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Seeing Jiang Tian carrying his hands, floating on the ground, slowly said:


"I am here to protect the stars and to enter into a spiritual contract with all of you to jointly resist the tyranny of Xianxu and Yaochi."



"Perhaps in your eyes, Xianxu and Yaochi are very strong and can't be shaken, but today you also saw it. Although Jiang Taichu was only Jin Dan, but killing Yuan Ying is not a problem!"


“The words of the early Taoist friends are extremely!”


Everyone nodded and was convinced.


If Jiang Tian said this before, I am afraid that it will usher in the endless ridicule of the Chino world, and many monks should be dismissed.


"You said that you made a contract with God, and you said that you resist resistance to the ruins. Why? What qualifications do you have!"


But at this time, it is different.


Jiang Tian has already killed the four patriarchal ancestors, especially the last one, the hard-nosed Muguang's Yuan Ying self-explosion, but also the strength of the beautiful goddess, and let everyone believe that Jiang Tian has at least the strength with the Yaochi world. !


"Of course, as long as you sign a contract with me, you are my disciples, and I will naturally not treat you badly. I will send you the supreme magic and magical powers, and even control the space law of the town, the forbidden domain, and so on. You resist the capital of the Yaochi world!"



As soon as Jiang Tian’s words came out, many monks began to stir up. After all, Jiang Tian’s young age was on the summit. The magical powers, the Famen, the Dan Dao, and the arbitrage that he controlled were earth-shattering, and even the real fairy martial arts. .


In fact, it is true that the strength of Bai Ze and the real dragon around Jiang Tian are not trivial. Then they followed Jiang Tian, ​​even if they only learned a scale and a half claw, it was enough to limit the sublimation to the height they could not think before.


Moreover, the remaining monks have no enmity with Jiang Tian. If this opportunity is given to Jiang Tianmen, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.


"Is it too early to dominate, to teach us the control of space?"


Suddenly, Rayson reacted and exclaimed.


For monks, the most difficult thing to cultivate in history is not the law, the magical powers, the airpower, not the five elements of magic, but the mobilization of the heavens and the earth, to control the space.



Those who are in the middle of Jindan can ban and seal the town, claiming to be "controlled", Yuan Yingcheng is a forbidden domain, and the **** is a stronger and more advanced field.


Not to mention the forbidden domain and the field, it is the simplest control and closure of the town.


Once formed, within the radius of a hundred feet, the heavens and the earth will let me move, and the enemy can be sealed into a piece of iron.


Let your thousands of magical secrets, can not be displayed, become the fish on the chopping board, let anyone slaughter!


Of course, in fact, controlling, prohibiting, sealing the town and even prohibiting the domain does not really grasp the law of space. Instead, it uses the strength of the heavens and the earth to mobilize space power, and the formation can only be regarded as a "pseudo-domain."


However, this is already a counter-invasive means of defeating the enemy. In this case, it is said that in the wild, it is in the three-dimensional world of Yaochi and Longmen. It has always been a top-notch practice, and it is not secret.


Jiang Tian actually said that he should teach them these things. How can they not be shocked or shocked?



"Not bad. As long as you are willing to devote yourself to me and fight side by side, together with the invaders of Yaochi Xianxu, and teach them to you, what is it?"


Jiang Tian calmly said.


The method of controlling the strength of heaven and earth is the highest school for them, just like the magic of the Fa.


But Jiang Tian knows that there are not one thousand and eight hundred. For Jiang Tian, ​​it is only the foundation of the foundation. Jiang Tianchuan gave them some rough and low-level, what's the point?


This time, many Zongmen leaders were shocked.


Even Shen Jiuling, who has always been afraid of Yao Chi as a tiger, is full of ecstasy, bloody, and rushing:


"Well! There are such gods and gods to help each other, we are really not afraid of that Yaochi!"


"Yeah, who said that we must not be as good as Yaochi? We only need to practice hard, we can't fight with them!"


"In the beginning, the heart is broad-minded, and it is no wonder that the monks of the Stars are all in the shadows.



"That is, I would rather die than a slave!"


Many monks are full of joy and excitement.


After the warmth of the Jade Fortune, Jiang Tian and the people set the contract of the soul, and transmitted several kinds of earth and fire system, so that everyone can take their lives, but the impact of this battle has just begun to spread. .


For thousands of years, this world belongs to the Red Stone, belonging to the Huang family.


The Huang family has been deeply cultivating for thousands of years in this world. The trees are deeply rooted and the connections are all in all directions, involving all aspects. The top ten Zongmen have had a good relationship with him, listening to his orders, not to mention, there is also a large Chi Ming Dynasty, many secular cities, cultivation families, can be described as huge and complex, extremely numerous.


The news spread that the entire red field was shaking, and many people could not believe it, just like the sky collapsed.


After all, the soldiers and elites who watched the war in the warmth of the land were the leaders and elites of the major sects. However, many monks and even the entire worldly world did not watch it. Many people were shocked by the news.



"A thousand deaths are dead? How is this possible!"


