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Resurrection: Sacrifice: Hundreds of Millions of Critical Strikes

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Traveling through the world of aura recovery, fortunately there is a sacrificial crit system!

Chu Feng looked at the corpse of a dragon in purple armor, and said silently, “Sacrifice!”

In an instant, the system space sounded a series of beeps!

“Congratulations on triggering a million times the critical strike!”

“Get 10 billion energy stones!”

“Get 50 billion qi and blood stones!”

“Get the emperor-level talent supernatural power, the violent amethyst dragon breath!”

“Obtain a special emperor-level physique, and the immemorial real dragon is immortal!”

“Get a dragon skin, a pair of long eyes, a poisonous dragon liver, and… a pair of top-quality pure Yang dragon kidneys!”

Chu Feng: “Fuck, there is also Long Yaozi? Refining! Refining for me!”

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Short Title:RSHMCS
Alternate Title:灵气复苏:献祭:亿万倍暴击
Author:Duke of Wei Qianqian years old
Weekly Rank:#164
Monthly Rank:#38
All Time Rank:#259
Tags:Fast Cultivation, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, System, System Administrator,
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  1. In chapter 850 and above, the systen is Gone or the mc didn't use the sacrifice syatem anymore as it was looking for the cosmic treasure and integrate itself but not thinking to sacrifice first before integrate it.. Sad 😔

  2. That's the problem with these novels, they remove the system concept in the middle or late stage of the novel. They think their story writing skill is interesting so they remove the cheat. Nahhhh dawg, I am here for the goldfinger and see if it is interesting or not. These authors think the plot they have is unique to the point that we will be interested even without the system, but hell no you ain't special. Your plot is cliche and done a million times already.

  3. Just in case anyone wants to know the current realm at the beginning of the novel: Martial Artist, Martial Dao Master, Martial Dao Grandmaster, Martial Great Grandmaster, Martial Dao Battle General, Martial Dao Divine General

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