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The figure of the Armada seems to be still riding the wind and waves in the Atlantic Ocean, and the gold of South America still seems to flow in continuously. As Alfonso from the Bourbon family returns to the Royal Palace of Madrid where he was born, the story begins here…

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Short Title:RS
Alternate Title:重启西班牙日不落
Author:Orthopedic VIP
Weekly Rank:#1930
Monthly Rank:#867
All Time Rank:#5268
Tags:Aristocracy, Army Building, European Ambience, Firearms, Genius Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Management, Military, Modern Knowledge, Nobles, Royalty, Technological Gap, Time Travel, Wars,
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  1. Hi Anyone who comes across the continuation please let me know. was a good one...but seems no updates after 182(checked other sites). Thank you & Enjoy the reading.

  2. Greatly disappointing. MC is a socialist monarch - follows the Red ideaology as the King of Spain. What's more, he keeps making references to China - about the people who treated China well historically et cetera. He doesn't really care for Spain, all he cares about is how the rise of Spain can positively impact the future of China. And really, I can partially understand socialism...but what the hell is going on with the feminism and other stuff. In 1886???

  3. Como español no está demasiado bien históricamente. Deberían mirar más la historia de un país sobre el q van a escribir. Y falta más odio con Francia hasta prácticamente la WW2 hemos sido enemigos odiados. Solo algo menos qel odio entre China y Japón

  4. Roma✓ Holand✓ Austria✓ Tsar Rusia✓ Prusia✓ Italia✓ Spain✓ France✓ England× Yunani× it is a country, where chinese people are reincarnated when they die🤣🤣🤣

  5. I agree, the only thing is that they left him when the good stuff was coming. Although I am a bit tired of seeing the Balkans, I sincerely hope to see one from Persia or the Middle East region, Ottomans, Egyptians, I read below that there is one from Sumer, but I did not find it.

  6. Bulgaria✓ Greece✓ Soviet✓ Dutch✓ Aztec✓ British✓ Japan✓ Iceland✓ Sumeria✓ America✓ Britain(Arthuria as wife)✓

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