"Relax!" Xiao Hua looked around the fairy boat, "Except for the King of Sound, he can absolutely not hear the master of the Qiongqiong Qi, even if it is around. [Not to mention the master of the Qiongqiong Qi anxiously Yuxian's message, I will never think of you! "

"No, no ..." Zhan Xiu took a deep breath, sat down, and asked, "I mean, how do you know Dongfang Yushan is fake?"

"Isn't the King of Shooting said?" Xiao Hua smiled mysteriously. "Dongfang Yushan conspired with Dragon Seven to kill Yuan Shao, how could he use his true identity?"

"That's it!" Zhan Xiu heard it, but was a little disappointed.

"Of course not like this ..." Xiao Hua frowned, and said, "Even when Xiaomou saw you and Dongfang Yushan, he knew Dongfang Yushan was fake!"

"Impossible!" Zhan Xiu shook his head. "How could you know he was fake?"

"Because Xiao Mou knows Oriental Yushan exactly, that Oriental Yushan is a fairy, and now it is estimated that it is the Five Elements, the two Oriental Yushan look exactly the same, do you say that it happened?"

怎么 "How is that possible?" Zhan Xiu was stunned, "Do you know the real Oriental Yushan?"

"Aren't you surprised!" Xiao Hua laughed. "There is no airtight silent enchantment in the immortal world! Do you think that the eastern jade mountain is just a fairy? Knowing it, it is even more impossible for anyone to know the realm of the world! However, Xiao Mou was in Dongfang Yushan, where Huang Zengtian met. The immortal wine mentioned earlier, and that Yu Yazi, also met together ... "

你 "You ..." Zhan Xiu exulted again, exclaiming, "You have been to Huang Zengtian!"

"What do you mean?" Xiao Hua was surprised at this time.

"Stop talking, don't talk ..." Zhan Xiumei's smile continued, "Let's talk, are there any other flaws?"

"Hey, that's it ..." Xiao Hua laughed, "Do you admit that you are Yuan Shao?"

"I'm not Yuan Shao!" Zhan Xiu waved, "My name is Yuan Xing!"

"Well, Xiaomou understands!" Xiao Hua suddenly understood, "That Yuan Shao is a fairy, you are the real Yuan Xing."

莫 "Did you have doubted me since then?" Yuan Xingqi said.

"I doubt what you do?" Xiao Hua said angrily, "I am here to come to Xiaoguyou to open your eyes, who knows what you intend to do?"

"Okay!" Yuan Xing shrugged, "I didn't expect that the famous Xiao Yuexiao, who was so famous, came to Xiaogu worry."

"It looks like you already knew my true identity?"

当然 "Of course ..." Yuan Xing nodded. "When I heard you claiming to be Xiao Zhenren, I knew it was the Master Yuexiao who had just escaped from the world war."

"How do you say so many weird things on the autumn trail?"

"You do not understand?"

废 "Nonsense, if I understand, can I continue to doubt?"

"If those doubts can make you understand, I have no regrets!" Yuan Xing laughed. "Adult continues!"

"It's nothing ..." Xiao Hua shook his head. "These suspicions are passing by. Even if you call the shopkeeper fairy Fairy, I only think about it for a while. After all, except you, Yuan Shao called that. You Weixin, no other fairy has shouted. "


"Nothing!" Xiao Hua said, "After all, you have been planning for a long time, and you want to get rid of this lonely sorrow. In fact, there are no special flaws, but just by chance, I know something you don't know!

"When did you determine that I was Yuan Xing?"

"Of course, at the end, when you want me to take you ..." Xiao Hua said with a smile. "At that time, I had no intention of seeing the ruined corpses of Yuan Shao and Dongfang Yushan. I suddenly came up with an idea. If you want to cover it, what if the golden cicada is peeling? Then think of your name, I'm sure! "

"My name?" Yuan Xing smiled bitterly. "What does this mean?"

"It's actually very simple ..." Xiao Hua explained, "Sound King said that Yuan Xing was lonely and had no friends. He was trapped in Xiaoguo. He was very distressed. In fact, this is what he was protecting Yuan Xing, and I think it should be Yuan Xing is protecting the King of Sound. "

"You ... can you understand?" Yuan Xing's voice was a little trembling and whispered, "You still don't admit it?"

Xiao Hua frowned, Yuan Xing hurriedly laughed and said, "It's all right, you continue to say ..."

Xiao Hua said: "So you are a very lonely person! The name of Zhan Xiu may not be known to others, but I know it!"

"You? How do you know?" Yuan Xing was surprised.

"I not only know ..." Xiao Hua laughed and said, "I have also seen the appearance of Zhan Xiu. You have transformed into his appearance. How can I not know that you are fake?"

"Impossible!" Yuan Xing almost jumped up.

"Zhan Xiu is the name of Tian Guxing ..." Xiao Hua said patiently, "I have a fairy here, and he is right there!"

