Zhan Xiu's voice didn't fall, and a "bang" murmured, his left arm burst, and the sound of the King of Sounds rang in everyone's ears: "Moji, it's your turn soon!"

"Master, lord" Long Wu anxiously said, "I and I are all innocent. Those who killed Yuan Shao have long been far away!"

"Shut up!" The King of Shooting again snarled, "Boom" Dragon Five's tail exploded, flesh flew, and the King of Shooting said, "This day's shield is under the cloth of King Wang himself. You know what? No one came out of it at all !!! "

"What?" The immortals were startled, looked at each other, could not help but step back. If the King of Shooting said, the murderer who killed Yuan Shao must be among the eleven immortals. [This chapter starts-love-you-sound-fiction net, please remember the URL]

I looked at the celestial beings who were suddenly away from each other. The Lord of the Qiongqiong was crying a bit, and he left for a while, but he just sent a message to Yuxian!

"Zhan Xiaoyou" Xiao Hua deliberately approached Zhan Xiu and whispered, "If the King of Shooting doesn't ask the reason and kill directly, the old man wants to put you into the fairy space, and you will never resist it!"

Zhan Xiu took a moment to glance at Xiao Hua rather unexpectedly, but did not speak, but nodded slightly, his left arm was destroyed by the King of Sound, although he had swallowed the elixir, there was no result. Effect, still dripping blood.

Eleven immortals stood still around the pool of **** water. In the pool, the body of the dragon girl was still floating, and the bodies of Dongfang Yushan and Yuan Shao were lying beside it, but it took only a little time, and the blood was thicker. Almost half of Dongfang Yushan's body turned into blood, and the **** smell became more pungent.

"Woo", the huge face of the King of Shooting, quickly condensed, with a mountain of coercion like a meteor falling down, the shattered temple was nothing, Xiao Hua and others' fairy bodies, fairy marks, fairy babies and so on are all here Shivering in coercion!

"Boom Boom" All the immortals and dragons are overwhelmed by this coercion. The whole body is either flashing silver light or raising golden light. In Xiao Hua's body, forty-nine fairy babies condense and resist for a while.

"Who is it?" The King of Shooting did not condense his body, only one face appeared above the temple like a god, and his voice asked like thunder.

No one answered.

"It's him!" Long Wu's eyes turned to Zhan Xiudao. "He came with Dongfang Yushan. He may have mystery, and God's mind remained on Dongfang Yushan. Dongfang Yushan killed Yuan Shao and even killed him in Yuan Shao. In the Eastern Yushan, he took the opportunity to kill Yuan Shao. "

"Damn!" Zhan Xiu shouted, "Shameless Lao Long, does Lao Tzu have that kind of strength?"

"The human race has a lot of magical powers, maybe it does!" Long Wu said lightly, "The Lord King of Acoustics can find out for himself."

"My lord, I'm wrong." Zhan Xiu didn't dare to say anything to Long Wu, and hurriedly shot to the king. "I'm a frequent visitor who is lonely and lonely. I also have a relationship with Yuan Shao. The fairy of the shopkeeper is very familiar with me. Besides, I have no chance to leave the second floor and come here! Don't believe it, you can ask Xiao Yuexiao, he can testify! "

"Xiao Yuexiao is also suspected of assaulting Yuan Shao!" Qu Liu glanced at Xiao Hua and said, "Xiao Yuexiao is prepared to bring the blood and detoxification Dan that has never appeared in the immortal world. If he throws a stone and asks for directions, he will approach Yuan Shao. It's not bad. And the younger generation feels that Xiao Yuexiao is an adult, and he should have more strength than Tianxian. His strength is the most sure to kill Yuan Shao! "

"Xiao Yuexiao?" The King of Shooting looked at Xiao Hua, coldly, "Which Xiao Yuexiao are you? Why doesn't the king have any impression?"

"Last General Xiao Zhen" Detective Xiao Hua took out his own poor seal, and he had a good idea, "Just left the Battle of the Realm!"

"Oh, it's you!" The King of Recording came to his senses and nodded, "Did you not go back? How did you get here?"

"The general will want to expand the army" Xiao Hua did not dare to conceal and said, "I heard that Yuan Shao has a solution here, so I want to come and see!"

"Hmm!" The King of Shooting was obviously very clear about Yuan Shao's actions, and he asked, "What antidote for Xing'er?"

"It's like this" Xiao Hua told himself before and after coming to Dianyu with Qu Liu, Dongfang Yushan, etc., and finally said, "The end general didn't know that Yuan Shao wanted the detoxification dan, just heard him You need a sacred lotus, and the end will be able to heal the Dragon Girl, which is a coincidence! "

"Who are you, Dan Daomeng?" The King of Shooting turned to Qu Liu.

"Senior Dan Dao Meng Sheng Sheng Jie" Qu Liu was prepared early, and hurriedly took out his own Danshi card, saying, "The junior was invited by Fan Qingfan Tunteng to detoxify Yuan Shao'ai!

Fan Yi next to him did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly took out his chaotic seal seal, and sent him in the air respectfully.

Seeing Fan Qing reveal his identity, Zhao Er, Qu San and Xu Si each took out the seal.

"Don't have to watch" Wang Leng said coldly, "If you can't find the real murderer, you have to be buried besides Xiao Yuexiao!"

"Xiao Yuexiao, Xiao Yuexiao" Zhan Xiu quickly grabbed Xiao Hua, anxiously, "You always say something for me, I really have no suspicion!"

大 "Master" Xiao Hua thought for a moment, bowed, "If there is no suspicion at the end, then this Zhan Xiu Zhan Xiaoyou is the most suspected tribe!"

"Ah?" Zhan Xiu's face changed a lot ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ Anxiously, "Master Xiao, let's come together, can't you just go down like this?"

"You don't need Xiao to fall down the hole at all, right?" Xiao Hua pointed to the corpse of Dongfang Yushan. "This is your biggest suspicion? Xiao is just pulled by you to avoid the suspicion, or you want to use Xiao to scapegoat." ! "

"Coco, did you just say that?" Zhan Xiu could not help but whispered, "If the King of Shooting wants to kill with a brain, will you save me to your fairy space?"

All the immortals were in an uproar, and even the sound of King Wang's face changed slightly.

Only Xiao Hua's expression remained unchanged, he said lightly, "Zhan Xiaoyou, are you afraid that you heard it wrong? Xiao said that he would take you into the fairyland space, not to save you!"

"Is there any difference between this?" Zhan Xiu was puzzled.

"I don't want to conceal you, there are still you," Xiao Hua said bluntly. "Before Xiao arrived in solitude, Yuan Shao felt that Yuan Shao was just a puppet with the help of Lord Sasuke's name, and he could see the autumn trail. At the intersection tavern, as well as ordinary tables and other things, Xiaomou can already feel the deep loneliness in Yuan Shao's heart. Therefore, Xiaomou thinks that Yuan Shao is still the kind of inner arrogant, but the imbecile fairy, he He had to give up his freedom for some reason, but his heart was flying! "

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