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In 2018, the routed soldier of a alien empire accidentally fled to earth. In three days, seven billion people were under the control of mechanical order.

On December 11, 2032, the intrusive empire signed a treaty of peace , and the earth was restored. On the day of universal celebration, Wei Dongsheng was surprised to find that he was reborn in 2002.

Thirty years ago, Wei Dongsheng just became a high school student. Wu Ping, his hometown, was a small and dilapidated county. Wei Dongsheng’s parents had not yet gone out as migrant worker. All three of them lived on a few mu of poor farmland. Looking back on his life, Wei Dongsheng majored in computer science and technology. After graduation, his first round of entrepreneurship was mobile games, so he had a certain understanding of game plug-in.

2002 is an era of legal blank as well as Internet era. This year, everything is good, everything is not finished.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:RFP
Alternate Title:重走未来路
Author:Wan Mu Chun
Weekly Rank:#2293
Monthly Rank:#2672
All Time Rank:#3359
Tags:Artificial Intelligence, Business Management, Businessmen, Hackers, Poor to Rich,
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13 Comments on “Revisiting Future Path
  1. Wow he is going to give up his supercomputer to china even before he gets to use it? This is the most disgusting nationalism ive ever read. Its a shame to give this story a management tag much less business management one

  2. ohhhh i thought he will succumb in the country. but he thinks now to control a small country so china can't control or take what belong to him. continue to read volume 2

  3. This country is yours and ours. This country is ultimately owned by the whole people. As a member of the people's group, why should I hand over black technology to you instead of running for the big treasure with the help of black technology? -Wei Dongsheng (ch 259)

  4. Bnyk chapter yg hilang dan ga jelas jg untuk setiap chapter yg hilang gk ada kepastiannya, adminnya belum benerin juga

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