"Ugly monsters, this seat is here, if you want to move my fellow daoists, you are looking for death."

Taixuanzi's hair fluttered, the beggar pretended to hunt in the devil wind, staring at the group of demons with cold eyes.

He soared into the sky with his fists and feet, stopping the silver armor demon commander.

But the other seven or eight demon generals, as well as one hundred thousand demon clan warriors, bypassed him, like a tarsal maggot, and slew towards Jiang Tian.

Taixuanzi, while killing the silver armor demon commander, shouted to Gu He: "Gu He, hurry up and protect!"

"But, she..."

Gu He looked at the purple-clothed girl worriedly. It was not that she was afraid of fighting, but that the purple-clothed girl's cultivation level was too low, but Yuan Ying was unprotected.

"Senior, I am also a god, and the quality of the **** is not low, you will protect the little girl, I will kill..."

Huang Ling'er was worried that the demonic tide would injure Jiang Tian, ​​so she jumped into the sky and swept towards the battle formation of the demons.

"Ling'er, Senior Taixuanzi, come back quickly!"

Suddenly, Jiang Tian drank in a low voice.

"What? Isn't it possible that even in the retreat, there is still a back sign?"

Seeing this, both Taixuanzi and Gu He were shocked and looked at Jiang Tian in disbelief.


"Kang Dang!"

There was a crisp sound of swords in the void.

The magic sword inserted on the top of the mountain unexpectedly catapulted up, turning into a sword rainbow, cutting a magic general into two.

Immediately afterwards, the swallowing black hole behind Jiang Tian, ​​a gluttonous phantom, suddenly unfolded and turned into a hundred miles in size.

The horrible suction power came from it madly.

Countless magic soldiers, like dumplings, were sucked by the black hole two or three, and then instantly wiped out by the swallowed black hole.

Every ancient demon warrior possesses the cultivation base of Nascent Soul.

Their magical body mana turned into rolling essences and poured them into Jiang Tian's body.

"This is a trap!"

A magic commander's face changed drastically, and he screamed wildly.

"This son is too despicable, he is seriously injured, and he counts me to wait?"

The other magic soldiers also reacted and couldn't help crying for their father and mother, and immediately wished that their parents would give themselves an extra pair of feet and flee desperately.

But how terrifying is the power of Gourmet Avenue?

The engulfing black hole, almost comparable to the black hole in the universe, has grown again, covering a full 3,000-mile radius.

In the end, not only one hundred thousand demon soldiers, but also the seven or eight demon generals were sucked into the cave, turned into life force, and supplemented into Jiang Tian's body.


Gu He was so frightened by this scene that he immediately slumped on the ground, and his legs felt weak.

And the silver armor demon commander roared even more, and flew madly toward the space debris, regardless of whether it could find a passage to the demon world, or whether it could survive the void storm based on its strength.


How huge is the essence of a 100,000 yuan infant demon cultivator?

What's more, there are still some horrors of transforming gods and returning to the void?

Jiang Tian's physical body quickly recovered at a speed visible to the physical body, and the sword mark disappeared almost with the flick of his fingers.

His divine body, shining bright light, like an immortal **** of gold, the cracks on the deity disappeared completely, and it quickly climbed to its peak state!

The nine major avenues of divine quality condensed in Jiang Tian's body again.

God Emperor Gengjin, Taotie, Lei Xuan, Xuanwu, Suzaku... a vision surrounded him.

These visions are just phantoms.

Jiang Tian sighed and slowly stood up.

His aura was stronger than ever before, and it was more than one thing to suppress Gu He, enough to keep pace with Taixuanzi.

Not even much worse than the previous war jet.

auzw.com The gods are thicker and more stable, just like the heavens of gods, the gods have doubled, and in terms of mana, they can be comparable to the peak of returning to the void.

But Jiang Tian's face still showed a solemn look.

Above his head, the terrifying thunder tribulation shrouded millions of miles, and finally came down.

this moment.

Throughout the critical Grand Canyon, all the beasts were crawling on the ground, afraid to make a sound.

Gu He knelt down and bowed his head, shaking from soul to body. They just feel that it seems the end of the world is coming.


The thunder shook for nine days, and the electric dragon roared.

