"what is the problem?"

"At this time, I will encounter the thunder tribulation, how can the nine heavens celestial light come on me? This is obviously the blessing vision of the queen after crossing the tribulation and becoming a fairy?"

Jiang Tian was shocked and puzzled.

Could it be that the divine transformation of the divine crossing the calamity, all the celestial light descends, the nine heavens and the immortal world bless?


No way?

The Immortal Emperor is a giant of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. If the Immortal Realm descends toward this realm to bless the immortal light, he must obtain the permission of the Immortal Emperor.

Then, he must already be aware of my existence!

And why would he bless and release water to himself?

Will he sit back and watch his chess piece grow and grow? Have a chance to get rid of the chessboard of his destiny?

Or is it that the Immortal Emperor is so conceited that even if Jiang Tian grows and grows into a god-like god, he still has the opportunity to obliterate it at will?

A lot of suspicion flashed in Jiang Tian's mind between the flashes of lightning.

But think again, it's too late.


With a loud bang, a pillar of thunder roared across the sky and fell from the sky.

For any thunder disaster, generally speaking, the first thunder is often the weakest.

However, the thunder light in front of Jiang Tian's eyes is full of a hundred people, shining with bright golden electric lights, illuminating the critical Grand Canyon, and its power is not inferior to the saint's blow.

"Oh my God!"

Gu He's eyes were dumb.

This is only the first one, the power is so terrifying.

If you follow the practice of Heavenly Tribulation, it should be stronger in the future.

Even now he came to resist, reluctantly. If it was the time of transforming the gods, I am afraid that a lightning bolt would turn into ashes.

"Good job."

Jiang Tian was no longer tangled, and rose directly into the sky, without any cover, with his physical body to hit the thunder and lightning.

Thunder robbery is both a danger and an opportunity.

It is conceived by the laws of heaven and earth, and has the effect of tempering the flesh and tempering the gods.

The reason why Huashen is called the acquired **** is because it has been tested by the laws of heaven and earth, and is like an heir, recognized by the heavenly father and the earth mother.

If you don't cross the thunder of the **** of transformation, no matter how strong the **** itself is, it will always be slightly less than three points when mobilizing the power of heaven and earth.


The terrifying five-color lightning, dazzling, hit Jiang Tian.

Jiang Tian trembled without trembling. A series of small electric lights, in every corner of his body, every piece of musculoskeletal beating, from the inside to the outside, tempering the body.

Jiang Tian took this opportunity to activate the Super God Nine Transformation Kungfu, and with the help of the power of the sky thunder, he gradually forced out the impurities brought by the hundred thousand ancient demon warriors he had absorbed.


I saw a wave of magical black smoke emerging from Jiang Tian's body, like a dragon like a snake.

These impurity magic energy were discharged, and Jiang Tian's physical body became more and more radiant, like a crystal clear gemstone.

But an even more shocking scene happened.

A series of spirited and wolf-like devil energy originally rushed straight into the sky, but suddenly turned and bends, like tentacles, like magic dragons, scrambling towards Jiang Tian's gods.

"This! Is it the backlash of demonic energy? Isn't it going to be crazy..."

Seeing this, Gu He was shocked and worried, and he was about to rise to the sky to interrupt these demons.


Taixuanzi reached out to block.


Gu He was puzzled.

Taixuanzi carried one hand on his back and stroked his beard lightly with the other. The old **** said: "He is a great demon himself. What are you afraid of him?"

With that, looking at Jiang Tian's eyes, there was also a hint of stunning color flashing.

Gu He suddenly realized that he was shocked: "One devil and one god, one positive and one negative, two gods, really magical!"

auzw.com It turns out that Jiang Tian’s prison demon emperor **** is absorbing devil energy and laws, condensing himself, and improving his strength!

This is wonderful!

Ordinary people, even if they have supernatural power, can absorb certain laws and essence in the devil qi, but there are more impurities in the end. Always be alert to the backlash of devilish impurity.

