He hasn't laid out the trap yet. He hasn't waited for her to fall in step by step. Jiang Li even thought about it. When he closed the net, if Wen was too fierce, he wouldn't mind using some hidden means. Guarantee your own victory fruit.

However, she said that she is back.

The gentleman who loves him is back...

Happiness came too fast, but Jiang did not dare to move, lest he should wake up this dream.

He thought, maybe he was too tired to get it wrong, or, in fact, Wen is still not awake, even she does not know what she is saying and doing.

But the warmth of the action, but to prove to him, she is not at all confused at the moment.

Jiang left his hands on the sides of the warmth, stiff body, let her put on his lips, gently squatting between his lips.

"It's me, fool, it's me..." Her whispered from the lips of her two lips, and the smooth palm of her hand comforted him through his short-necked black hair, licking his collarbone and slowly wearing it. Collar, messing up on his tight skin.

Such tenderness is as warm as water, and it has never been revealed before him, either in the past or in the present that forgot their feelings.

She called his name over and over again, and the soft voice was infused with the fragrant love of honey, as if he really was the man she loved deeply in her heart.

Jiang Li once thought that if she wanted to get a warm heart in reality and let her become his woman willingly, at least after a long period of time, he must carefully hide in front of her that he is crazy and is going to be distorted. Love.

He couldn't tell her that the decision he had made when she left her had already decided that she would hold her tightly at all costs after returning.

Whether she is willing or not, Wen must be his person, always! To get her obsession, she is crazy enough to make himself afraid.

He doesn't want to hurt the temperature, but if the final result is still a request, Jiang does not know what he will do.

"...the temperature is as good as it is." Jiang Li overestimated his own strength. If all this is an illusion, he can't help but want to stay in time forever.

Maybe she really remembered it? However, as the owner of the source material, Jiang Li is clearer than anyone else. How powerful is the function of the dream to clear love, and how difficult it is to wake up the lost feelings - the firm belief of reunion, the unforgettable love, and the willingness Give up the courage of everything for the other party... Three conditions are indispensable.

At the moment when Wen refused to stay in his world, Jiang Li had given up this luxury. He did not tell her that the desperation in his heart at that time was not only because he was not confident, he was afraid of losing, but also that he foresaw that he would be alone in the pursuit of pain.

But now, she said that she is back... Even if there is a possibility of one in ten thousand, Jiang can’t believe it, he will suddenly become a lucky one who really has the warmth of love.

When Jiang tried to end his reverie and raised his hand to push away the warmth that was not clear in his eyes, he found that his hand had been carelessly stroking her waist...

Wen Ru soft body is close to him, his lips slipping through his well-defined side face, faintly showing the chin's chin, she said: "From Xiaobao, hold me."

Jiang’s fragile nerves were defeated by her swaying.

The next thing is like dreaming, and it seems to be a natural matter.

When Jiang tried to restrain himself from sinking into a warm body, he couldn’t help but tear his eyes. "Why, say you love me..." His hoarse voice gasped in her ear, with a hint of difficulty. Pleading.

"……love you."

Wen was so softly matched, pulling his head down, kissing his red eyes, sweaty brows, high nose, and tight lips.

"...I love you, Jiang Li."

If Wen is so full of tenderness and tenderness, her response will arouse the need for the river to stay away from the night. Perhaps it will not be a fever for a moment. When she thinks of the feelings between them, she can't help but confess to him.

At least, she will pick a good day when both of them are in a normal state, instead of coping with his passion for madness after ending a tired mountaineering...

Wen Ru has always thought that, in the middle, the woman who is "made" to sleep is a wonderful thing - so intense bed movement, there is a "fun" in the body that does not belong to his body part, and he is constantly doing the piston. Exercise, it is impossible for an individual to sleep.

But she is wrong.

Wen Ruo couldn’t remember that he was pushing the river several times, refused him again, and couldn’t remember the animal’s promise on the first few times. “Let me hug you, I only kiss, no. Do, this time is true, warm, I swear..."

Then, holding and holding, at first, the restrained, pure kiss, then changed.

......When Wen is really tired, and finally said that "love you" can not care, fell into the quilt less than three seconds to fall asleep, Ren Jiang from how the pro is not awake.

Waking up at noon the next day, Wen Ruyi opened his eyes and saw Jiang lying next to her.

The white quilt hides his naked upper body. He is half-headed, his lips are smiling, his eyes staring at her for a moment, dark eyes and strong skin. On this sunny afternoon, it looks very incomparable. Sexy and charming.

