In fact, it is not the second thunder and lightning. It should be said that the second wave is more accurate.

"Boom! Boom!"

Nine-nine-nine-eighty-one thunder and lightning fell from the sky. One is thicker than one, and one is more flaming. In the end, it almost turns into a dazzling beam of light, supporting the sky and moving the earth, with a full body of thousands of people, like a Dinghai divine needle falling from the sky.

It can be comparable to the full strength of the digital return to the peak of the virtual, and join forces to attack.

But Jiang Tian stood proudly in the void, carrying his life hard with his body, not falling into the slightest.

In the end, after eighty-one thunder tribulations were over, the thunderclouds in the sky stopped slightly, seeming to be startled.

"This, this, is too scary."

Gu He lay next to him.

Even Taixuanzi's eyes were round, and he kept sucking in air-conditioning, so that the little girl next to him asked him if he had a toothache.

No wonder Taixuanzi was shocked.

The God Transformation Thunder Tribulation is based on the cultivation base of the deity's rank.

There is only one deity of a product. There are only nine gods in the nine ranks.

The number is not fixed above the super product, but rarely exceeds the number of three to nine or forty-nine.

But Jiang Tian actually crossed ninety-nine-nine-eighty-one ways in one go, even more terrifying than Xianpin!

The key is that Jiang Tiandu's robbery is too easy!

Even in the legend, the super-grade, sacred-grade and even fairy-grade Tianjiao of the Nine Great Immortal Sects were cautious when crossing the thunder tribulation, opening many magic circles, or borrowing the secret treasures of the sect, and they would die forever.

There is no shortage of peerless Tianjiao who fell in the thunder disaster.

Just like Jiang Tian, ​​crossing the robbery seems to be easy to eat and drink, which is almost unheard of.

"This must be the reincarnation of the old monster or Tianjun, otherwise it would never be so powerful."

Gu He thought in his heart.


But at this time, Thunder Tribulation did not stop, instead it became more and more flaming.

The thunder dragon roared one after another, soaring in the chaotic thundercloud. Each thunder dragon was thousands of feet long, shining with different rays of light.

In the end, countless thunder dragons violently grouped together and turned into a blue thunder mountain the size of a mountain, falling from the sky like a meteorite hitting the earth.

The power of this blow was not much stronger than before, and Tai Xuanzi felt horrified that he might not be able to hold it against him.

Facing this wave of calamities, Jiang Tian's face appeared solemn for the first time, and he paid more attention to it.


Hit by the blue thunder mountain, Jiang Tian's figure shook slightly, but it was just a sway.

Among the gods, the chaos nine-aperture god, that is, the main god, more devilish energy is tempered by the cyan thunder and lightning.

But more importantly, these magic energy laws and avenues were strengthened a lot by the demon king and gods next to them.

"Come again!"

Jiang Tian drank high.

It seems to respond to his voice.

Eight rays of thunder fell in the sky one after another.

Each Dao is not much weaker than before, and in the end, it is comparable to the hit of the He Dao giants.

Even with Jiang Tian's physical strength, it is impossible to resist. He was beaten to pieces in an instant.

The muscles exploded, revealing the crystal clear sapphire bones.

"Here! He, he's cracked!"

Gu He was panicked and sighed, his whole person is not good, how can there be the style of being a giant in the past?

Lao Tzu, however, contributed all the sacred pill at the bottom of the box.

If this son falls, wouldn't Laozi lose all his venture capital?

"It's okay!"

Tai Xuanzi gave him a blank look, very disgusted.

Alas, the Saint Yuan Continent is really bad, your dignified Saint Alliance leader is so unbearable.

"This child has a special physique and has a strong repair ability. Besides, the deity is thick, the deity has not been destroyed, and the body is destroyed. Is that a problem?" Tai Xuanzi said patiently.

The nine-aperture chaos divine body is indeed powerful.

Jiang Tian's Chaos Nine Aperture God released the law, and the flesh used this as the skeleton of the meridians, absorbed the surging spiritual energy in the divine thunder, and instantly recovered, and it was more crystal clear and bright than the original, and more condensed and powerful.

However, after this wave of thunder and lightning, the thunderclouds in the sky not only did not disperse, but became more condensed.

The thunder dragons roared and roared, and their fierce appearances were revealed, and they turned into chaotic thunderballs, hovering in the void, seemingly brewing a strong blow.

"Wait, why is this guy still saving?"

Gu He found that something was wrong.

"Even if it is an immortal god, it should be over!"

Not only him, but even Taixuanzi didn't understand it at all at this time.

Originally, they thought that Jiang Tian was condensing the immortal deity.

With Jiang Tian's ability to fight the Demon Emperor's Claw, he should indeed be an immortal god.

But now, after the eighty-one thunder tribulations, another wave came, and after the relief, there was no sign of stopping.

"Could it be that his condensed deity is above the new product? But since ancient times, it has never been heard that there is a stronger deity above the immortal deity."

Not only Gu He, but even Taixuanzi was completely dumbfounded.

He pulled out the beard on his chin, still can't think of a reason.

But at this time, the thunder robbery has arrived.


This time the thunder and lightning was much stronger than the previous wave.

Dozens of thunder dragons, condensed into a colorful thunderball, smashed down from the air, containing the atmosphere of ruining the world, and many thunder and lightning converged into an unimaginable blow.

The power of this blow was comparable to that of the Demon Emperor's Claw, enough to turn a radius of hundreds of miles into powder.

Thunder and lightning fell and buried the mountains, a vast ocean, boundless.

Tai Xuanzi couldn't retreat, and the space debris flashed out directly into the space storm.

Yes, in his opinion, this wave of thunder horror has far surpassed the space storm.

He sits on a metal compass, which is full of pictures of stars and is a treasure of space.

His voyage across the star field is to take this treasure, which has the power to resist space storms.



The huge electric glow burst out from the gap of the space debris, like an evil dragon soaring into the sky.

This is a huge catastrophe of heaven and thunder, which makes people crippling.

The sea of ​​lightning, terrifying, filled the entire critical space debris, bursting out an electric light, and turning a mountain into fly ash, extremely vicious.


Everyone was horrified, Huang Linger's powder clenched her fists, her delicate body trembled slightly, and she was full of panic and uneasy.

Very worried about Jiang Tian.

With so many anger thunder and lightning, all the terrifying power will fall, and this space fragment will be shattered and will no longer exist.

"This is the most terrifying celestial calamity of Xianpin Huashen, only some ancient books in Xianzong have records, and outsiders simply don't know..."

Taixuanzi widened his eyes.

He understood Jiang Tian's deity as an immortal product, because currently recorded, the strongest deity is an immortal product.

"It's not an ordinary punishment from heaven. There are not many times in ancient times, even in the Nine Great Immortal Sects, it is rare. There will be mysterious things that happen, but everyone who crosses this type of punishment is jealous Heaven-defying evildoer, heaven and earth have already felt your strength, and think that one day you will defend against heaven and suppress heaven and earth!"

Tai Xuanzi explained.

Why is Jiang Tiandu's thunder robbery so serious.

At this time, suddenly, the female doll in purple clothes let out an exclamation, her eyes widened:

"Grandpa, look, what has appeared in Lei Hai, it seems to be a building..."

Everyone stared attentively, one by one dumbfounded and shocked.

I saw that there seemed to be infinite palaces condensed in the sea of ​​thunder, continuous into a piece, with a lofty charm, arrogance and indifference more immutable than the eternal heaven.

"So, is that the heaven of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm?"

Even Taixuanzi was taken aback, his face was extremely solemn: "Thunder Tribulation in Thunder Tribulation, Tribulation in Tribulation!"