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Li Qitian roared his eyes, "It’s Zhou Lian! It’s that Zhou Lian!! Shun Tianfu and Jing Weiwei are all not eating rice! The capital is so big, but a young man, you can’t catch it! live!!"


The ministers all slammed their heads and said, "The Holy Spirit is angry."


"Cherse cliché! Every time something happens, it will only make you suffocate!" Li Qitian's chest violently ups and downs, a suffocating stagnation in the chest, can't breathe, and can't swallow, and his face is purple.


The courtiers only listened to the anger of Li Qitian, and they were able to understand the wrath of the emperor. They were scared and swearing, and they dared not speak.


Xiong Jinshui, who was served on the side of Li Qitian, looked at the face of the emperor and was scared and almost fainted.


If the emperor is really good, can they have a living way in these close-serving?


Xiong Jinshui secretly prayed in his heart, but don't have anything to make the emperor move. It can be counterproductive, and soon someone will take the essays issued by Zhou Lianxin.


Li Qitian only took a look at it, and he smashed the essay.


"Still, confuse! A group of chaotic parties, mad!"


This essay is written in a state of nowhere. Throughout the vernacular, one is trying to make all the people understand and understand. Once again, the achievements and benevolence of the singer have been rendered. Nowadays, it is a nouveau riche. The rich man of the earth, when he was the emperor, everything was for himself, and he did not care about the lives of the people.


And at the end of the essay, I dare to openly slogan "So faintly, can it really bring happiness to the people of the week? It is better to restore the Beibei dynasty, Li Mingjun, and stabilize the world, is the right way."


"This week, I really don't want to face it! How did the Beibei dynasty be overthrown? He never forgot it! Restoring Beibei, can you let these people live better than the ruling rule? It’s a big slogan, I don’t know what it is. !"


However, Li Qitian’s anger did not stop the line of the class and the class.


From August to August, the hot weather can't stop the meaning of Li Qitian's heart.


"St. Shang, Yu and Ji Zeyu Shuaijun 300,000, the gates of the city opened along the way, and smoothly completed the three thousand camps, but now there are three or four days away from the capital."


Li Qitian was angry and anxious, and his heart was sorely sullen. He asked his chest: "How many troops can be dispatched to the city by the Ministry of War? Is the household? Is the food enough?"


Wang Zhi, the military secretary of Shang Bing, stepped forward and said: "Returning to the Holy Land, because of the sinister war with the squad, the army of the Qin Wang near the capital city and the army of the Qin dynasty have been blamed. Now there are only Jingwei and Wucheng soldiers in Beijing. The horse, compared with the 300,000 blood-stained soldiers brought back by Yan and Ji Zeyu, is no different from the arm."


The ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said: "On the Holy Land, the treasury is empty, even the officials of the DPRK and China have owed more than a year, and the people have already increased their taxes to 80%. The people in the local governments have just suppressed the people. Now I’m not full of it, and I’m not convinced by the imperial court...”


Li Qitian gritted his teeth and his face was white for a while.


The imperial mausoleum was not built. Treasures were not found, no money, no one, even the people were right with him!


How do you fight this?


"Do you mean nothing?"


"St., ministers and other ignorance, there is really no way at this time."


"This is exactly the case. St. Shang, Chen, etc. have been racking their brains and doing their best, but they can't change their money, and they can't change their terracotta."


Li Qitian listened to the sneer: "Is it necessary to let the neck lead to the neck!" He endured the sullenness of his chest, and his voice was hoarse. "You don't think that you will be better if you bring in someone! You will be a courtier, you are Want to stay out of the way?"


In this sentence, people who are present are all physically and mentally shocked.


They really don't have the confidence that they can stay out of it.


Li Qitian said again: "There is no money? Yes, the inside of the shackles is empty, and the households have no money. You can owe you a year of sorrow, and you have not seen the dying of the ministers in the DPRK! You just fled in the house." How much tax, and how many benefits are there? Do you know what you are doing? Now that the country is in trouble, the guilty guilt is hollowed out. Do you still want to express it?"


The ministers looked at each other, and the emperor feared that he was insane, and even reached out to the ministers!


No one is willing to pay for himself, one simply does not want to bleed, the other is that he does not want to expose his family's wealth. The third is also the most important thing. Everyone is lucky. I feel that the loyal Prince is not a killer of innocent people, let alone I really have the heart to fight for that position. It’s not good to go to the innocent reputation. Is it not a tyrant? The loyal Prince is not so stupid.


But these ideas, everyone can only think about it in their hearts.


"If you can talk, maybe this is puzzling." There is a proposal from the courtiers.


"Chairman's second opinion, the sage, the court thought that it may be possible to start in two ways. On the one hand, the fate of the people secretly contacted the country. After all, the king of the country is in-law with the saint, and the princess of Anyang is the hand of the mourning of Qin, from which to provoke If you can kill the cockroaches, you can solve the problem. If you can't assassinate, even if you turn your mind back, it will be a great help to the Holy Spirit.


