Chapter 3761 End of speech (optional)

Babies, as of today, the book of Niaoye has been written for 656 days, 3.92 million words, and 170,000 fans. Applaud to yourself, thank you!

All the characters in the book are like my children. I created them, gave them life, and gave them souls. Although the old mother leaves, the characters in the book will continue their wonderful stories.

Niaoye is very reluctant to leave the Great Devil and Su Jin, Xu Fox and Mouse, and the many characters he portrayed. Never thought that the first book would be so long. This book has some wonderful points and some flaws. Some moved me to tears, and some made me feel very emotional.

This is a good journey, just because of you!

Thank you very much for knowing and being with you all the way. It is your perseverance, encouragement and support to let the bird go to this day, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You have witnessed the ups and downs of the bird master along the way, the ups and downs, the bird master has also changed from a young newcomer who knows nothing to an old man. It is your tolerance and understanding that gave me the motivation to persevere.

Codewords have always been my dream, and I will stick to it and write better stories.

I would also like to thank my editor for giving me guidance and help in the process of writing the book, allowing me to continue to grow.

Thank you for all the management of this book. It is you who created a harmonious atmosphere for the birds and the babies.

The biggest gain from writing this book is to know you and gain your friendship.

There are yaya, Lanlan, Weiwei who specialize in finding typos for Niaoye, I have the feeling of seeing a Chinese teacher when I see you!

There are also babies who will give advice on the plot arrangement of Niaoye to make the story more exciting, such as Weiwei, Xintong...

You are really cute, the bird loves you!

You can remember your names with your eyes closed, and you will always remember them.

Love you: plain red, free flying, nursery rhymes, ice girl, sacrifice smoke, little sister, little green snake, yaya, big milk, fairy, heart, little tiger, little overlord, Wei Wei, Lan Lan, pepper, beaming, The light summer is slightly cool, Moshang, Frost and Snow Qianxiao, Early Summer, Libao, Xueer, Chenboon, Summer Lotus Pond, Shao Zhen'er, Wanjun, Duo Duo... etc. I will not list them all here! You are all in the heart of Lord Bird, Lord Bird will always remember!

Bow again, thank you for supporting me in 656 days!

Due to time constraints, Xu Huli Fanwai and Tongtong Fanwai will post them in the v group when you have time. Interested babies will be added to the general group 515188718, and then find the management to verify the fan value. Welcome to the Bird Family, where you can get new books to the latest news, as well as holiday events. Gifts for the new book launch event!

[Special note, babies, add the group must write the names of the characters in the book, management has a lot to do every day, management will not refuse to join the group for no reason, after being rejected, carefully check whether the name of the character written by yourself is correct! 】

Babies remember to go home often and have a look. The new book will be released on June 15th, please remember to pay attention!

The new book is a essay in the entertainment circle, which continues Bird's usual line of cool and pet essays, strong men and strong women, I hope babies like it.

You know the urinary **** of Lord Bird, and you will never be disappointed! If you are disappointed, please refer to the first!

In the coming days, Lord Bird will devote himself to writing a new book, I hope you like it.

I am waiting for you in the next book!

Really goodbye!

(End of this chapter)

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