This kind of thunder tribulation is extremely rare and looks very evil.

The magnificent palace, composed entirely of the essence of thunder and lightning, is crystal clear, so glaring and dazzling that you can't look directly at it, majestic, ups and downs in the terrifying sea of ​​thunder.

The temple is sacred and solemn, but it is full of terrible destructive power, and it has a fierce feeling.

"It is not the nine heavenly court, but the ancient heavenly court, which should come from the ancient times of chaos"

Jiang Tian raised his head and frowned.

Nine Heavens Immortal Realm is not immortal.

There are historical changes, especially in the era of chaos, the immortal emperors of all roads are your side and I will appear on the stage.

At that time, each fairy emperor was born, and each fairy emperor fell. There are wars in the fairy world, and I don't know how many lower universes have been exploded.

Jiang Tian had ascended to the immortal world five hundred years after his previous life, and he naturally knew that the Nine Heavens Heavenly Court at that time was not like this at all.

He has also read some ancient records.

When the gods and gods cross the calamity, they have to fight with the ancient heavenly court or the incarnation of the immortal emperor.

But the records are few and vague, specious and unclear.

But he hadn't personally experienced it in his previous life, or even experienced it. At this time, he had no idea.

In short, the road of godliness, the road of acquired innocence, has not been walked by many people.

Everyone was frightened.

In that endless lightning, one after another ancient buildings appeared, all of which were condensed by electric lights, bright and crystal clear.

Now it is forming a multitude of palaces, gradually forming a completed heavenly court.

The terrifying destructive power is ready to go, it is heart palpitating, and people can't breathe.

The catastrophe has not yet been hacked, it seems to be gathering strength, ready to go, and finally form the most terrifying blow.

Tai Xuanzi looked worried, his face solemn, and he didn't have much confidence in Jiang Tian.

He was worried that when the ultimate came, he would be shocked and possess the power to destroy everything. Jiang Tian was very suspended this time.

He has activated the rapid piercing circle of the metal compass, which can achieve interstellar jumps.

If Jiang Tian is destroyed by the thunder robbery, to be honest, they are also very dangerous and must escape for the first time.


That piece of thunder and lightning fell in the heavenly court, as if the heavenly court collapsed.

Jiang Tian was directly smashed from the air, and he fell hundreds of meters abruptly. Numerous muscles in his body were blasted open directly under the haunting of thunder and lightning.

The wound that had healed was broken again.

Such a terrorist attack can only be resisted by the peak return to the virtual world, and even the body of the true immortal of Hedao.

Jiang Tian's divine body is still young after all.

But it was beyond Jiang Tian's expectation.

The thunder and lightning in the shape of this palace was once again absorbed by Jiang Tian's god.

The **** hidden faintly had the sacred taste of the nine-day immortal world heaven, as if high above, eternally immobile.

Next, the thunder and lightning heaven seemed to be irritated.

More powerful and fierce than a piece, a piece of palace, a variety of divine thunder buildings, changing patterns, smashed towards Jiang Tian.

But Jiang Tian was able to hold it.

In the end, it turned into an immortal emperor's throne, crushing the void, shattering the demon earth, with the majesty of overwhelming the ten thousand realms, and the domineering dominance of the people, it smashed towards Jiang Tiandou in the sky.

"Compared to the peak of Void Return, one blow!"

Jiang Tian's face was unprecedentedly solemn and his eyes were awe-inspiring.

This blow was already comparable to the full-strength shot of Return to Void Peak.

It was the Demon Emperor's Claw that looked bleak in front of this blow.

This is a terrifying power that can only be played at the peak of Void Return.

Even though Gu He was already outside the space debris, he was still frightened, lying on the compass, shivering.

The gods in Jiang Tian's body seemed to be stimulated by the breath of heaven.

The two deities looked up to the sky and roared, vast and infinite avenues and laws surging out, covering Jiang Tian's body, forming a piece of territory.

The realm of magic!

The laws of the gods are surging, and the avenues of the gods are even more immortal.

To hold up a piece of sky for Jiang Tian's deity, a blow to shake this Immortal Emperor Throne!

After crossing this last thunder tribulation, Jiang Tian can be described as a life of nine deaths.


The chaotic divine body, under the blow of the Immortal Emperor Throne, was instantly submerged in the extinct thunder, and the flesh exploded almost immediately, turning into countless crystal clear bones, covering the sky with almost no human form.

Only the gods exist forever, shining with eternal light, sheltering Jiang Tian's gods in it.

"Do not!"

Behind, Huang Linger cried loudly, and when he stepped on the compass with both feet, he shot out and rushed into the critical debris.

"Girl wait a minute, don't be impulsive. You will die if you go in! Your Taoist companion is not dead!"

Taixuanzi stopped, and kindly persuades him.

As long as the gods are alive and the gods are still alive, don't be afraid.

Even so, Huang Ling'er couldn't help but worry, a heart almost jumped out of his throat.

Jiang Tian's tribulation is like a small boat in a storm, moving forward with difficulty, and will capsize at any time.

After a long time, Lei Guang passed.

Jiang Tiancai urged the secret method to reconsolidate the divine body.

Huang Linger couldn't help but murmured in tears: "Great! Great!"

There was a sound of dragon and phoenix and ming.

The divine phoenix flew around Jiang Tian, ​​the real dragon hovered, the unicorn looked at the sky, the mysterious tortoise stepped on the ground, and the faeries appeared, bright and dazzling.

Various visions are present.

The gods spewed celestial light and brilliance, overwhelming the sky, the ten directions of spirits poured like water, the vast avenues and laws converged on his body, repairing his scars.

Jiang Tian's body quickly recovered, swelling up, his flesh and blood flashed with a sparkling luster, his broken bones continued, his body resembling colorful colored glaze.

This is the miracle of the Nine Heavens Fairy Light, the flesh and bones of life and death on the spot, immediate results.

Jiang Tian suddenly became strong, and there was no trace of ruin.

"Huh, it's finally over."

Jiang Tian let out a sigh of relief.

Eighty-one ordinary thunder tribulations, nine immortal deities thunder tribulation, and finally heavenly court thunder tribulations aimed at divine deities.

In the previous life, when he recondensed the sacred deity, he only had twenty-five ways, and he had never encountered such a terror.

"I didn't expect this power to be so powerful. Thanks to the help of the Nine Heavens Immortal Light, after being nourished by the Nine Heavens Immortal Qi, it survived the thunder catastrophe. Now, it should belong to the second-tier divine deity."

Jiang Tian stared at the dazzling dazzling **** hidden god, very satisfied.

Just when he was about to scavenge the critical space debris and came to the metal space compass to meet Huang Linger Taixuanzi.


The thin thunderclouds that had been gradually drifting away from the top of the head suddenly vibrated violently, and countless thunder and lightning roared.

Let Jiang Tianmeng raise his head, suddenly startled.

I saw the thunder sea of ​​30,000 miles, a phantom of the immortal emperor composed of thunder and lightning quickly condensed.

This Immortal Thunder Emperor, mighty Ang Zang, with the domineering arrogance of standing on the top of the universe, stepped out of the fading heavenly palace, holding a sword of the heavenly emperor, and violently approaching Jiang Tian.

"Humanoid Lightning Tribulation!"

Seeing this, Tai Xuanzi was so shocked that he almost couldn't stand up, and was shocked to numb by Jiang Tian's thunder.