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Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields

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Back in 1996, the eldest daughter of Oldman Xie’s Family, Xie Wanying, said that she wanted to be a surgeon, to which many people laughed at her .

“ A Phoenix gives birth to a phoenix. And a dog gives birth to a dog. A truck driver’s daughter will be a doctor, when pigs learn how to climb trees. ”

“I’m not just going to be a doctor, I’m going to be a cardiothoracic surgeon,”Xie Wanying said.

Her sentence created a thousand waves in the medical circle. A relative doctor of their family even ridiculed her sternly and said: “Do you know how high the admission score for medical students is? Can you even pass the exam?”

“There are zero female cardiothoracic surgeons in the country, if the top female doctors could not make it that far who do you think you are!”

A group of people ridiculed: “You will only get admitted to a third-rate medical school and be a hygienist in a small county. Who will you marry in the future? ”

But she proved them wrong, at the end of the college entrance examination, Xie Wanying entered the top class of surgery in the country with the province’s top prize in science. She entered the top hospital in the capital and was sought after by the director of the surgical departments while she was still an intern. “Student Xie Wanying, you must come to general surgery.”

“No, you must go to our urology—”

“Pediatric surgery lacks female doctors like Xie Wanying.”

All her relatives Wechat moments:……….

At this time, Xie Wanying independently completed the national youngest tetralogy of Fallot surgery, represented the domestic cardio-thoracic surgery association to participate in the international medical forum, and published the world’s first minimally invasive heart valve repair operation, which was a worthy feat considering she was the top female surgeon!

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Short Title:R90SBFMSF
Alternate Title:回到九零,她在外科大佬圈火爆了
Weekly Rank:#22
Monthly Rank:#23
All Time Rank:#37
Tags:Doctors, Female Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Previous Life, Rebirth, Second Chance, Smart Couple, Time Travel,
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  1. hey does anyone know the title of this story:[doesnt have transmigration, space,system or any golden fingers--just a simple historical story][fl is chubby yet beautiful and is not very fat and remains almost same throughout the story] its an ancient china story. a cute chubby girl(fl) is forced to kneel down by a princess as she is outer house of princess's love(second male). here she sees the emperor(ml) before she goes back on a carriage where she chokes on some food and dies and then gets reborn when her mother was alive but was grieving over her fathers death and was quite sick...she then takes care of her mother so that she lives longer but due to some conspiracy of her aunt which fails, her mother gets entangled by a general(father of second male) who forces her mother to get married to him and she becomes his stepdaughter and becomes the stepsister of second male....she remains distant from him but he again somehow develops love for her...the (3rd, i guess)prince (previously the emperor-ml) stutters due to which he is unfavored by his father... ml and fl fall in love and (i think)gets married...second male had faked death in a fight at border and returns to kidnap fl and succeeds but ml and fl reunites after sometime and second male again escapes death and then provokes ordinary people against the emperor and fights to gain power(something like that orvice versa)...current emperor and other princes dies due to fighting on border or conspiracy and finally ml has to take over the throne...second male tries to gain access to ml's house to kidnap fl once again but dies as ml had already expected it....then fl and ml live happily ever after....

  2. Buen día a todos mis compañeros lectores, quiero preguntar: ¿Que sucede con los capítulos 3685 y los siguientes porque no puedo leerlos? Al entrar al menú capítulos tampoco puedo visualizarlos. Necesito leerlos 😭🙏

  3. Hi they've fixed the page now so if you go on chapters then pick section you'll find it e.g Chapters 3501 - 3750. Then pick any chapter you want e.g 3686. (I did ask on discord for fix so happy to see so more people can enjoy)

  4. To be honest, this is mentally draining to read. The characters are badly written, the timeline was confusing & the plot goes nowhere like just plain dissapointing. The FL (Xie Wanying) is one of the most useless female character I’ve read like she has no substance at all!! I endured her “no-care” attitude until Chap 2447 where it hurts my brain to think like how can she still interact with Hu Hao??? (Hu Hao was her hs classmate—a nouveau riche one) It was so annoying!! huhu Anyways, I won’t let my brain handle this terrible book anymore lol

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