"That's why, when he saw that Yuan Shao needed to detoxify Dan, Xiaomou thought about giving Yuan Shao the last detoxification Dan, and just wanted to make friends. [] And these characters actually attacked and killed in front of Xiaomou. Xiao ’s death regrets that Lord Acoustic Wang naturally wants revenge. You do n’t have to ask for indiscriminate killings, but Xiaomou wants to find out. Xiaomou takes you away to help Lord Acoustic Wang to find the backhand man. Is likely to have a profound impact on the Battle of the Realm. "

After speaking, Xiao Hua looked at Zhan Xiu and said, "At this moment, do you understand?"

"I understand" Zhan Xiu was a bit lost again, looking at Xiao Hua, "You and you just stepped into the autumn path, can you feel Yuan Shao's loneliness?"

"Some people who can know each other do not need to meet!" Xiao Hua said lightly, "and some real murderers may not do it themselves!"

"Is that you?" Wang Wang sounded like a thunderbolt, and Zhan Xiu turned red all over his body.

Zhan Xiu murmured: "Master, even if I have the intention to kill Yuan Shao, I do not have that ability! I still have to live on Yuan Shao's pinhole, how can I make my own decision?"

"Who is that?" The king of shooting sounded a killer!

"He" Niu refers to Long Qi Dao, "He just left, and there is a dragon's Qianlong trail next to the temple. That Qianlong trail is marked in the temple!"

"Who are you?" Wang Wang asked slightly.

"Younger Star Dome Niu B!" Niu Ba did not dare to hide at this time, and hurriedly took out his own star dome token.

Shooting King doesn't look, he looks at Long Qi!

"I don't have it" Long Qi looked very calm, and said, "I just came to Yuan Shao to trade, because Yuan Shao wasn't here. I can only trade with this Xiao Yuexiao, and carved some dragon scales that are related to the secrets of Long Yu. he"

"This is to cause trouble to the east!" The master Qiongqiong suddenly understood the idea of ​​the dragon seven, and sneered, "but the dragon family still scorned the reputation of Xiao Zhenren. May kill Xiao Zhenren! "

"As for what Niu Xianyou said about Qianlong, I don't know at all!" Long Qi still said, "I came down from the second floor of the restaurant. I wanted to go to Wenrou Township. The way to Wenrou Township "

"What about your solitary order?" Niu Ba asked hastily.

"Of course I have a solitary order!" Talking, Long Qi came up with a token similar to the solitary order, but this token looks like a beautiful woman!

"Since you are going to Wenrou Township, why do n’t you let Xianyu take you there when you go to the restaurant?"

"I want to go," Long Qi sneered, and said, "As soon as I came back, Yuxian pulled me to bid. After the bid, something went wrong! When it comes to Qianlong Trail, the dragon family here seems to have dragons besides me. Five? Dragon Five came with the Lord of the Qiongqiongqiong, maybe this Dragon Girl was installed by them. Did n’t you say there was a sign in this temple? It must have been her previous arrangement, and now she is joining forces to murder Yuan Shao. "

"Long Qi!" Long Wu said angrily, "I didn't come to the Golden Cave once or twice, and I have made a lot of money here. How could I kill Yuan Shao? You are new to the city, and you have a dragon family. Mystery, it ’s clear that I have to meet Yuan Shao alone, and I am ready to start! As for the Dragon Girl, I have never seen it before. "

射 "Roar" shot Wang roared, the surrounding space was broken, and the unspeakable suffocation was born from the hearts of the immortals! No one dare to speak for a while!

"I don't know what the strength of this sounding king is!" Xiao Hua bowed his head, thinking secretly.

"You're too young to look at my king's magical power!" Said Wang Wang coldly, "My king just wanted to see who Xing'er offended, so I'll let you wait for such a bad hand. If Xing'er is wrong, my king I ca n’t even be forgiven for one or two, and if that's the case, then there is no need to listen anymore! "

After finishing speaking, the King of Shooting opened his mouth and "brushed" a golden light around the shattered temple. The golden light was thick and slipped slowly, and some weird marks began to appear in the golden light. During the trail, the golden light began to converge, condensing into a curved outline, and gradually penetrated into the temple from the outside.

刷 "Brush brush brush" Each light shines like a spring flower. Within the light, one by one inconsistent images appear in the curved outline.

In the image, there are probes from the eastern Yushan probe to fly in, and dragons and seven ghosts sneaking in. When the golden light soaks into the temple, there is another dragon sign imprinting "Wow", and it looks at it from afar, and The dragon girl killed is exactly the same.

"Oh my God!" The Lord Qiongqiong could not help but whispered, "Originally"

He did not wait for the Lord of the Qiongqiong to finish, and Jin Guang touched the dragon's mark and turned back, but he was born with a lot of light and shadow. Although these lights and shadows are not coherent, it can clearly see the dragon seven flying out.

"Dragon Seven" saw the fifth, and immediately roared, "See? This is not who you are? You and Tongdong Yushan assaulted Yuan Shao, and you also asked the dragon girl to act as an internal response. You actually scorned me!"

Xiaolong Qi also roared: "I admit, I want to"

"Hou" didn't wait for Long Qi to finish speaking, and the King of Shooting yelled, "Boom!" Long Qi's dragon's body burst immediately, and in the blood light splash, a crystal dragon flew from the inside, yelling, "Yuan Chen, I did n’t kill your son.

