"... Later, I finally heard from her, knowing that her reincarnation was successful, so I began to search in the fairyland again, and inspected some places she had said before. After so long, there was still no news. I think she might To escape from the enemy, will I return to Huang Zengtian? I went to Huang Zengtian again, and this time I still could not find her trace, but I found some dragon scale dragon engravings, and what the Lord said about the blood-sharp sword. If it is unusual, I will look into it carefully before making a decision ... "

"... I was too stunned recently, and accidentally disclosed the news of Dragon Scale to the Dragon Girl. The Dragon Girl was curious and triggered the blood-shaping sword. I had no choice but to look for an antidote. At this time my father found out , Those dragon scales are too secretive about the dragon family, and if these secrets are exposed, even my father can't protect me ... "

"... At that moment, I fell on my knees in front of Dad and begged Dad to either let me die or let me go! Dad thought for a long time and finally agreed. I started to arrange. Recently, Longxi Realm rushed to Longxi to come Xiao Gushou's war will be too much less. I knew that the opportunity was coming. I went to the fairyland and looked for a disciple from the Oriental family who had met before. This disciple went to the gentle village several times and fell into the embrace of the dragon girl. It was easy to promise me Arrangement. When I meet an adult, it is actually the time when the opportunity begins ... "

"... I saw the adult and I realized that I might be wrong. Why didn't she find me after reincarnation? I ... I still loved her so much at the time! And every word the adult said came with her then It was exactly the same time, and I also wondered whether her memory had not yet awakened after her reincarnation ... "

"... At that time, I was almost shaken. I wanted to change my plan. I wanted to keep the adults and want to awaken the adults. But the appearance of Dragon Seven let me know, I can't avoid it, because the Dragons already know how secretive it is. I ca n’t get away this time, and then he will kill him. This dad cannot escape the father of the king of sound ... ”

"... Dragon Seven apparently came to kill me, looking for too mysterious, but Dad's fairyware was not something he could break. In fact, there is no Dragon Seven in the plan, only Dongfang Yushan, but since Dragon 7 is here, he still needs to kill. Me, how could I let him go? And the appearance of Long Qi made the whole plan more perfect ... "

Yuan Xing squinted his eyes, talking while drinking five inches of acacia, he didn't notice that Xiao Hua had raised his hand a little closer, Jin Guang removed, revealing tears in the same eyes, but he was desperately holding back. !! !! !!

Until this time, Xiao Hua understood that Gu Sheyu was not practicing in the immortal realm, but she had come to the realm of Dragon Realm to practice. She also knew why she wanted to bring herself to be lonely and lonely, and she knew that she was listening to Yuan Evaluation of Xing, and the smoldering impression of Xiao Guyou, anxiously returned to the secret behind the fairyland space!

This fairy who was hurt by Mei Yun still has a deep affectionate male fairy in her previous life. !! !!

The heaven is not thin, and loves the fairyland!

"... But these are not important, sir ..." Yuan Xing still said, "I met you, and I knew that you were back, and I sent a promise, and I will follow you in this life ..."

Auntie shot and couldn't help but stretch out her fingers, blocking Yuan Xing's mouth, and said, "Fool ..."

Gu Sheyu's voice was very distinctive. Yuan Xing heard that she couldn't help the immortal body trembling. She held her right hand with Gu She's hand and then opened her eyes. She gazed ecstatically at her: "Master , You ... finally admitted? "

"Go!" Xiao Hua laughed beside him. "My husband admits shit!"

"Ah?" Yuan Xing screamed and jumped from the fairy boat. He looked at Gu She inconceivably, looked at Xiao Hua, and the wine glass in his left hand fell!

The tears in her eyes finally fell, but she still gently wiped the tears on her face and said coldly, "Let ’s go ..."

"Master ..." Yuan Xing's face continued to faint, and he stared at Aunt She. "Since you hold it, this life, this life, the next life, the third life ... I won't let go!"

"Dare you!" Gu She hurriedly rushed, but Yuan Xing was much stronger than her, and there was no way to pull out!

"Let ’s let go!" Xiao Hua couldn't stand it anymore, and stared at Yuan Xingdao. "Qinger gave up the retreat of the heavenly steadiness of the desire world, and went to Longyujiechong, did you not know her heart? Coming to Xiaoguo is also highly recommended by the younger brother ... "

"Ah?" Yuan Xing exclaimed, watching Gu She's eyes astonished!

"I haven't broken up yet!" Gu She yelled coldly.

"Yes, yes!" Yuan Xing quickly drew back.

"Zhan Xiaoyou ..." Xiao Hua looked at Yuan Xing, looking at the old fox with a small rooster, and groaned with a smile, "Gu She is reincarnated, now called Brother Qing, she is already her husband's warlord, how do you plan?"

大 "Master ..." Yuan Xing said without hesitation, "I made a promise, this life ..."

"Fool!" Gu Sheyi quickly raised his hand to block Yuan Xingdao again, "I have vowed to be loyal to this life and this world, and you make another promise ..."

"Yes ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ Yes ..." Yuan Xing hurriedly shut up. "Listen to you! I don't make a promise, but if you follow Master Xiao, I will follow Master Xiao!"

"Okay!" Xiao Hua laughed, raised his hand and bowed to Xianzhou, "Master, marriage is destined, now you can rest assured?"

"You ..." the sound of Wang Yuanchen's body was revealed on the boat, and he was surprised, "You can actually find the trace of my king?"

"What's so hard about this?" Xiao Hua smiled with a touch of his nose. "Adult must follow Zhan Xiu. Xianzhou is so big. I can guess at the end!"

"Huh!" Wang Chenchen nodded, and then looked at Yuan Xingdao: "Xinger, have you decided?"

"Yes, Dad!" Yuan Xing respectfully said, "Baby is not much different from Xiao Guyou when he is going to meditate there. It is better to fight against the enemy with Master Xiao in the realm! This is absolutely unexpected! Babies ... can also inherit the father's business, as my father wants! "

"But you ..." said Wang Chenchen, a bit sad, "should say something to Xiao Zhenren!"

"Yes, Dad ..." Yuan Xing said, raising his hand to the top door a little, "brushing" a golden light like water splashing, Yuan Xing showed his true looks, it was a dragon horn covered with dragon scales, the appearance Almost exactly the same as Wang Chen Chen.

Xiao Hua looked up and down and wondered: "What's wrong?"

"Don't you mind?" Yuan Xing asked.

"I mind a hair!" Xiao Hua laughed and said, "You have to ask Brother Qing!"

Aunt Gu shot blushing and lowered her head ...

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