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Before floating in Jiangtian Dantian, it seems that the biggest and most terrible black hole in the universe is coming, it seems to be able to break all the rules and swallow the heavens.


The endless vast blue-colored baby energy suddenly moved again.



However, it is not an attack on Jiang Tian, ​​but it is like a milk swallow casts a forest, and it is ingeniously poured into the black vortex.


Only three fingers, the endless Yuan Ying Jing Yuan, was swallowed up by the black vortex, and there was no leftover.


"Jiang Taichu, this is not the end, Yaochi world, will not let you go!"


Finally, in the screams of desperation, even Duanmuguang's many body protectors and powerful flesh were torn apart, turned into a smoldering smoke, and rushed toward the black whirlpool.




When Jiang Tian absorbed all the blood energy of the four-yuan baby, and when he took up the magical power of the forbidden field, it would ring like a thunder, and it would ring through the void, rolling in the waves, instantly pushing the hundred miles, and even spreading to a thousand miles. Beyond, it is undetectable.


This was before, many of the energy was banned by Jiang Tian's forbidden domain. At this time, Jiang Tian put up the forbidden domain, and the aftermath began to sway out, and the residual energy broke out completely.



At this moment, the entire land of the Chino world, thousands of miles away, trembled in unison, the world was chaotic, and the mountains and rivers shifted.


The heights of the large and small stones are as high as the earthquakes. The sub-thresholds are flashing and twisting, and the stars are blurred, as if they are going to collapse.


"Who is starting a terrible battle!"


"The power of one strike, the horror to such a degree, is it that the fall of the Qing Emperor?"


"No, I heard that the Lord of the Stars World is coming!"




At this moment, the monk is also a beast, and the **** is a pawn. The billions of souls feel the glory of Jiang Tian’s heaven, and they are shivering, squatting, and worshipping.


"Terror! Extremely terrible!"


This time, in the face of Jiang Tian's peerless magical power and power, everyone only feels like a hail, and can't help but tremble, and can't afford the slightest rebellion.


If it was said that Jiang Tianqi had slammed the Japanese ancestors and Chen Liuhe, everyone could use Jiang Tian to take the opportunity to take advantage of the sneak attack.



At this moment, they have been able to determine that Jiang Tian is full of strength from beginning to end!


In particular, at the end, Duanmu Guang did not hesitate to smash the Yuan Ying, and he had to go with Jiang Tian, ​​still being easily solved by Jiang Tian, ​​and even the other Yuan Ying was swallowed up, which made the hearts of the people feel hairy!


Originally, Jin Dan could not challenge Yuan Ying! Ever since the ages, neither Yaochi nor the Chino world have ever happened. Jiang Tianyi even killed the four Yuan Ying, and broke the cognition of all monks!


What's more, in the end, Duanmu Guang self-exploded Yuan Ying, that is a slap in the face of masculine power, but still not!


Doesn't this mean that Jiang Taichu has the strength to face the power of the gods?


The strength of Jiang Tian is so strong that everyone feels that they cannot see through.


It’s just 50 years old, and it’s from a small, remote place in the world of the earth, but it’s incredible!



"Hey! Jin Dan, Yuan Ying? Earth, how can there be such a horrible freak!"


Huang Qitai's teeth trembled, then with a crying chamber, muttered in a collapse.


His talent is brilliant, he can condense Jindan at a young age, and he is also a genius leader. He does not say anything else, at least he is much stronger than Li Longyuan, the star of the day.


But at this moment, compared with Jiang Tianyi, he felt that his garbage could no longer be rubbish. There was no comparability at all. Even the shoes that were given to Jiang Tian were not worthy.


"It is the top grade Jindan can not do! Yuan Ying and Jin Dan, is the difference between heaven and earth, involving the gap of the law, can not cross! More likely, he has already broken through the Yuan Ying, but previously suppressed ""


There is a great pope above the wilderness, and the trembling speculation.


"But, he only has the resources of the earth, where can he cultivate into the realm of Yuan Ying? It is my red world, except for the ancestors of Hongxia, and the second Yuan Ying has not been launched for thousands of years!"



An old voice around him was dry and unacceptable.


"No matter what. Since he can crush Yuan Ying, then killing us Jindan and building a foundation, it is the same as playing! I think we will go up and show it, otherwise, it will be a big disaster!"


Another sovereign, shivering.


At this time, no matter whether it is Akino or the monk of Yaochi, no one is shocked and shocked.


"Lian Yuan Ying's self-destruction can be swallowed, what else can't be swallowed?"


Even the real dragon ancestors were deeply shocked.


