Chapter 4166【255】Uprightness

 In the office of the third orthopedic doctor, everyone is officially handing over the shift.

 After the patient comes out of the operating room, it does not mean that everything is over. On the contrary, it means that the recovery work of whether the patient can really get well has just begun.

 After reduction, the doctor will use a bandage to tie the patient's ankles together and keep the patient's hip joint in a straight state for generally four weeks.

 During this period, the patient stayed in the hospital and was well cared for.

 There is an old saying among orthopedic patients that it only takes a year and a half to fully recover. Doctors estimate that it will take three months or even half a year for Li Fuai to fully recover.

 It is impossible for the hospital to keep the patient in the hospital for a long time. After about a month, the patient will be discharged home after trying to walk with crutches.

 Patients who go home want and know that they need someone to take care of them.

Wen Junbao told his parents these problems when he was talking to his family on the phone.

Grandpa Wen and Grandma Wen are both doctors. When they heard about it, they understood and said, "When the time comes, take her back to our home and we will take care of her."

 It is impossible for Wen Zihan to take care of others at home when he has to go to work, and it is even less feasible to leave Li Fuai at home alone.

The only thing the Wen family is worried about is, what if Li Fuai wants to go back to her natal family to heal?

Fu Xinheng was talking to the patient about this issue. Knowing that the patient could hear the patient lying in bed, he said: "You called the person over there tonight, why don't you call me?"

Li Fuai: The robot's prospective son-in-law always speaks coldly and ruthlessly. Wouldn't he care about the face of your prospective mother-in-law?

"Whatever they want to do to you requires my consent. If you call me, you are giving me your leg." Dr. Fu Xinheng finished.

The prospective son-in-law is so domineering that Li Fuai's heart beats like a drum.

Wen Zihan did not interrupt.

 As a doctor, she knew that every word of Brother Fu was right. To put it bluntly, she was extremely disappointed with the performance of her mother's family tonight.

 “You, what do you want?” Li Fuai asked.

 “I want your leg to be completely healed.” Dr. Fu Xinheng said.

Li Fuai understands that as long as her legs are fully healed, she will not cause trouble to her prospective son-in-law. She curled her lips, feeling so contented in her heart. On the other hand, she understood that her prospective son-in-law was a well-known and good doctor and there was no reason to think bad of her.

The call came. It was from the Li family who had not answered Li Fuai’s call before. They got the news from nowhere and called in a panic.

Li Fuai’s cell phone was left at home, and the Li family called Wen Zihan. “Give me the mobile phone.” Dr. Fu Xinheng stretched out his hand.

 Brother Fu’s expression said: I know what those people want, let me torture the scum.

Robotic doctors are more upright and unruly than normal doctors, which is unacceptable.

The caller was the eldest sister of the Li family. She shivered when she heard who was on the other side.

 “How is my third sister?” Sister Li tried her best to speak.

“I don’t think you’re worried at all,” said Dr. Fu, who got the phone.

"How can it be!"

"not answer the phone-"

 “I was too sleepy to hear, so I just wanted to explain it to her.”

“One and two of them were both in a state of sleep. They got some infectious disease from being together.”

A doctor's rebuke is like a surgeon removing dirt from a person's bones.

 Sister Li saw a scalpel swung in front of her eyes.

 “Your family’s illness is quite serious.”

Sister Li would have scolded him if other doctors said this, but she didn't dare to deal with the robot Dr. Fu.

As Dr. Fu expected, these people were bastards. They didn’t dare to offend him and thought they could ask him for help in the future.

Wen Zihan wanted to get up when he saw this, not wanting him to be involved.

 Fu Xinheng pressed her shoulder back with one hand, and at the same time formally expressed his stance to the Li family: "You all know my relationship with Zihan. If anything happens in the future, you can only come to me."

The robot doctor is not afraid that these people will cause trouble, but he is afraid that these people will make detours and make it inconvenient for him to fight.

 (End of this chapter)