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The world dare to ask, what is God of War?

“It is with the flesh dominates the world, fists burst into the starry sky, palms crack the sky, destroy all the way, push the eight wastes and Liuhe horizontally!”

“It is with a brave heart, passing by the bustling, swallowing loneliness, fearless and invincible, eternal immobility alone!”

For both, for… God of War!

This is a young man with a mysterious life experience. In order to obsessively in his heart, he crossed the heavens and the world, traveled all over the world, with a pair of bare-handed stories that tear thousands of legends… The rise of the God of War, all the way!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:ROWG
Alternate Title:战神狂飙
Author:A thought is overwhelming
Weekly Rank:#1369
Monthly Rank:#377
All Time Rank:#598
Tags:Amnesia, Bloodlines, Cultivation, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Mysterious Family Background, Mysterious Past, Weak to Strong,
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14 Comments on “Return of the War God
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  1. I have to say this is on of the best novels I have ever read but are you kidding me to Upgrade a small realm every 600 chapters ? fuck I think before you complete the novel I'm already dead and 2chapters every day?? and every chapter didn't contain almost new information the chapter speak about the abilities of the m.c and his various ideas nothing new every chapter nothing new you have to outmoded chapters or increase words of the chapters or we will die before you finish it may be the writer will die before finishing you are making the novel less popular like this I think it rating should have been 5 stars but now isn't even 4 this is the reason I hope you consider my suggestion .thanks

  2. Best novel I have ever read. Story line is superb, sad part is that I’m updated and can only read two chapters a day now

  3. Wtf.. Too slow cultivation. The MC is on the same realm since 2000 chapters and the plot is really slow .. Now worth reading.

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