"The Dragon Girl was also poisoned to death!" Qu San pointed at the heart of the dragon's body and said, "Here are sword marks!"

"May also be a knife mark!" Master Qiongqiong glanced, "In short, it was split! The dead can't die anymore ..."

"Who killed the problem !!!" Long Wu smiled bitterly.

"Wrong!" Zhan Xiu corrected, "The problem is how do we go out !!"

"I'm afraid it's not easy to go out!" Xiao Hua shook his head: "The whole Xiaogu worry was inspired by the death of the seal immortal because of Yuan Shao's death. The power of this seal is by no means something I can resist!"

"Master Xiao ..." Master Qiongqiong whispered, "Aren't there 100 million true immortals in your martial arts fairyware? Should they be able to break the ban?"

"This is a seal, not a soldier formation!" Xiao Hua shook his head, "If you say 100 million, even a billion true immortals will not break the ban!"

"Yuan Shao falls, Xian Zhe explodes, and the seal inspires ..." Niu Ba frowned and whispered, "Yuan Shao's fall is the beginning of the transformation. The question is ... who's fine to kill Yuan Shaozuo?"

"Longxianyou!" Xiao Hua looked at Longqi and said lightly, "In the Golden Cave, we have twelve immortals, except Dongfang Yushan and Xianyou. I am all on the second floor of the restaurant. Now Dongfang Yushan falls, Long Xianyou, can you tell Xiao what happened? "

The dragon's seven strange eyes rolled over, and the dragon's tail rolled in the air, and said coldly, "Why am I telling you? This is the first time I've come to this place. How can I kill Yuan Shao?"

Xu said Long Qi looked at the corpse of Dongfang Yushan and said, "Maybe it was this Xu who came to assassinate Yuan Shao and ended up with Yuan Shao ..."

"Zhan Xiaoyou ..." The Qiongqiang looked at Zhan Xiu and said, "You brought the Oriental friend, what do you say?"

Xiao Hua frowned slightly. He should be standing with Zhan Xiu at this time, but his heart was like a mirror. Dongfang Yushan was counterfeit. He would be blamed if he was fine!

All Xiao Hua didn't say anything and turned to look at Zhan Xiu.

Zhan Xiu cried and said, "Seniors and juniors do what, you should know, we haven't seen it once or twice. This time, the junior met the Oriental Yushan in Taiji Mengtian, and he claimed to be the Oriental family. Disciple, there are some things that can be traded. After the younger generation saw it, they felt that it was of some benefit, so he told him Xiaoguoyou, oh, the younger did not mention the name of Xiaoguoyou, only that there was a retreat, and even Did not mention the realm of rush, so Dongfang Yushan agreed with the juniors that this time the profit was returned to the juniors, and the juniors promised to bring him over. Moreover, the juniors have tried many times in order to keep this secret, and he really did not know Lonely, don't believe ... you always ask Master Xiao ... "

Xiao Hua smiled and asked, "What do you ask the husband? The husband seems to have met two people on the way to Xiaoguqing, too. And Dongfang Yushan also asked Xiaomou for the first time?"

"Yeah!" Zhan Xiu said in a hurry, "When I met an adult, I entered it for the second time! The first time I got to the top of the Golden Cave, Dongfang Yushan suddenly said that there was intra-clan messaging and something new. He also heard the rumor to the junior, and after seeing a lot of new things, the junior turned back with him ... "

"That's right!" Master Qiongqiong said, "Dongfang Yushan left the route of the pinnacles during the second return, so that the rest of the Dongfang family can come over!"

"But they do not have a solitary order and a happy order, nor can they come in!"

"There must be a way!" Qu San looked at Zuo Jin and said, "No one can come in here without Yuan Shao's consent. Now?"

"Is it possible that there is a fourth person?" Xiao Hua looked at the three corpses and frowned. "Whether it is Yushan Dongfang, Yuan Shao, or Dragon Girl, were all killed by the fourth person?"

Xu Zhongxian looked at Long Qi. At this time, Long Qi ignored the gods and looked up all around, as if thinking how to escape.

Xiao Longwu was a little embarrassed. He looked at Long Qi and didn't dare to get too close, but the dome master apparently pulled away from him again.

"There ..." Niu Ba, who had been looking around all the same, suddenly pointed his right hand to the temple, "There is a broken space channel!"

"Oh?" The immortals were so happy that they followed Niu Ba to fly there.

But I saw that this is where a dragon pillar fell. There was a faint layer of light and shadow on the surface of the broken Panlong body, and there were black and white light threads like a grid in the light and shadow.

"Great!" Long Wu surprised, "This is ..."

He just said a few words, he suddenly realized something and turned to look at Long Qi.

Qilong Qifei flew behind the immortals. At this time, he looked at Dragon Five and scolded: "What do you think of me? This is the Qianlong trail of Dragon Realm. It is likely that the dragon girl did it. What is it to do with me?"

"Yes, too!" The dragon glowed golden light around the week, and the dragon's body gradually shrank. "Let me see!"