"Hum" where Wang Yuanchen would listen to Long Qi's confession. With a cold hum, Jinglong exploded and cracked into thousands of fluorescence slowly falling.

"Kill my Xinger, the spirits will be destroyed!" The King of Shooting Gritted his teeth.

儿子 "Son?" Xiao Hua's eyes rolled around, and suddenly there was a kind of trembling, secretly, "Fucking Dragon Seven, he will pull me to bury him when he is dying!"

大 "Master" is still the decisive master of the Qiongqiongqiang, immediately kneeling and said, "The younger Yuxianqiqiangqiang, here is a promise, and will never disclose here."

"No need!" Wang Shengchen's voice was very sad and said lightly, "Xinger is no longer there, those rumors are already fearless, everything that has passed is a thing of the past, and Xiaogu worry will become a memory. "

"Admiration Day" Zhan Xiu said carefully.

"Hou" suddenly shot Wang shouted, and the space began to boil nearly ten million miles away. Yuan Chen's voice was as majestic as trial. Vanish "

"Buzzing" Yuan Chen's voice just fell, and Dragon Five immediately swung the dragon's tail and flew towards the place where Jinguang had never fallen before. Xiao Hua's eyeballed and there really was a faint space channel!

"Master, please!" Xiao Hua hasn't turned back yet. Zhan Xiu has held Xiao Hua's sleeves. "I'm injured. If you don't take me, how can I escape the loneliness!" "

"Good" Xiao Hua was kind and nodded almost, but Xiao Hua raised his hand and grabbed Zhan Xiu. Suddenly his immortal body shocked and he hurriedly looked at the corpse of Dongfang Yushan. Except for the Dragon Girl's body, the bodies of Dongfang Yushan and Yuan Shao have almost been destroyed!

"Master, hurry up!" Zhan Xiu almost cried, because in this moment, the master of the Qiongqiongqiong had already flew away!

"Mo Ji" Xiao Hua hangs a smile on the corner of his mouth, and Zhan Xiu with a roll of big sleeves says, "Xiao Mou keeps you safe!"

Afterwards, Xiao Hua was not in a hurry. He slightly closed his eyes and shot Wang Yuanchen at a high altitude. He bowed and said, "The final word is goodbye!"

After I finished speaking, I did n’t wait for Yuan Chen to open his eyes. Xiao Hua's display of the rules teleported and the "brush" flew out, but in a blink of an eye, he had already surpassed the Dragon Five and so on.

"Holly" waited for Xiao Hua and others to go, and shot Wang Yuan Chen before opening his eyes, looking at the blood pool, looking at the dirty blood, looking at the three corpses, all eyes were reluctant!

After scoring a scent of incense, "Boom" shot Wang Yuanchen's face exploded in mid-air, turned into hundreds of millions of golden flames and fell to thousands of miles of space and began to burn. Every inch of space, including the blood pool, was burned into nothingness by the flame!

I do n’t know how far, Xiao Hua was standing in midair, Zhan Xiu's eyes let out fanaticism, and he could n’t help whispering at the golden flame like a torch: “Oh my god, Xiao Guchou did n’t know that there was any more How many fairy crystals have now turned into nothingness, which is a pity! "

"What a pity?" Xiao Hua turned back and looked at Zhan Xiudao meaningfully ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ But it is just a fairy array, a broken space fairy, and two dead ghosts, happy loneliness You should have been transferred by you, right? Yuan Shao "

Zhan Xiuxian's body shook, and his face looked a little unnatural. He looked at Xiao Hua with a grin and said, "Master Xiao, what do you say? Why can't the younger people understand?"

"Hehe" Xiao Hua smiled and said, "It doesn't matter if you understand or don't understand! This matter has nothing to do with Xiao Mou, and Xiao Mou is not such a troublesome person. In any case, it should be you and me at this time When they are separated, Xiao will have to rush back to the realm of rush, Zhan Xiaoyou, goodbye! "

After speaking, Xiao Hua turned and flew away.

大 "Master, lord" Zhan Xiu hesitated for a moment, and then gritted his teeth and chased after him, shouting, "Can you always make it clear? What the **** is going on?"

Xiao Hua laughed and turned his head: "Are you afraid of being heard by Lord Shotok after listening to his secret?"

Zhan Xiu laughed and said, "Not afraid, not afraid"

"Also," Xiao Hua looked at the dark Jiechong and said, "The younger friend is injured, and he did not take elixir before and after death. Then let Xiaomou take the younger friend to fly out of the hurry and talk about it!"

"Cough and cough" Zhan Xiu coughed again awkwardly, "Master, not the juniors don't take it. It is Xiandan who put it on the Dongshan Yushan, and Xianzhou also controls it, and the juniors don't have it!"

"Hehe" Xiao Hua smiled, sacrificed the fairy boat, and made the black bear drive the boat. He raised his hand a bit, and gave birth to the silent enchantment, and said, "Nothing else, Oriental Yushan is fake!"

"What?" Zhan Xiu almost jumped up and called, "What did you say?" [This chapter starts. Love. Have. sound. Fiction Net, please remember the URL]

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