Chapter 3760 Su Jinlong Fanwai (end of the book)

Wu Qiaoqiao is really scared this time!

The life and death of the lunatic is unknown, and the two men in the house are clearly two hungry wolves!

How to do?

Is she ruined in the hands of these two men?

Seeing the man approaching, Wu Qiaoqiao exhausted all her strength and shouted, "Su Jinlong, if you don't come to save me, I'll die for you!"

After shouting, I regret it. She is now in this barren mountain, where the birds don’t shit, how could Su Jinlong find her!

She shouted so, but it stimulated Boss Zhang's desire to conquer.

"Spicy enough, I like it, younger sister, you shout hard, the more you shout, the more I want to conquer you!"

Talking with a lewd smile and rushed towards Wu Qiaoqiao!

Wu Qiaoqiao's body is as soft as noodles, and she has no strength to escape.

Seeing the man getting closer, she took a bite.

The saliva happened to spit on Boss Zhang's face.

Boss Zhang wiped his face and smiled, "Saliva is fragrant, brother and sister, I won't even have the strength to spit in your mouth for a while!"

After talking about holding Wu Qiaoqiao's shoulders, I must press it down!

Wu Qiaoqiao closed her eyes and kept her face away.

Only a bang was heard.

There was a sudden lightness on her shoulders, and then she was hugged.

Sure enough, no one came to rescue her, and Su Jinlong did not come to rescue her!

Wu Qiaoqiao stiffened, and then used the strength she had accumulated, punching and kicking at the man!

At the last moment, she must fight!

"Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am? Dare to sleep with your aunt's grandmother? If you dare to touch my finger, I will chop off your hand when I regain my strength!"

"I'm telling you that my target Su Jinlong is a special soldier. I lost my innocence and died. He will definitely maimed you and will no longer be humane!"

"You think about it, I can be black for hitting people!"

The man didn't move for a long time, so she let her fight.

Wu Qiaoqiao was tired after a while, and her voice was smoky. She opened her eyes and saw Su Jinlong's face!

Wu Qiao Qiao:...

what's the situation?

Does she have an illusion when she desperately wants to see Su Jinlong?

Eyes are also spent?

She missed Su Jinlong so much that she would regard Mr. Zhang as him?

Wu Qiaoqiao blinked a few times and saw Su Jinlong!

What is going on?

Just when she looked dazed, the man bent over and took her into his arms.

"Qiaoqiao, it frightened you, it was my fault, I am willing to marry you!"

Familiar voice, familiar taste, familiar chest!

The person holding her is really Su Jinlong!

Wu Qiaoqiao relaxed all of a sudden, and started crying in Su Jinlong's arms.

"Su Jinlong, if you come one step later, you will never see me again in your life, do you know?"

The man gave a dull grunt.

"My fault."

"Su Jinlong, I thought I would never see you again!"

"No, we will get married when we go back. You can see me every day!"

"Su Jinlong, do you think I am dirty, so make up for me?"

"No, I love you. I used to be a idiot and didn't know that I liked you. You were taken away by a trafficker. Then I knew I liked you and I couldn't live without you."

Wu Qiaoqiao continued to cry in his arms, "I don't believe it. You told me that we were inappropriate the day before yesterday. Did you like me today?"

Su Jinlong picked up the person from his arms, held up her crying face like a cat, lowered her head and sealed her small chattering mouth severely.

No one knows how he came here these two days.

If Wu Qiaoqiao was really ruined by someone, he would marry her.

If she died, he would not marry forever.

Fortunately, he came in time.

His girl is as good as ever!

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