Wen was smiling, but when he leaned over and wanted to kiss her, he grabbed his ear.

After pulling him away, Wen Ruo stretched out a finger mercilessly, poked a faint black trace of his eyes, turned his face and said: "Jiang Xiaoli, don't tell me that you didn't sleep at night last night. I looked at me stupidly on the side all night."

Jiang was so painful that she was hurt from her ears. She didn’t dare to struggle at this time, so she had to be honest.

One hand sneaked into her waist under the quilt. When she first met, she was blinded by Wen. He immediately got the "18-year-old Jiang Li" skill without a teacher, and he was wronged: "You said last night. I can't figure it out, I am afraid that if you wake up, you will regret it."

- So I have to stare at her, so that she can get a real relationship before she runs away? Then she said "I love you" for one night, and the saliva is saying that it is for the sake of it? How much is this man insecure? !

Wen Ruo released his hand silently, and stunned him with an unreasonable grievance and still handsome face. He confessed: "I am so awake and will not disapprove. If it wasn’t for you tossed too much last night, we There should have been more time to discuss this issue."

Wen Ruo is a slap in the face of the river and wants to come over. "But now I don't want to talk anymore. Jiang Xiaoli, I am very hungry. If you are still ready to spend a lifetime with me, I suggest you, get up and find me for food. Go, otherwise, I will really regret it."

Finally, I turned the temper, and suddenly became a sticky river. I was able to get out of the bathroom and warmed up. When it came out, the table was full of sumptuous lunches, and the gentle sigh of relief on his lips.

When Jiang quickly took a shower, the two had eaten the meal. When they were warm, they called the little leaf and told her to tell the captain. The next trip, she and Jiang Li did not participate, on the grounds that they suddenly had More important things need to be dealt with in advance. I wish them a happy journey. If there is a chance, she will reunite with Jiang.

Putting down the phone, Wen is like seeing Jiang looking at her from the gaze, and can't help but slightly smack the lips. "Have a rest, we should go back later."

Jiang was very dissatisfied with Wen’s half-speaking behavior, but she was followed by a hot kiss and soon let him forget to continue to ask.

In the afternoon, the people of the team came to say goodbye to them. Before the small leaves left, they left the river and said: "Take good care of Wen sister, I hope to have your wedding candy when I meet next time."

This is what Jiang loves to listen to.

The smile on his face was more moderate and gentle. He smiled hand in hand to say goodbye to each other, while holding his warm waist and using his actions to declare his ownership.

When everyone left, Wen Ruo suddenly said something, and Jiang Li, who was immersed in pleasure, still did not react: "Hey, what did you just say?"

Wen Ruyi retelled: "I said, now I am booking a ticket, and I have a good time. I am going to call my family to explain the date of my arrival."

"Are you sure to book your flight now?" Jiang was not calm, see Wen Ru did not care, nodded, finally panicked, busy, "I have nothing to buy now, my uncle, what do you like, I I haven't had time to find out... Otherwise, how many days do you give me?"

Wen Ruo is laughing, slamming his wallet, pulling his hand and going out: "See a parent, how long do you need to prepare? Rest assured, my parents are very kind, don't hate because you don't care." your."

"No... you wait, we have to think about this issue. The first time you go to the door, you can't be too casual. It's warm..."

Jiang really couldn’t think of it. He was still guessing on his way. Wen wouldn’t be bored with anger and chase him away. It’s two days of hard work, and his treatment has been raised to the point of seeing parents.

Although Wen said that it was mentioned yesterday afternoon, Jiang was clear that she was only touched by him at the time, and did not mean that she could accept him without any heart. By the time she was really ready to fulfill this promise, he had probably had enough time to investigate all the preferences of Wen’s mother.

But now, the warm and steady air has completely disrupted his rhythm.

When he watched Wen Ruo set the ticket for the early morning of the next day, Jiang Li has not been able to return to God from the impact of his girlfriend's parents.

Jiang’s boss, who was indifferent to color and anger, finally fell into a misunderstanding, and even held the warmth of the night. He was not thinking about hot iron, how to make her like this, and then that, but...

"Warm, what if they don't like me?"

"If your parents don't like me, you can't regret it, don't you understand?"

"Warm, don't sleep, get up and talk to me..."

"..." Unbearable Wen was like a slap in the face of his head, and the Jiang Lin, who was incarnation of Xianglin, was thrown into his arms, and he lowered his mouth and blocked his mouth. 2k novel reading network

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