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Three years ago, Yun Qing Yan fell into the Immortal Realm from the mortal realm. Three thousand years later, he became Divine Emperor Yun who shook the entire Immoral Realm. Breaking through the void and returning back to the mortal realm, Yun Qing Yan discovered that only three years’ time had passed here. “In the past, I did not possess the power to protect the people I hold dear. Now, I want the entire world to grovel at my feet.”

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Short Title:RODE
Alternate Title:仙帝归来
Author:Feng Wuji Guang
Weekly Rank:#875
Monthly Rank:#847
All Time Rank:#302
Tags:Adapted to Manga, Alchemy, Arranged Marriage, Beast Companions, Doctors, Harem, Magic Formations, Male Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Monster Tamer, Strong from the Start,
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29 Comments on “Return of the Divine Emperor
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  1. Actually this is a good novel I like the story, but the down side what? There is to much side story in this novel -_- the main story is too little. I think there a side story that is no need to exist, but here it is just for to add more chapters there is too much side story. I think this novel just around 1500-1600 chptr if not for the side story

  2. The way the mc suddenly likes the li ran chick is just stupid... he never liked another girl? he spent 3000 cultivating to get back to the main girl, smh

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