"On the other hand, we must also prepare for both hands. If we can't pull the country to the court's camp, then we have to talk about it."


Li Qitian frowned and sneered: "Harmony? Is it necessary to let you ask for mercy with them!"


"St., stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood. Keep your life to keep the fire, in the future."


Failure, it really is too failure.


How can he let himself fall into this situation? As an emperor, it is already the Lord of the world, and the people are respectful. Now it is the point of peace talks with the anti-thief.


He is the Son of Heaven, why should he suffer such humiliation!


Li Qitian pointed his finger at the people in front of him and sneered and said: "This is your loyal patriotism? You don't want to make money, don't want to move your own roots, let you go to the anti-thief for mercy? If this spreads, how are you yelling? From the place, how to face the world!"


"St., the husband can bend and stretch, you are the king of a country, but you must not lose because of small."


"A good one can bend and stretch." Li Qitian sneered, even if he ordered the generals of the Han to tie the ministers who spoke, "handed over to the cadres for a thorough investigation, to see the family geometry of Sun Daren, how much is the ancestral property, how much is the income from bribery! See how you can bend and stretch!"


The guards in front of the temple and the generals of the Han Dynasty immediately stepped through the temple and dragged the courtier.


"Sacred, you can't be like this! Chandler!"


"The Holy Spirit is angry, and the Holy One is not doing this..."


"Who has objections! They are tied together!"


Li Qitian screamed and the scared officials were banned.


On the same day, the grandson of the grandson of the Sun was listed with a list of the crimes of bribery of the party feathers over the years.


The order of the next day’s copying of the house was issued, and the national treasury was enriched.


In this way, the middle school is even more timid, even if the ministers with ideas do not dare to advance in the emperor, so as not to provoke the murder.




"Wang Hao, I have already inquired. The search in the city has gradually become loose in recent days. One is that the investigation has no progress, and the imperial court is not good, the defending army is somewhat slack, and the second is now full of corrupt officials and soldiers in the city. They have sharpened their heads and want to follow the house to collect oil and water. The three weathers are too hot. In short, let’s take this opportunity to leave just right, and then wait until we don’t know what will happen.”


Xie Yue smiled and said: "When it is easy to make a difference, there will be no scorpion."


Qin Yining nodded and smiled: "Mr. said. Fortunately, we are in the outer city, it is easier to go out, just two children, but also need to separate and take away." After all, the dragon and the womb are in one place, still a bit squinted.


Xie Yuedao: "You can rest assured, I will arrange. Wang Ye and his party want to come to the capital soon. Let's go all the way to the north, and we will meet with the royal family."


"Yeah." Qin Yining sighed with a sigh, and his eyes were full of hopes. "I have to wait. I have been inconvenient in communication in recent days. Wang Ye is always on the road. It is even more inconvenient to exchange news. I don't know if they have How."


Xie Yuehaha laughed. "Even so, you and Wang Ye are still very tacit. You have arranged a slogan here. Wang Ye knows that you will be back to Beijing, and the army will come all the way. The towns along the way will open the gate, not hurting one. When the soldiers are killed, their reputation is even better than before. Wang Ye’s benevolence and righteousness, together with your creation, now the voice of the prince is even higher than before."


Qin Yining said, "Thanks to the above, the one who is willing to contribute."


These days, Li Qitian was so eager to make things that he was stupid. Maybe Li Qitian had grievances in his heart. He couldn’t vent his anger and finally found a vent.


However, in Qin Yining's view, his behavior is tantamount to self-destruction of the Great Wall, allowing Junchen to centrifuge.


When he needs the most people, he is pushing people one by one.


Perhaps this is the sagacity of the heavenly machine. Although she is in the middle, everything has been planned Wang Hao. "Calling the clouds and stepping forward," Zhongda’s treasurer just sent a message to the people. The materials and food donated by the four-way number have been transported to the army of Wang Ye together with the preparation of the Zhongda treasurer. ”


Xie Yuezhen followed the beard and smiled: "This autumn boss is also an interesting person."


Qiu Feishan has been doing all her efforts to save Mujing Lake's heart these days. Although Qin Yining knows that what she donated is also the long-term development of her autumn family, but it has succeeded in making Mu Jinghu feel soft.


Mu Jinghu has feelings for Qiu Feishan after all. If this continues, it is only a matter of time before the two are reconciled. This is also what Qin Yining is happy to see. After all, a friend, Qin Yining does not hope that because of her harmony, the life of Mujing Lake is not happy.


"The main son. There are a few people outside, and I want to spend a night on our Zhuangzi." Some people came in to talk in the outer court.


Qin Yining stunned, "Where are the villages so remote, there are people to come and stay?"


"It is said that it is passing through here, and there is no place to go."