"Nothing is impossible! My Master has seen it with my own eyes. Even the ancestors of Hongxia and the Prince of Huangqi have been destroyed by Jiang Taichu! The whole Huang family is a vein, the chickens and dogs are not left, all are destroyed!"


"Hongxia ancestors, that is the Yuan Ying ancestor! Believe it or not, in short, I don't believe it!"


"Yeah, Hongxia ancestors, that is unbeaten in battle, the existence of high above, living gods, how can someone kill him! I don't believe it!"


Many people just started to hear that they felt unacceptable and didn't believe it.


In the past, Huang Qiang and Hong Xia's ancestors were like the gods in their minds, but now they die in an earth ant, which is like a joke.


More old-age monks, angry and angry, said that the person who passed the message harbored the scourge, wanted to subvert the order and create civil strife. I will shoot it.


But then, more and more eyewitnesses came to the news, and even the big pope's main character who watched the battle in the night came out to testify.



When all this is confirmed.


Everyone is stunned, like a death test.


"Golden Dan, Yuan Ying? Has there been such a precedent since the ancient times?"


"So, from then on, the earth and the stars, aren't they riding on our heads to make a fortune?"


Countless people have a hard time.


"What is the invasion of us by the Tianxing world? I am not satisfied!"


"I want to retaliate against this singer!"


Even the radicals of the royalists said that they would kill the stars, kill them, and avenge their enemies.


But then!


Shen Jingjing, Hu Xi, and Duanmu Guang’s three descendants from Yaochi’s Tianjun also came out.


In an instant, everyone shut up and said nothing.


"It is Chen Qingdi, there is no such ability! I heard that when he first boarded Jindan, he once challenged a Yuanying trial in the family, but it was nothing but a victory!"



"Is this not to say that the talent of Jiang Taichu is even better than Chen Qingdi?"


"Hero! Demon!"


Many people breathe in air.


Yaochi Tianjun!


Tianjun can control the world and display space forbidden!


The more difficult it is to cultivate, the more you understand the greatness of heaven and earth, and the more you understand the meaning of the word Tianjun.


Tianjun, replacing the heavenly heart with his own heart, for the heavens, can only be a good hand!


Moreover, the three Tianjun from Yaochi were all raised by Jiang Taichu. This is not a enchanting thing, what is a enchanting!




"At the beginning of the day, I will give you a set of Lei Xun's five elements of thunder and punishment! Without the use of lightning strikes, you will be able to thunder and thunder, and the leap will kill the enemy, and it will be invincible. It is called the Xianjia practice! I feel so impressed at the beginning!"


Royal Lei Zong, the agent of the lord Lei Sen, announced.



"I am a ruined wood sect who is the first to dominate the rewards of the wood system. It is the Yuan Ying dynasty! I will wait for the ruins of the ruins of the woods, and will always be loyal to the early days, never betray!"


The new lord of Araki was also publicly announced.


"My flying feather door also supports the early dominance. At the beginning, it is our great savior. Who dares to rebel against the early days of dominance, that is, the number of forgotten ancestors, the ungrateful generation, the first time we fly the feather gate, my first one does not spare him... ..."


Then, the large and small Zongmen, such as Feiyumen, Tekken, and Yuyuezong, all announced their support for Jiang Tian. One of the patriarchs was full of passion and passion, and murderously expressed support and instantly became the death of Jiang Tianzhong. Shi.


The wind has changed unconsciously.


From the invaders and the emperors, Jiang Tian gradually became a liberator and savior of the red world.


Especially when I heard that Jiang Tian’s looks were still very young, the young girl did not move to the mind, and went to Yu Leizong to inquire whether Jiang Tian had a Taoist priest, whether he had the opportunity to dominate the double repair with the beginning.



This is the heart of Jiang Tian's eternal practice. The key to the imperialism lies in Enwei and Shi, giving a slap, giving a sweet date, and carrots and sticks, so that they can be loyal, and only the soul contract is not enough.




"At the beginning, the ruler returned, killing Chen Liuhe, and destroying the Yaochi army. The Tianxing world has been liberated, and everyone can go back!"


And when the **** dog rises to the sky, announce this news.


Ten miles of the Stars refugee camp, but after a full silence for a minute, it was like throwing an ice cube into a hot oil pan, boiling back against the sky, and triumphantly.


"What I just heard? At the beginning, the ruler came back...and defeated the Yaochi army!"


"Emancipated! The stars are liberated! We can go home!"


"Children, the Yaochi army was defeated, and Chen Liuhe was also dead. The early lords gave you revenge!"


Many Star Refugees, who did not dare to believe at the beginning, waited to return to God, and they burst into tears, burst into tears of excitement, cried and laughed, and sang and danced together.


"I am waiting, thank you for being the master of the early days, dumping the sky, and saving the people in the fire!"


The old monk with gray hair, trembled in the direction of the warm jade blessing where Jiang Tian is, bowed down, and regardless of whether Jiang Tian can see it, he frantically hoes.


"I am waiting for the early days to dominate!"


Later, one by one, the stars and the gods worshipped, and the mortals, the monks, the demon or the human race, all deeply worshipped the land, beheaded heavily, with a face of reverence and gratitude.