At 11:45 pm on December 31, 2019, 38-year-old Meng Qian was rushing to a taxi at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport.

   Looking at the lights of Wanjia outside the window, watching the crowd with smiling faces preparing to welcome the new year 2020, Meng Qian's face looked particularly heavy.

  Because he wants to rush to the United States at this moment, but he is not traveling or studying, but to deal with unwarranted pressure from the West.

Meng Qian is now working as an algorithm architect in a technology company in Hangzhou that focuses on artificial intelligence research and development. At present, the company is not well-known, but the development speed is very fast. Especially the company's research on the next generation of intelligent algorithms has achieved poor results. Favored by the small capitalists, the B round investment of 800 million was just received not long ago.

   Just two hours ago, Meng Qian, who was going to continue to show his skills in artificial intelligence research and development, was called to the office by the chairman and told him that the company's products were accused of security risks by the West.

   Since Meng Qian joined the company at the age of 28 in 2009, he has worked out the entire technical department of the company step by step. He knows better than anyone else whether the company’s algorithm has any security risks. This is obviously a crime.

This kind of desire and crime has affected many Huaxia companies over the years. This time it is finally Meng Qian’s company, but Meng Qian’s company is not the main force targeted. This time the West is actually targeting China’s entire artificial intelligence development. .

   The reason Meng Qian is very clear. In the entire computer industry, the West has absolute software and hardware and comprehensive upstream and downstream monopoly power. The decades of technological development gap has made China now want to directly strengthen the West in the computer industry by hitting stones with pebbles.

However, it is helpless that technological development is the core battlefield of the future great power struggle, even if it is a pebble attack, this has led to a period of 30 years of scientific research and development starting from the 1980s. During this period, China has a large amount of capital in the technology industry. I have all felt what it means to draw water in a bamboo basket, and a large number of people have felt what it means to be helpless.

   Until 2010, facing the comprehensive monopoly and restriction of the computer industry and even the entire industrial field, China finally found a way out, that is, many people have heard a saying in recent years, called overtaking on a curve.

   The main means of overtaking in corners are divided into two battlefields, soft power and hard power.

The so-called soft power battlefield is also called application warfare. It is like the reinforced concrete structure of a house that is fixed in the West. We can't shake it or change it. Then we will work **** the soft furnishings and design the house better than yours. It looks good. It has a higher space utilization rate than yours and is more suitable for living than yours.

  Things that have emerged from this are, for example, mobile payment, sharing economy, and delivery express delivery system that everyone is familiar with now, as well as the camera's ability to take pictures of mobile phones, and appearance design.

To be honest, these things belong to soft power. Even before the core technology of the battery is broken, the battery life of the mobile phone is soft power. You cannot rely on the battery life to monopolize the mobile phone market, and you cannot rely on the mobile payment function. Anyone's neck.

   But we have fallen behind in hard power for decades. The development of hard power can only be done slowly. Then we can only start with soft power. In this way, at least a lot of markets and users can be restored and even created, and then you can make money. After all, you can't make money. What is hard power?

   Use the keyboard to knock out the chip?

   Therefore, every time someone says that Huaxia knows to do these bells and whistles, insiders will find it ridiculous. If the so-called bells and whistles of these keyboard men are not developed, the Huaxia technology industry will only fall behind.

Moreover, Meng Qian never felt that these things are fancy, how to win more with less on the battlefield, originally relies on tactics, means, and skills. If fighting is head-to-head, then stop fighting. Whoever has the best weapon, who has more people, who It won, and there won't be so many classic battles in history.

Besides, even if it has to be on the battlefield of hard power, Huaxia now has a place to overtake corners, that is, artificial intelligence and quantum technology. Whoever has the priority to control quantum technology will have the possibility to achieve quantum hegemony and directly change industrial rules. This is a well-known thing, and China is now at the forefront of quantum technology, but humans’ control of quantum technology, don’t look at Google’s bragging claims, it really needs to be completely controlled. , I don't know when it happened.

   Looking at artificial intelligence, true intelligence is still far away, but the application of artificial intelligence has entered a critical moment, and at this moment, China's artificial intelligence has obviously begun to exert its strength.

Before the arrival of the big data Internet era and the mobile Internet era, artificial intelligence has been left out of the West for a long time due to its weak application support. Coupled with the high degree of difficulty of the technology itself, this has made this industry never appear absolute. Monopoly situation.

   Coincidentally, in Huaxia, where the mobile Internet is the most prosperous, it is precisely because we have spent a lot of energy on the application side development that artificial intelligence has a fertile ground for rapid development in China, thus promoting the development of Huaxia artificial intelligence.

  Even in the field of chips that are absolutely locked by the West, Huaxia relied on artificial intelligence to open the door to AI chips and opened the way to develop artificial intelligence hardware for overtaking.

