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Rewrite the Technological Landscape

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With the help of two decades of rebirth and the technological advantages of previous generations, we will make arrangements in advance for the development of China’s hardware and software industry.

On the basis of making good use of several major events in the Internet and the technology industry in the past two decades, a former technology leader is quietly changing the technological landscape of the 21st century.

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Short Title:RTL
Alternate Title:重写科技格局
Author:Jianghu said the dream man
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Monthly Rank:#2911
All Time Rank:#3103
Tags:Nationalism, Racism, Technological Gap,
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36 Comments on “Rewrite the Technological Landscape
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  1. Bitch please, no country will sell their fighter jets to other countries so that they can break it down and research it, and lithography machine is not easy to make, and if lithography machine is sold to china, they will flood the market with phones and chips and with the population of china, they might even become first country in the world, its good that china wants to be the first in the world but why would America not want to be the first, and give everything to china for no reason at all, lithography machine is not just a machine, it's the base on which America earns so much money to be the strongest country, military weapons and tactics are base on which america is the first country in the world, why would they give it to china because china doesn't feel good about it, they can research things with 300 million + population , why can't you do it with 5 times the population? It clearly shows that something is not good in china thats why America is stronger, why would students go to America to study, and then show off that they are better than chinese students, because America is better in education than china, otherwise why would most top universities be in america and only 4 or 5 in china, and what nonsensical products are produced in china which are not as good as average but are cheap, such products india allows because india has large population to use it, but America doesn't need such products, then you will say that they restrict such products, only few of chinese products are good and tgey are also sold in America. And why they don't want China's products to make profit you might ask, well that's because i also don't want people to take bricks from my home to make a villa for themselves.

  2. the thing about china is that they started to industrialize to late compare to united states. America existed for about 200 yr and the republic of china existed for less than 1 hundred, by the time republic of china is founded they are too busy with their civil war to care about advance technologies, and by the time the civil war is over America already gain world influence and submit itself as the world superpower so china's starting point is really late. the reason why America can make the lithography machine is because they have the time, money and talent to make it, and china don't. china actually made it's first independent lithography machine not long ago, it take so long because they aren't allowed to use traditional patent for the lithography machine, so their new lithography machine is different from traditional lithography machine.

  3. why do Chinese people go to America for education, because it's the land of the free and the home of the brave or so they thought, without all the discriminations of course. also most ivy league college was older than the republic of china, I mean Harvard was founded on 1636 when America was still colonies of course people would flock to America for education. also ivy league college is equipped with world class equipment and it's not easy to purchase world class equipment in china, it's not just about the money. Also America need China believe it or not because a lot of stuff sold in America has a made in China sign, if China choose not to provide America with cheap good than Americans have to purchase higher price American made goods, guess what phones are build in china if china don't make iPhone for America anymore then price will rise, also when 10 percent of America live below poverty line they wouldn't care about the quality and then the people might protest and stuff like that after all it is their rights.

  4. It can be considered extreme nationalist or even racist because it denies other nations that glorified their own nation. Okay, of course you can praise your own nation, but you don't have to humiliate other nations while doing this. The main story is simple, after all. Using his reborn mc future knowledge he is creating technology of his own. If the first goal is money, then the goal is to develop your own country, the result is an extremely shitty nationalist novel without the truth

  5. And as usual a politically correct imported novel. To land on the international platform a novel need to have nationalism which i think okay, an excessive propaganda about the long history, food, culture and a medicine which i think very dumb. Always trying to portray the victim of discrimination and all negative things. Westerners are bad and some good westerners are licking dog of long culture and their so called tasty food😶😑🤐

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