the leaf worlds are on one tree, and everyone's timeline must be the same."

"That's not right." Meng Qian whispered.

"Dad what did you say?"

"Oh, nothing, I mean, if a person dies in 2020, even if he wants to pass on his memory, he will have to pass it on to another world in 2020."

"Who said that." Meng Fan looked at Meng Qian with some doubts, his eyes revealed how my dad was so stupid.

However, Meng Qian saw Meng Fan's disgust and still didn't react, "Is there any problem?"

"The unification of the timeline refers to the unification of the objective timeline of the big world, but not the unification of the subjective timeline of the Ye World. What we call 2020 or 2000 is the Gregorian calendar created by our world.

The development of each Ye World is similar but different, maybe the first year of the Gregorian calendar in another world is 20 years late because of some things?

The year 2020 of World A corresponds to the year 2000 of World B.

However, this kind of transmission has a high probability of appearing in the strong interaction of the leaf world. Because of the existence of strong interaction, if this person dies in world A in 2020, his memory will be in world B, and the person in world B will reach them. It is very likely that in 2020 will also hang up, and it is likely to hang up in a similar way.

However, this person in World B got the memory of World A. It is considered to be dead ~ and live for 20 years, and he should die. "

Meng Qian darkened his face for a while Meng Fan, but now he couldn't get angry, but grabbed Meng Fan and said, "Take me to the laboratory to see more details of your research."

"What are you doing?" Shen Jiawen thought she had misheard, and immediately came up to stop her. "You can't leave the hospital yet."

"I don't know my own body, besides, I went to the laboratory to see, not to run a marathon.

"But the doctor won't agree."

"The doctor didn't agree with us and we bought the hospital."

Shen Jiawen, "???"

Meng Qian looked at Shen Jiawen's puzzled expression, "Is there any problem?"

"This is a public hospital."

Meng Qian, "..."


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