After confirming that he had survived and that he was still alive in this world, Meng Qian finally truly felt alive.

At the same time, with the help of Shen Jiawen, Meng Qian also knew how much his accident made.

Internet hot search lists about their car accidents have exploded day and night, and netizens are more sensitive to speculation, and the most speculation is naturally murder.

Many people insisted that Meng Qian was deliberately murdered, and the degree of certainty felt that they were looking for someone to do this.

But I really can't blame everyone, after all, Meng Qian's existence is too special, and the impact of Meng Qian can't be ignored. If no one wants Meng Qian to die, it's nonsense.

Especially now that the rules of the world have really changed, those who always want to adhere to the old rules have become the biggest suspects. If possible, they would definitely want to slash Meng Qian.

The task force was really called from above. The driver of the truck has been under control. Netizens are urging the progress of the investigation almost every minute.

"Is the driver okay?" Meng Qian couldn't help worrying. Although what happened was too bizarre, according to Meng Qian's general understanding, although he couldn't tell why these coincidences were, coincidences happened all the time, and such coincidences, obviously It is not something that some people can control, which means that the driver of a large truck is likely to be innocent, "Don't wrong people."

Shen Jiawen smiled and said, "What do you think, everything has to be evidence. If the justice is kidnapped by public opinion, it will be fine.

There is no evidence, so naturally the driver's master is not wronged, and Su Tianyue is staring at this matter over there. She just sent me a message saying that the driver can basically be susceptible, this time it may be really an accident. "

"That's good, I always feel that this matter has nothing to do with the driver." Meng Qian is inconvenient to say anything more, "You tell Gu Junhui and the others, and turn around to confirm that the whole matter has nothing to do with the truck driver. You must protect the driver. Let things go smoothly."

"I know, don't worry, everyone has this idea."

Meng Qian nodded. He was more at ease with the company. He continued to read the comments of netizens on the Internet. In addition to thinking that it was murder, there were many other insights. Among them, some netizens speculated that Meng Qian might be going through. Back to his original world, the following netizens mocked why he didn't write novels.

When Meng Qian turned around and was free, he even opened a trumpet and replied to this netizen's comment. I think you are right. You have to trust your own judgment.

In addition to netizens’ speculation, one thing Meng Qian cares more about is that his car accident directly caused a small earthquake in the technology industry. During his coma, global technology stocks plummeted. When he woke up, these stocks rose again.

Really control the market with one person's power.

In the Huaxia Technology industry, there have been remarks like who else can continue to lead the development of Huaxia Technology.

This hat is obviously too high to wear, and Meng Qian can't stand it, but it represents an unclear consensus in the market.

"It seems that I really have to hurry to retire, or else I will have endless disappointment to the public in the future." Meng Qian felt in his heart that he had not reserved the use of the prophet in the past 20 years, and he has portrayed his image a bit too mythologically.

This is also an important reason why Meng Qian wants to retire. It is not that he has not developed in the past 20 years. He has also grown a lot, and he is indeed the person who knows the Dafeng Group best. To be honest, it is completely fine for him to continue to be the guide.

But he knew that he could only be a qualified CEO without a prophet, but he was absolutely impossible to become a god-like CEO. The previous self was too high by himself to maintain.

And in everything that happened on the Internet, what moved Meng Qian the most was that on Fengxin’s global hot search list, there was a topic praying for Meng Qian. As of Dafeng Group’s official announcement, Meng Qian has been out of danger. More than 200 million people prayed for Meng Qian.

Even in many parts of the world, there are some offline blessing activities organized spontaneously by everyone. These videos were posted on the Internet. Meng Qian was fortunate to survive and was fortunate to see these things.

Meng Qian slowly and carefully watched the comments of netizens.

"For me, Meng Qian is a belief, a belief in creating miracles. The miracle I see is not the achievements of Dafeng Group, nor the success of the new globalization. The miracle in my eyes is Meng Qian, because of Meng Qian. I believe that I can also create miracles that belong to me. Therefore, I firmly believe that Meng Qian will carry it over."

"There has never been a person who can convince me that this world is really warm like Meng Qian. All the malice in this world I once thought was because Meng Qian made me see the light.

This is the best era. I will never forget this sentence. This is the best era. This era will definitely retain Meng Qian. "

"It was Meng Qian who taught me to look for relative fairness in a world where there is no absolute fairness, and it was Meng Qian who taught me to find self-satisfaction in a world where there is no perfection. He is my best godfather in life. Please survive. Please survive. ."

"Meng Qian is like China's best business card, hardworking, smart, open, and confident. He is like a microcosm of China's 5000-year culture. Behind his success, it seems that a powerful nation can always be seen. People who do not give up lightly, Meng Qian will definitely wake up."

"Without Meng Qian, I would still be drinking the sewage in the stinking ditch and gnawing on bread as hard as a rock. There are many corners in this world that seem to have no intersection with Meng Qian, but we all know it in our hearts. It has changed our lives. If there is a need, I am willing to give everything. I only hope that Mr. Meng can wake up."

The high praises brought tears to Meng Qian's eyes, and he flipped it down unconsciously.

"Dad, you haven't made a will yet, you can't die!"

The style of painting on the Internet always changes with the pull-down.

However, at this time Meng Qian really felt the kind of pride that everything was worth.

"It's not in vain to see such a scene in the life of a human being." Meng Qian smiled knowingly.

Shen Jiawen wiped Meng Qian's body, but Yu Guang had actually been sneaking at Meng Qian. She gradually realized the changes in Meng Qian. As the closest person to Meng Qian, she felt Meng Qian’s acceptance of the world. Although she had never known why Meng Qian always seemed to resist this world before, he was obviously dedicated to this world.

In the next few days, company executives, corporate representatives, government leaders, school student representatives, and social people representatives came to the hospital to visit Meng Qian. Meng Qian's body quickly improved under Shen Jiawen's care.

A week later, as long as he didn't exercise vigorously, Meng Qian was basically able to take care of himself normally.

On December 8th Meng Qian was doing a simple rehabilitation exercise in the ward, and the door of the ward was pushed open again.

Meng Qian couldn't help but feel a little puzzled. No matter who came to see him, Shen Jiawen would tell him in advance that the nurse had just changed the medicine. Who is this?

Turning his head, Meng Qian saw Meng Fan, who was almost 170 years old. Meng Qian stopped the training at hand, turned around, and stared at Meng Fan without speaking.

Meng Fan glanced at Meng Qian a little nervously, "Dad..."

Meng Qian pretended to look at Meng Fan indifferently, "Today is there a fire in the laboratory?"


Meng Qian beckoned Meng Fan to come over, and Meng Fan approached and said, "Today is the equipment maintenance day in the laboratory."

Meng Qian, "???"