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In the fourteenth year of the doomsday like a holographic game, Mo Ran, the top dead master, was cast aside by the three major races of humans, orcs, and elves.
Genocide? betray? Assassinated? This time, as long as I’m here, it’s impossible.
Humanity? Elf? Orcs? Take mine and return it, eat mine and spit it out, be prepared to pay the price!
1. Gamification of doomsday is impossible, gamification of life is impossible, and gamification of doomsday is even more impossible. Don’t point at the background bar.
2. Both the heroine and the heroine are not good people. Everyone has different positions. They serve the plot. Don’t point at the hero and the heroine.
3. The author is glass-hearted, and all kinds of abuse will rebound ten times, don’t point at the author!

Content tags: Rebirth Doomsday Games online games Shuangwen
Search keywords: Protagonist: Mo Ran ┃ Supporting role: Ming Yuechen ┃ Others: doomsday, holographic, strong
One sentence introduction: As long as I don’t die, you are all scum.
Conception: In online games, no matter what adversity, as long as you persevere, you can win.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:RD
Alternate Title:亡者再临[全息]
Author:Apricot skin water
Weekly Rank:#6911
Monthly Rank:#6638
All Time Rank:#9525
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Apocalypse, Cruel Characters, Dead Protagonist, Depictions of Cruelty, Elves, Female Protagonist, Game Elements, Gods, Gore, Kingdom Building, Mutated Creatures, Past Trauma, Rebirth, Revenge, Romantic Subplot, Survival, Zombies,
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10 Comments on “Return of the Dead [Holo]
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  1. The comment below me is the epitome of “trust me, I’ve 100% read”. Bruh, what even is “classic trash” and why is it garbage, for all I know the classic trash is a certain genre they hate or, Y’know, they didn’t read. It’s really hard to trust a review if it says 1 star, trash, or 5 star, amazing. Just ignore reviews and go with your hearts desires since who knows how many amazing novels I’ve skipped.

  2. Classic trash right here , poison guys me having an advanced poison resistance still found it quite poisonous, read at your own risk

  3. Josei means yaoi right or is that shonan ai ??? Also anyone know why mtl is translating this novel when it only has 12 chapters?

  4. It’s not mtl, people recommend these novels. Furthermore, maybe the chapters are a bit delayed and will be updated after. Of course, it can also just be a 20 chapter novel, which happens because some people want to bring hate to everybody.

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