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Three years ago, Yun Qing Yan fell into the Immortal Realm from the mortal realm. Three thousand years later, he became Divine Emperor Yun who shook the entire Immoral Realm. Breaking through the void and returning back to the mortal realm, Yun Qing Yan discovered that only three years’ time had passed here. “In the past, I did not possess the power to protect the people I hold dear. Now, I want the entire world to grovel at my feet.”

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Short Title:RODE
Original Title:仙帝归来
Author:Feng Wuji Guang
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#166
Monthly Rank:#12
All Time Rank:#77
Tags:Academy, Adapted to Manhua, Alchemy, Arranged Marriage, Beast Companions, Betrayal, Doctors, Harem, Magic Formations, Male Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Monster Tamer,

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16 thoughts on “Return of the Divine Emperor
  1. Realm of cultivation :
    ** +1 layer = extreme not half step most people didn’t get it
    ** “Xian” mean “immortal”
    1.Star (9+1 layers) ,half step moon
    2.Moon (9+1 layers) ,half step sun
    3.Sun (9+1 layers) ,half step innate
    4.Innate (9+1 layers) ,half step yingyangjing
    5.Yingyangjing?? (9+1 layers),half step empty
    6.Empty?? Or Xuan [I was fking confused] (9+1 layers) ,half step silence
    7.Silence??[maybe] (9+1 layers)
    8.Half step king
    10.Half step emperor
    11.Emperor /Imperial (6 level)
    12.Dongtianjing (13 level but most people get only 9 level, 10 level called genius)
    + half step
    13.Fake immortal/pseudo immortal (10 layers)+ half step
    14.True immortal (10 layers)+ half step
    15.Daluojin Xian /Golden immortal
    (10 layers)+ half step
    16.Xuanxian (10 layers)+ half step
    17.Dixian /Earth immortal (10 layers)+ half step
    18.Tianxian /Heavenly immortal (10 layers)+ half step
    19.Shangxian /Holy immortal (10 layers)+ half step
    20.Daozu /Daoist ancestors (10 layers)+ half step
    21.Xiandi /Immortal emperor (3 level)+ half step
    22.Superme Secret
    23.Good fortune??? [I know mtl are trash]
    24.Chaos (??? level) atleast 4 level I don’t remember
    25.Earth / Emperor
    26.Heaven / ??? Deity
    27.First generation
    28.Taboo exsistance


    it shouldn’t be 100% correct since mtl are trash and I can’t remember everything

  2. this novels power scaling is just pathetic. innate realm in tianyuan dynasty was already considered over powered and legendary but turns out its just a mediocre realm in the tianjian sect. wtf!!!!. even naming of cultivation realm is so confusing. can you just use “star,moon,sun,innate,infant….realm?”

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