He and Jiang Tian spent many days together, of course, knowing that Jiang Tianshen Pan Jindan's anti-day, but did not expect to be able to go to this level, I am afraid that looking at the fairy ruins, there is no such terrible Jin Dan.


"With the beginning of this trick, it is enough to have the capital to conquer the sea of ​​stars!"


In the eyes of Bai Ze's eyes, all the glare of the blast was shot out, and the excitement reached the extreme. At the same time, he stared at the black vortex in Jiang Tian's hand, and did not let go of any details.



"Hey, he is so amazing now! How much resources did he get!"


Zhang Qianlei's mouth is twitching, and the big bells are round and round, and they are full of incredible colors.


At this point, he regretted the extreme.


I shouldn’t be embarrassed by myself. In order to surpass Jiang Tian, ​​I left Jiang Tian alone to come to this world!


If you follow Jiang Tian, ​​you have to be the realm of Jin Dan!




A special envoy of Yaochi was only able to react at this time.


He did not say anything, turned into a meteor, pulled out a long and fuzzy blue afterimage, and swept away in the distance.


This person Jin Dan realm, the body speed is extremely fast, in a blink of an eye, it flies dozens of miles away.


Others look at each other, some are eager to try, and some directly drive the dawn. This **** is too terrible, not only powerful, but also fierce, and I am afraid to be cruelly liquidated here.


"Anyone, don't move!"



Jiang Tian said indifferently, pointing to the Yaochi monk who flew a hundred miles away.


boom! The ground was muffled.


This Yaochi envoy, suddenly Jin Dan blasted, the body was broken, turned into a crystal of meat rain and broken bones scattered in the ground.


"Who dares to escape! Who will die!"


Jiang Tian’s tone is dull, but there is a great majesty.


At this time, his vast mana fluctuations completely enveloped the radius of dozens of miles, and the earth was uneasy and roaring, and the emptiness of the sky was like an ancient god.


"This this……"


At this moment, I felt the terrible pressure of Jiang Tian, ​​a hundred miles away, countless monks all shuddered, did not dare to look at Jiang Tian, ​​but also gave up the idea of ​​running away.


"I am waiting, let's take the lead in the early punishment!"


"The younger generation, willing to return to the early predecessors, willing to guard the stars, the world of the world, the liver and brain, all in the room!"



"The younger generations were forced by Huang Qiang and Yao Chi monks!"


A monk worshipped in the air and shivered to the extreme.


Jiang Tian's Kun Peng is so fast that he refers to Mang or Feijian. If you pass Kuangpeng's rapid blessing, ten times the gain, it will let you run for ten minutes and still can't escape.


At this time, the smoke disappeared, the stars were empty, and the ridiculous red land was lonely.


Jiang Tian took the hand and stood in the void, and in a white bath, like a water star, not staining a trace of dust, no damage at all. Obviously, there is still room for the four-figure infants.


In addition, many monks pay homage to each other, and the square is full of silence to the extreme. Ding Lingmei beautifully looks up at Jiang Tian, ​​only feels that Jiang Tian is like a king of the ancient world.


He is high on the top, no majesty, no one can stop him, no one dares to challenge his majesty.


"Holy Lord, Yu Leizong and my star world, the earth, friendship for generations. You have killed the old lord Tang Yuan. I am going to kill you for the Tang Yuan, you can say anything!"



For a long time, in a heartbreaking silence.


After Jiang Tian’s left hand was back, his right hand swayed, and he presented a jade jug and sipped a thunder fire. His face was peaceful and comfortable, and even a little joking, asked softly.


"Jiang Taichu, you are going to be crazy!"


"On the top of Yaochi, there are seven great kings and Zongmen. Yuanying Tianjun has two hands. The strength of the Qing Emperor is even stronger. You only kill four yuan infants now! If Yaochi retaliates, you have Life is here!"


Although the Holy Fire sorcerer has been shivering, but faced a dead end, but had to let go, Hong Sheng shouted: "But as long as you don't kill me, I will help you mediate, the two sides shake hands and talk..."




Jiang Tian shook his head and smiled ridiculously:


"I killed Chen Qingdi's son, woman, and right arm. This is a big enemy of life and death, and you can't stop, you can't stop!"


"Things are artificial..."


The holy fire sages open their mouths and want to say something.


Jiang Tian is both stunned and interrupted:


"In fact, I didn't want you to help me. I didn't want to shake hands with Chen Qingdi. Otherwise, I won't kill them! I am fighting with Chen Qingdi and I don't need to worry about you. In short, I must kill you!"


Said, Jiang Tian took a palm of his hand without mercy.