But, like Jiang Tian, ​​the Dao Heart Demon Seed, with dual gods, how can he be afraid of the devil's energy?

I will accept as many as you send.


Jiang Tianshenzang roared and trembled, lightning flashed and thunderous, and the blazing mysterious light burst from it and shot straight for nine days!

But the moment was dimmed, but it was 90% of the thunder and lightning, but the two deities in Jiang Tian's body instantly absorbed it.

"too strong!"

At this moment, Gu He was shocked and dumbfounded.

The two deities in Jiang Tian's body, incomparably Shen Ning, are connected to the heavens and the earth, and the endless laws of the heaven and the earth resonate with them, making waves of great lords.

No, he even felt that the entire vast universe was connected to Jiang Tian's two deities.

"It's that fairy light!"

Tai Xuanzi's gaze was like a torch, shining with faint light, carefully examining Jiang Tian's gods, and making an affirmation.

Originally, after experiencing a fierce battle, Jiang Tian's divine possession collapsed, almost in ruins, the deity was almost burned through, and the origin was almost exhausted.

Jiang Tian used the essence and blood of the endless demons, the red clams of the fire and the pill given by Gu He to restore to the peak state, but after all, he had just recovered and had no time to settle, and he was still unstable.

But at this moment, the wisps of nine-day fairy light linger around the body of one demon and one **** and two deities, like a nine-day blessing, slowly blending into it, making the gods extremely dense and firm.

Taixuanzi was convinced that without the help of the Nine Heavens Fairy Light, Jiang Tian's triumph would definitely not be so smooth.


At this moment, Jiang Tian looked up at the sky, his sharp gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the space storm, the universe, and he saw the immortal realm of nine heavens high above and immovable.

Jiang Tian said this.

But after hearing the earth-shaking sound, shaking the entire critical fragment, and even radiating the entire Saint Yuan Continent's star field, suddenly whizzed out from Jiang Tian's divine hiding place—


This voice, one is the Nine Heavens Immortal Words, and the other is the Nine Nether Demon Words, which are uttered by the two gods, mixed together, mixed with feelings of holiness and depravity.

But Taixuanzi felt a sense of indomitability.

No matter the road, no matter where it comes from, just be strong!


Unyielding heaven, unyielding land, unyielding immortals, unyielding demons, unyielding all the shouts and roars in the world, with endless vast avenues and laws, crazy, spread.


Rao is Taixuanzi, a giant of the Nine Great Immortal Sects, but he also feels terrible pressure.


He rolled his sleeves and took the crowd back tens of thousands of miles. With a wave of his hand, the sage soldiers of the seven or eight best body guards emitted a bright light, forming a light mask, covering everyone.



Strange sounds continued, and the light shield of the first layer of protection was completely intertwined with the fragments of the avenue and the law. It was extremely condensed, enough to resist the full-scale crit of the Void Returning Saint, but it was torn in an instant.

At the same time, the sacred weapon that emits a light mask is dimmed and shattered, and its mana is all disintegrated.



The other two shields are also barely supported, as if the film in the storm is always in danger of being torn apart.

"Whether this guy has cultivated into a god, or has he condensed Xu Tian! How could it be so terrifying?"

Seeing this, Taixuanzi was shocked and moved by it.

Originally, the transformation of the gods is the **** of the world.

Even if the Tribulation is completed, it is only to be recognized by the heaven and the earth, to be punished by the heaven, and to take control of the world!

In short, he is recognized by the parents of heaven and earth, like a child of heaven and earth, the embodiment of the world!

In the final analysis, the power of the gods is limited by this world.

But he felt that Jiang Tian's deity had a sense of arrogance, detached from the heaven and the earth, so I was the only one who would be able to step on this heaven and earth and even the vast universe.

As the deity roared, heaven and earth seemed to be offended, and a second thunder and lightning came again.

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