Demon God Thunder, Nine Absolute God Thunder, Five Elements God Thunder, Destruction God Thunder, Magnetism God Thunder... There are dozens of God Thunder, shining in the thundercloud.

Each kind of divine thunder represents a power that destroys the sky and the earth, once it is lowered, it is enough to blow up a radius of a million li into powder.

This is in the void outside the Saint Yuan continent. If it is above the continent, the continent can penetrate it, and the stars of life will instantly turn into powder, and the common people will be extinct.

"This...what is the thunder robbery, it is obviously the soaring immortal robbery!"

Gu He was so frightened that he successively offered twenty-three lightning protection tools and saint soldiers, each of which was valuable and powerful. He pouched his **** and trembles on the ground, completely devoid of his former high-level demeanor.

Seeing Gu He was so terribly scared, Tai Xuanzi did not show any mockery at all, but stared at the many thunders in the distance.

To be honest, as a giant-level saint on the Nine Heavens Continent, he has already crossed countless times to transform the gods, and it can be said that he is very knowledgeable.

But this is the first time he has seen such a terrifying Thunder Tribulation.

There was a tremor and anxiety in his heart.

Only Jiang Tian, ​​standing proudly with his hands, looked up at the sky.

"No matter, since the thunder is coming, and avoidance is inevitable, let's face it. What if I can't become a god? I will eventually have a chance to make up for it in the future."

Jiang Tian gritted his teeth, his eyes as cold as iron.


The true form of the first deity roared behind him, turning into a monstrous form, like a **** descending, supporting the sky and moving the earth, with awe-inspiring gaze, facing many thunder and tribulations.

Seems to be attracted by the gods.

Countless thunder dragons whizzed at the same time, quickly condensing into a pillar of thunder that thundered through the sky, and was about to descend.

But at this moment, it was the moment when Thunder Tribulation was about to land.


An unprecedented throbbing filled Jiang Tian's heart.

In the depths of that thunder tribulation, in the endless sea of ​​thunder, a dazzling fairy light suddenly exploded, like a sun-shooting divine sword, and instantly shot into Jiang Tian's body god.

The moment he noticed the fairy light, Jiang Tian was dumbfounded, and he couldn't believe it.

"This... why is it a bit like the Nine Heavens Fairy Light that I saw when I crossed the Immortal Tribulation in my previous life?"

This is unbelievable Jiang Tian.

In the last life, he was soaring into the Immortal Tribulation, and he remembered that after pushing the door of the Immortal Realm, there were countless celestial lights hanging down in the world he saw.

That light illuminates the entire universe, reaching far and wide, illuminating every corner of the heavens and worlds, with an aura of immortality, detachment, and eternity, so supreme.

Generally want to become immortal, but those who cross the robbery will have several anomalies.

One is the "Xianjie Hengkong" and "Nine Nether Descending" that will appear.

This means that there are strong people who have met the requirements of the fairy world and are breaking through, but they may not be able to succeed.

The second is the vision when the "gate of the immortal world" is finally opened after going through the test. According to the different cultivation methods and nature of each person, the vision is different, and the number is the most numerous.

There are "Flying Snow in the Three Realms", "Silver Snake Flurry", "Same Out on the Nine Days", "Prolonging Life with Merit" and so on.

If there is a second type of anomaly, it means that the breakthrough is successful, and new immortals will appear.

As far as Jiang Tian knows, some of the second type of visions are extremely rare, indicating the tyrannical speciality or accumulation of the breakthroughs, such as "Ten Thousand Buddhas Attracting", "Kurong Bodhi", "Change the Sky and the Sun", and "Purple Qi Comes East". ", "Golden Lantern for Ten Thousand Years", "Single Fire" and so on.

After completing the Tribulation and becoming a person in the fairy world, there will be a third type of anomaly, which also varies from person to person.

However, there are only a few in number, the ordinary "coming from ten thousand realms", the outstanding "Stars Gongyue", and the extremely powerful "Xianguang Chenghai" for a while!

In short, the true Nine Heavens Immortal Light can only belong to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, it belongs to extremely condensed high-level energy, and will never appear in the cultivation realm!

It's weird!

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