Speaking, Xiao Hua took Wanxianlu and raised his hand a little. "Brush ..." The pages turned, and there was a place where a human figure exactly like Zhan Xiu was engraved on it, and a line next to it was written "天 孤" Xing Zhanxiu ... "

Zhan Xiu is speechless.

Xiao Xiaohua looked at Yuan Xingdao and said, "Can I say that this is Skynet's recovery without leaking?"

"Yes!" Yuan Xing nodded. "That's how I fell into your net!"

"Actually, it ’s just Zhan Xiu, Xiao may not doubt you ..." Xiao Hua ignored Yuan Xing, knowing that he would definitely explain for a while, and then laughed, "But your love for the dragon girl has been turned Injured by the Blood God Knife, this has linked your name to the Taigu Xianqi. And in the end, a fake Oriental Yushan is still dying under the Blood God Knife. You said, I do n’t know if you are Yuan Xing, did you perform a good show of Jin Chan's shelling with the King of Shooting? "

"Okay ..." Yuan Xing watched Xiao Hua accept Wanxianlu, and did not restore Yuan Shao's appearance, and smiled bitterly, "I didn't expect my father to discuss with me for a long time. In the end, there were so many problems. , Let you see the flaws at a glance! "

"It's okay!" Xiao Hua laughed. "Zhan Xiaoyou rest assured that Xiao has always been secretive. And now that Yuan Shao has been assassinated by the Dragon Clan, the news that the scoring king Wang Wang's anger destroyed Xiao Guyou has begun to spread. you……"

"No ..." Yuan Xing looked at Xiao Hua and said, "Anyone in fairyland can forget me, only you can't!"

"Nnd ..." Xiao Hua was helpless and said, "Say, let's go, what's the secret? How can it sound so nasty!"

虽然 "Although you are reborn ..." Yuan Xing looked at Xiao Hua with deep affection, "but ..."

等等 "Wait a minute ..." Xiao Hua moved inwardly, flashing golden light between his hands, and said, "Don't say that first, remember, you only tell stories, don't treat me as who, who ..."

"Okay!" Yuan Xing nodded for a moment and thought, "Neither, I don't say the name anymore, so I don't need to recognize it wrong."

"That's right!" Xiao Hua said, "I have fairy wine, you have a story, please ..."

I watched Xiao Hua actually put wine and fairy fruit, and Yuan Xing sat down freely, smiling, "Isn't the adult saying that you don't like wine?"

"Yeah, I like to listen to stories ..." Xiao Hua poured a glass of wine and said, "This is for the fairy with a story!"

"咦?" Yuan Xing exclaimed with a drink, "What kind of immortal wine?"

"This is a five-inch acacia brew!" Xiao Hua introduced, "what kind of second-grade immortal wine you compare to it is nonsense!"

"Yes, right!" Yuan Xing took a sip, closed his eyes slightly, and said, "This sip reminded me of the moment when I first met her! That scene has always supported my happiness, and I am like a child in a barren family , Take this memory as salt grains, taste a bit when you miss it, don't dare to try more, lest you forget it ... "

"... I still remember seeing her heroic beauty. She didn't know my name or my identity. She didn't say her name, she only said that she came from Jiechong. The battle of Jiechong almost made me almost Everyone knows, but she doesn't know who she is ... "

"... Do you know? As I entered the Autumn Trail, every sentence she said was exactly the same as yours, and every sentence pierced my heart like a cone ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ never one The fairy can see my heart, see my loneliness, and see my longing ... "

"... The pub at the intersection, the poetry you recite is exactly the same as her recitation. She is very polite to correct the mistake of the flag style. She drank in a big mouth and told me about the danger of her killing the enemy in the realm. Those words have become my wings of freedom ... "

"... Seeing that she was leaving, I couldn't restrain my feelings, and wanted to ask her to stay. She was so proud of me at that time, I actually showed off my wealth in front of her. Where do I know that my wealth is in her eyes? It is extremely barren. I ca n’t keep her at all. I can only watch her turn around and fly away, leaving her behind ... dead leaves everywhere! Lord, you ’re right, just look at the beautiful scenery! Beautiful scenery without her shadow , It doesn't make any sense at all ... "

"... After she left, I inquired about her madly, and finally knew her identity, yeah, she is a long vault, a military general who has accumulated military achievements, and I, but a puppet in a large population, how do I deserve Get on with her? Since then, I have the idea to escape from loneliness ... "

"... Soon, the news of her fall came to my ears. But I was not particularly nervous, because when she was in loneliness, I deliberately gave her the secret technique of hiding the original monument to the gods, and I knew her Will be reincarnated ... "

"... So, I started to go down and search for Huang Zengtian frequently. Unfortunately, I did not find her news, but I was noticed by others. My father had promised to protect me that he would not let me leave. Xiaogu worry, I can only beg my father to be a fairy ... "

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