Therefore, it is really helpless to have to compare Kirin chips with Apple and Qualcomm chips. People will not even sell us the lithography machine, and they have fixed all the parameters of the general chip, directly limiting it from the source. In terms of Huaxia's chip level, from the perspective of general-purpose chips, Huaxia is at least three generations behind.

   But now the actual use gap between Kirin chips and Apple and Qualcomm is not as exaggerated as the third generation. This is the beauty of this corner overtaking.

   Of course, it may be the most enjoyable if you can be positive, but people always have to consider reality.

   So I gradually realized that the West, which is developing a bit fast in the field of artificial intelligence, will sooner or later start with this field.

   For this kind of helplessness, Meng Qian can't do much. He can only do his own part of the job. As for now, what he wants is to meet with a lawyer in the U.S. as soon as possible and find a way to keep his company.

Regardless of other, the company’s products are all his hard work for Meng Qian in the past decade. The development of the company is Meng Qian’s best feedback to Bole. The future of the company is what he can do as an ordinary individual for the rise of Huaxia Technology. Best effort.

   Therefore, he will try his best to hold the flame that belongs to him at least.


   Just as Meng Qian was thinking about his strategy after going to the U.S., he suddenly called from his mobile phone. He glanced at it. He was an algorithm engineer under his staff and his apprentice, He Jingtong, who had been with him for seven years.

   "Jing Tong."

   "Lao Meng, are you at the airport?"

   "Still on the road, there is a traffic jam on the elevated road tonight." Meng Qian sensitively heard that He Jingtong's mood was not right, "What's the matter about calling me?"

   "Lao Meng, you must withstand the pressure after you arrive in the United States, and you must keep our bottom line. The artificial intelligence that we have developed so hard can never be suppressed!"

   Noting that He Jingtong's emotions became more agitated, Meng Qian simply asked, "What's the matter with you? It's not quite right."

   "Mom, I'm almost mad at death. Go and read the comments on the Internet. It's a bunch of critics of our incompetent Huaxia researchers!

   If it wasn't for our predecessors in scientific research who built the atomic bomb, or if our predecessors in scientific research were not for modernization when they were in poverty, how could this group of people have the opportunity to spray us on the Internet!

Zhenni Ma is unhappy. We have been behind the West in industry for a hundred years. Our generations of scientific researchers have struggled to achieve what they are today. It’s good now. The West realizes that our rise has suppressed us. As a result, we On the contrary, these family members demolish our station day by day, making us who engage in scientific research look like historical sinners.

   If it wasn't for the invasion and suppression of their **** Western fathers, our industrialization could develop faster!

   Ma Dan, the more you think about it, the more **** it gets, and you hate your country so much, get out! "

"Okay, Jingtong." Meng Qian smiled faintly. He Jingtong is such a character. He is obviously a 30-year-old, but he is as emotional and impulsive as a young man in his early twenties, and is in his three views. The world is either black or white.

In this age of sophistication and sleekness, and it seems that nothing is right or wrong, He Jingtong seems a little out of place, but this is exactly what Meng Qian likes him. Such people are really rare in this era, "Don’t you I get so excited every time something happens.

Although I didn’t watch the news, I believe that there are definitely more compatriots supporting us online than compatriots who scold us. Remember what I said to you, people live for themselves first, and then for those like-minded people. The last thing is to live for those who are not on the same channel at all. UU reading

   We do scientific research, never for those people, you care what they say. "

   "But looking at those comments is very uncomfortable. Seeing that they can do it on the Internet, making a chip is as easy as making a mud!"

"Well, I'll scold as much as I am upset. However, I have to remind you of a business matter. I just contacted the lawyer over there. It is estimated that this time I will have to stay in the United States for a while. The company's next-generation algorithm The critical moment has come, you stared me to death, this is the painstaking effort of all of us."

   "I know, this matter..."


   At this moment, Meng Qian suddenly heard the sound of bursting fireworks and glanced at the time subconsciously. It is now 11:59, and the New Year has entered a countdown of seconds.

   "Isn't the main city area smoke-free?" Meng Qian subconsciously asked.

   "Yes." The driver couldn't help but turned his head to look in the direction of the fireworks, "It's probably the stupid son of which landlord's house..."


   Just a few seconds after the driver turned his head, a truck suddenly lost control and rushed towards the taxi where Meng Qian was sitting. When the taxi driver looked back, he had already lost reaction time and instinctively pulled the steering wheel.


   The taxi was pushed directly out of the viaduct and fell down.


   "Bamboo pole, bamboo pole, what are you doing!"

   "Bang, bang, bang!"

In a daze, Meng Qian heard someone call him his nickname when he was young, and there were bursts of fireworks bursting. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the fireworks in the sky, and beside him, there was a young man. Student-like man.

   Meng Qian shook his head. When he saw this person clearly, he was even more dazed...

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