"嗖 ......" After finishing, the dragon five turned into a twisted dragon phase and rushed into the light and shadow of the surface of the panosaurus. For a moment, a black and white grid appeared like a chessboard, and dozens of broken dragon phase lights and shadows moved upstream. .

"No ..." Looking at the black and white grid staggering, Long Qi frowned, and said, "This is a broken Qianlong path, Long Wu cannot go out!"

"Nice!" Niu Ba said lightly, "This space passageway comes in from the outside, and it's left here ... but some signs! It's not completely open in the middle ..."

Sure enough, after waiting for the words of Niu Ba, dozens of dragons and light began to fly backwards!

But, at this moment, "humming ..." The strange sound of trembling sounded from outside the hall, and the immortals suddenly looked up.

The palace is surrounded by luxurious decorations, with totems, golden jade, fairy grass, and dragon fruit. With the trembling, everything is peeling off, and the golden octagonal crystal blocks gradually exposed. There are fine lines engraved, and the space between the crystal blocks is more golden yellow.

I waited until most of the crystals were revealed, and everyone suddenly found that they were in a closed crystal fairy, which was composed of dense octagonal crystals!

In addition to the crystal block, the golden stars of the Great Zhoutian number vaguely correspond to this crystal block, which is slowly rotating around the fairy. It turns out that this is the center of the whole Xiaoguo, and Xiao Hua has seen all the gold foils previously But it is a stage of the fairy array, protected by the fairy array ... this crystal fairy!

Xiao Hua suddenly felt a bad feeling in my heart!

"Quick ..." Still Niubi, he raised his hand and pointed, "There, there ... The crystals in these places are broken ..."

What a pity, did not wait for Xiao Hua and others to fly up, "howl ..." Far away, a stern low roar sounded, and then a mighty coercion came from the sound of sound like a torrent of tsunami!

"Shooting ... Shooting King?" The Dome Master exclaimed, and the fairy shivered, "Really the Shooting King !!! Then ... the rumor is true!"

"Roar roar ..." The roar of the roar was deafening, then destroyed the earth, and then the number of stars "Booming ..." was ignited. After the star halo burst into the sky, it suddenly burst, and a handsome face was These exploded stars reveal that this face looks like Yuan Shao's seven points, but a pair of eyes are angry spitfire!

Da Zhoutianzhi's face flickered at the same time, and then, "Boom Boom ..." All the broken stars flew high into the sky, converging into a huge face!

The eyes of this face stared directly at the crystal fairy where Xiao Hua and others were located. Unparalleled coercion such as the sky falling and holding Xiao Hua and others down, Xiao Hua felt that he could not move even a finger!

"This ... Is this the power of the King of Sounds?" Xiao Hua's eyes narrowed, and his heart was horrified. He is already a high-level Jinxian. In terms of combat power, he is comparable to Jiugongxian, but such strength is in the sound of King of Sounds It looks like a baby in front of the movie!

"Huh ..." The sound of Wang Wang's eyes fell, and a cold hum, "Boom ..." The crystalline fairy pieces like the seal of heaven and earth were broken, and each octagonal wafer burst into a gossip, surrounded by countless gossips. Xiao Hua and others gave birth to the breath of death and annihilation!

"Master ..." The master of the dome immediately decided to kneel and said, "Small injustice, small is just Yuxian Qiong, small has always been very good with Yuan Shao ..."

He shot the sound of the anger, "Shut up!"

The master of Qiongqiongqiu shut up in a hurry ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ no longer dare to say a word.

And the other immortals were supposed to kneel, at this time they did not dare to move!

"Who assassinated Xing'er?" The sound of Wang Wang scanning the body of Yuan Shao, with sadness in his eyes, and his voice was slightly hoarse. "Wang Xiong was desperately trying to protect him, not let him join the team, or let him leave the world. , Not let him associate with the common fairy, not let him cultivate, for what? "

"My lord ... imprisoned him in this fairy ware, in the space of hundreds of millions, apart from the three hundred and sixty fairy tales, he is the only one of his kind. Since he was born in the immortal world, he has lived here alone! He ... he never I have never been to the thirty-three days !! I have never seen anything in the world, never really happy ... "

即便 "Even so, won't you let him go? Will you kill him?"

At last, the sound of the King of Shotgun was hysterical, and Xiao Hua listened sadly. At this moment, he was sorry for the little-looking Yuan Shao.

"Master ... Master ..." At this point, a distant star was exploding, and a voice was heard!

"Tenderness Township?" Xiao Hua suddenly realized, "There are immortals there!"

However, after the voice was finished, "Boom ..." successive bursting sounds, followed by the scream of "嗷嗷 ...", only the sound of the sound of Wang Leng coldly: "Xinger is dead, you You don't have to live any longer, and bury him! "

"Damn!" Zhan Xiu cursed beside him. "There are many dragon girls in Wenrou Township. At this time, there should be some war generals. The King of Shooting will kill them. Then we are ..."

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