Chapter 1 [1] Back to Nine Zero 1

   "How many surgeons are there in the country, how many female surgeons are there, and how many female cardiothoracic surgeons are actually on the operating table as chief surgeons?"

   "One thousand? One hundred? Ten? One?!"

   "No, what you said is completely wrong." The voices of the people on the stage became smaller and smaller, "The answer is zero—"

  In 1996, the emergency room of the Third People's Hospital of Minjiang District, Songyuan City. In the dark night, a dilapidated emergency room building loomed, and the light bulbs hanging in the front yard were swaying and scattered by the wind, in stark contrast to the colorful neon lights on the road outside.

  The ambulance from the Third Hospital roared and turned into the big iron gate of the hospital with the big scarlet lettering, and it made a loud bang when the car body rubbed against the door. The security guard in the security booth rushed out to check the situation of the gate.

  Because of this loud noise, Xie Wanying who was standing in the yard woke up, her blurred vision became clear, and her focus fell on the door of the emergency room.

   I saw a few busy nurses pushing the ambulance and rushed out of the emergency room, and the male doctor who was one step ahead of the nurses held a flashlight and quickly checked the pupils of the patients lying on the ambulance.

   "Blood pressure?"

   "70 systolic, 40 diastolic."

   "Hypotension, what's the situation? What is the patient's main complaint?"

   "It hurts to say."

   "Heart disease? Myocardial infarction?"

  A stethoscope is attached to the patient's chest to listen. At this time, the patient was sweating profusely, his face was bloodless, like a dead person, and his lips were white. The male doctor said: "Hurry up and get a morphine injection to relieve the pain."

   "Wrong, it's not a myocardial infarction, it's a ruptured aortic aneurysm. It's not because of pain, but because of blood loss—" Xie Wanying murmured a string of words unconsciously from her slightly open mouth.

   Several nurses pushed the patient to the emergency room with a lathe. The emergency doctor walked back quickly behind the patient nurse, suddenly heard the words coming from the wind, and stopped abruptly. Turning around, he saw the girl standing in the yard.

  The girl is tall and thin, with a black braid, like a willow fluttering in the wind, with fair skin and slender wrists, wearing a blue and white high school uniform.

   Xie Wanying, who was looked at by the other party, was also looking at the face of the man opposite her.

   This male doctor is handsome enough.

  Small chin face, standard small white face, unlike the hard face with Chinese characters, it is very popular with young girls. Hair trimming follows the trend of celebrities at this stage, with small broken hair at the ends, flying bangs, and two eyeballs bright and bright in the night.

  When not wearing a white coat, this person might be misunderstood as a singer singing with a guitar while walking on the road. Wearing a white coat is even more eye-catching.

  Age or in his early twenties, the actual age may be older, because the face is too good-looking and will hide the actual age.

  Xie Wanying's eyes fell on the doctor's card hanging on the man's white coat, which read: Brain Surgery, Cao Yong. By the way, the black pen that this man hangs on the pocket of his white coat is cool.

   Brain surgery, no wonder the difference between myocardial infarction and aortic rupture was not immediately recognized. Xie Wanying thought.

   "Doctor Cao, patient—" the emergency nurse ran to the door and called.

   Hearing the nurse's call, Cao Yong quickly turned around and walked into the emergency room, but he couldn't get rid of the high school girl he saw just now.

   Which student? which school? How can one say the medical term for ruptured aortic aneurysm?

   Did he hear it wrong?

   (end of this chapter)